Season 7 Episode 1 Recap

The show opens up with the usual lie from Meri continuing her storyline she created about me catfishing her. That’s not true at all. She also continues to say I’m not a man. Another lie. She knows she is lying. She is doing so to cover her own ass about the real affair we had. We were together for 6 months. Talking, meeting up, having sex, and enjoying each other’s company. It was a very good 6 months. Then we ended it. I refused to talk to her and she went  nuts on my voicemail and text. She finally gave up then decided to try to ruin my life for leaving her. And that’s where we pick up at.

This is my 3rd season being mentioned on the show. Why she continues to beat a dead horse (Ratings) I will (Attention for herself) never (Bored with her life) know Lol All I do know is that when she says I was expressing love for her, those days are over with. I have moved on. I have adopted my boys. I am happy.

And I’m going to start fighting this storyline she is selling. I have my boys to think about. I can not continue to sit here and watch her drag our family name into her mud. Her life sucks, she’s unhappy, she’s not getting any attention from Kody, she can’t fix anything she damaged. Not my problem. If she would have told the truth none of this would carry on so long. Whether you believe me or not, she is lying. And a lot of her own fans now see that. They are starting to figure out this family is everything I said it was, a complete mess.

Kody, the abusive husband, has created a life of too many kids he can’t afford or support so he gets mad at everyone instead of standing in the responsiblity of raising and paying for his own children. He is starting to see that weddings, college and average high school things costs real money, not limited tv royalties and it’s getting harder and harder to provide when each year that passes by, more money is needed. Maybe it’s time to hit that pawn shop again and this time unload some more watches, broken couches, and fat roll exposing sweaters. Okay that line was funny, Lindsay just said that and I typed verbatim what she just said. I’m cracking up.

We put the kids down for a nap earlier and watched the first Episode of the new season. Season 8? I don’t know. And yet again, here we are. Involved in this mess of a show/family. When will they learn to keep it for the therapy sessions? I mean at this point that therapist just needs to move in and shadow Kody as he jumps from house to house each day. Oh wait, he only bops over to 3 houses because he still hasn’t moved back in with Meri. That was something I said last year and no one believed me. They did not believe me when I said Kody got kicked out in May of last year because Meri was packing up her house and getting ready to move in with me. The only thing that stopped it from happening was Mariah moved back in for the summer. If that one event did not happen you would be watching whatever spin-off show the producers had really offered to her about her and I starting life together. That really happened.

So now we start off. I am now pasting in the comments both Lindsay and I had during the show so we can voice what we want to say. Lord knows while we were in Paris last Sunday our twitters/phones/emails blew up from people wanting comments from us.

So here goes 😉

Kody says Meri and I are still struggling. In the past it had gotten so bad it wasn’t pretty.

Let me expand what that means. He yells at her a lot. When she doesn’t get done the things he wants her to do he comes over, yells, makes her cry, yells at her some more then leaves the house. She is left crying, upset, and trying to do what he wants done. He never comes back to apologize. Won’t talk to her for a few days and when he does come back over it’s to grab Liv products for his workouts. Yes, despite that red sweater stretched by every last stitch he does work out (allegedly Lol) and as we all saw, maybe he’s an emotional eater (Like Janelle and well all of the kids except 4 of them). It also means 6 years ago when Robyn came around and Kody melted the wedding band Meri had bought for him for their marriage, she was done. He got pissed at her, melted his original wedding band into a present for one of his other daughters. He didn’t even give it to Mariah so she could keep it. That’s when Meri told me she was done with him. She was over it. Also for several years she has kept a journal of all the bad things Kody has said and done to her. She said it was half way full of stories she had written down when she was upset and hurt. She also put in stories from the other wives that had been hurtful, mean, or abusive. Janelle was featured in most of those pages. She told me that she kept it hidden in her closet. And had written a note on the inside cover to Mariah in case she ever found it. It explains everything in that journal was true and what she had really gone through. I was shocked when she told me about it. I asked her to read me some of the entries and it was heartbreaking.

That is why I have always called him a douchebag. Because he is. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. And how hurtful he has been to Meri, my guess is he has also been that hurtful to the rest of them. But tv money is the ties that bind, so they stay together and pretend everyone is happy.

Not anymore. They are finally telling the real truth and the small glimpse you get leads you to the bigger picture. Kody is abusive. And I hope and pray he really figures out how horrible he is to people.

And remember Love should be multiplied, not divided. Then how come all 4 of his wives are in therapy, all of his female children are overweight and running off as fast as they hit 19 to get married?

Did you guys see that donkey? Lindsay had me rewind it and said OMG they are finally featuring the real Kody, a loud, obnoxious ass Lol It cracked us both up.

Ever the out of touch Janelle, didn’t remember there was another monogamous wedding before her daughter’s nuptials. Kody and Meri were monogamous. He was not a virgin, she was and the had their honeymoon in a cheap, dirty hotel. She told me all about their honeymoon. And their honeymoon night. She was not that impressed Lol I will save that story for later. Truly is a cute little girl. I wish they would help her with her speech. And you can already tell she’s going to be a handful the older she gets. That’s called karma. You want 18 kids, you get 18 teenagers. Good luck with that, bro Lol Oh Christine. Your lame jokes that make everyone laugh is still your best feature. I’m happy to see you haven’t changed at all.

Mykelti has a boyfriend? Wow. That’s really great. Congrats to her. I guess she met the guy a month after her lease was up from the apartment she had somewhere and was told by her own mother she wasn’t welcome back into her house. Which means they already made her room into something else. Probably made it into a comedy stage so Christine could practice all of her awesome one liners. Lindz thinks they turned Mykelti’s bedroom into a prayer temple then she realized they don’t even worship or hold Church anymore so she said she thinks they turned it into workshop for Robyn since she needs child labor to help her assemble her crappy jewelery.

I don’t understand how you don’t even know your own daughter is dating someone so long. How do you not know that? That shows how not close they are to Mykelti. It also shows how happy Mykelti is to move away and get on with her life. I’m happy to hear she found love. That’s awesome to find it so young. Yes her parents should be a little concerned but they should love and support her decisions. Keep in mind they did not want her home. So what did they expect? She went out and found her own path. Good for her.

I like how she has to call her own husband to make an appointment to talk to him Lol Lindsay says they all know he’s over at Robyn’s why don’t they just call her to schedule a meeting.

Look at this. Christine is taking responsiblity for what she didn’t do or say to her daughter. I’m very shocked any of those adults have actually admitted to being wrong. Good for Christine. That’s great she realized she crushed her daughter’s feelings and made it seem like she wasn’t allowed to get engaged.

I don’t understand what the problem is with Mykelti wanting to get married. I mean Kody asked Christine to marry him and a month later with no courting, no dating, no nothing, they were married. They’re lucky Tony and Mykelti didn’t go off and do it themselves. 5 months of dating and they are doing the adult thing, they are talking to the parents before they run off and elope. How hard is it to support her? She’s a responsible kid who has a job an apartment and her own life. This baffles me. Maybe I need to watch a little more to see what the problem is.

So that’s how Mykelti ended up in St. George. He didn’t have the money to move her to Seattle? What? You make $82,500 per episode plus ratings bonuses of $100,000 if they can get the ratings past 1.2 million on average the entire season and you can’t afford to give your daughter $5000 and say good luck this will get you a month or 2. What? I’ve seen their vehicles and clothes. They must spend all of their money on food.

The reason their daughter is getting married to a guy she met 5 months ago is because she’s replacing the love she doesn’t get from her parents with someone who is giving her love and accepting her for exactly who she is. She found someone who isn’t trying to plan her life out for her. Sending her away was their fault and they need to accept this is what happens. They wanted her to go do something with her life, come back to Las Vegas to re-enter college and guess what? This is what happens when you try to tell a young adult what to do with their own life. You get saddled with a new boyfriend that talks like he has waffles in his mouth and doesn’t have clue one of how to dress or take care of anyone other than himself. Welcome to reality tv folks. Shit’s about to get real Lol Oh wait, no it’s not. Because this is all scripted and the producers tell them how to react to things happening and how to keep it dramatic for the show.

And again with the finances. How much can a wedding in the woods with homemade everything cost? I bet Kody is charging them to officiate Lol And I bet he’s not cheap!

Lindsay just said:

OMG this kid has a reverse lisp.

He either has a retainer or he was born with half a tongue.

Can you imagine what his parents sound like?

I hope he says the work actually 5 more times

Lol Lindsay is cracking herself up. I don’t think that’s funny to pick on him for his speech impediment but the reverse lisp line was pretty funny Lol

I feel so bad for these kids. Tony thinks it’s going to be fun and exciting to talk to Kody about marriage. From hearing the parents reaction I think this isn’t going to be fun or exciting at all for him.

Okay this kid thinks Kody is cool, so he’s obviously got something wrong with him.

In comes the red sweater. I had heard comments about this thing but nothing prepared us to see it on tv. The fact that Kody went on twitter and blamed the poor innocent sweater for making his big fat stomach look… well big and fat also proves that he does not take responsiblity for anything in his life. How about eating more of that cauliflower without cheese and less of the Smashburgers he loves Lol He has really put on the weight. I don’t blame him. Getting fed greasy food nonstop from 4 women that also shovel carbs and dairy in their children’s mouths will result in sweat busting stitchery. That sweater doesn’t need to be thrown away. It needs to be rescued from all that fat Lol

Lindsay just said Hey don’t make fun of that sweater its cheaper than gastric bypass Lol

That couch has no love and all seat on it.

Again, Kody says its crazy to him to think of an eternal marriage and rush into it in 3 months. One word, bro: Christine. You did the exact same thing. Why go so hard on these kids? They want this, just support them. You have no control anymore.

Is it me or did Kody’s hairline just crawl back another 2 inches? He’s really struggling to say no. Why is Kody putting in some requests for his daughter getting engaged? Is he really that into himself that he wants to put forth his own wishes? My goodness, what an enormous douchebag he is. This is her moment. And he’s trying to steal her thunder.

That’s not cool, that’s way too soon = Trying to drag it out to ensure another season to feature her wedding. I wonder $$$ why $$$ he wants $$$ them to $$$ wait $$$

Lol if he really believes they aren’t already having sex he is an even bigger douchebag than I thought. They aren’t rushing into a marriage because they want to have sex. They have already been having sex and might already be pregnant. You don’t have to be a rocket science or a polygamist dad to figure that one out.

Did this guy really say he could get a home equity loan to pay for the wedding? I would pick this kid up by the neck and throw him away from my daughter Lol His ass would be launched about 400 miles away from my baby girl. No way in heck should they get married if that’s his casual concept of paying for a wedding. And BTW what will his parents be paying for? And what will this young couple be paying for? That is ridiculous Lol No wonder everyone is freaking out. I thought this kid had a great job and was making a lot of money so he was going to chip in. Now he expects them to get a home equity loan? Does he not realize Christine’s house is already under a medical lien because of Truly’s hospital bills 3 years ago? She still owes $328,000 on that. The house is actually underwater for payments right now. She’s not even paying off the interest on her mortgage yet. She’s still trying to pay down the principal on the lien. Just wow, this kid has balls. And I think it’s hilarious. This kid will fit right in with these people Lol

Tony just said the one thing Lindz says all of the time, For Reals and Lindsay just said I love this kid so much Lol

80 years of marriage experience and he still can’t figure out how to keep 1 of the wives completely happy and healthy.

Dawn just said the one thing that needed to be said. It’s not about you Kody. Amen to that.

Lindsay just took one look at  Meri in that purple shirt and said Hey I didn’t know you used to date Grimace. That’s so rude.

Robyn with her wisdom is like a firework making us go Awwwww, why don’t you just stop talking.

Again Meri pops in with a lie. She said is that why mormon kids get married because of sex, I don’t know. She was the one that told me a lot of Mormon kids go down to Las Vegas, get married, have sex, then get it annulled. So that they don’t break any vows they made to their faith. I was shocked to hear it and she told me to Google it. That the college in Utah were trying to stop this practice and do things to help prevent that from happening. I had never in my life heard of that. As a Catholic, we all try to wait for marriage. Most of us fail.

It’s really funny they claim not to drink when the first night that Lindsay went to Meri’s house to work she offered her some wine and they both knocked back 2 glasses of wine each. Lindsay just said she even asked her why she was drinking alcohol when Mormons aren’t supposed to and Meri told her it’s because I like it and no one in the Church knows she secretly drinks. I don’t drink so alcohol was never apart of our dating life together. We never had alcohol with our dinners or late night activities.

Guys, Janelle is so excited she gets to eat 20 pieces of cake. We know sweetheart, it’s your favorite.

Finally we get to the part that everyone keeps jamming up our phones about. The Meri vs Kody talk. And here we go.

We find out what I had known for months because Meri told me. Yes we still talk. We didn’t talk for a long time. Then one day she texted me and I told her to leave me alone. That started a conversation and we have continued ever since. NO we are not having another affair. We are just friends. No we do not exchange photos or anything else at all. We talk and hang out, but very rarely do we see each other.

Mariah is still mad at Meri for the affair. Mariah knows the real truth and is trying to navigate the whole thing. She is pissed. Meri doesn’t get it. She honestly doesn’t see the problem. Meri forgets all the shit she said to Mariah. To butt out of her life, to leave her alone and to stop telling her to quit talking to me. Meri told Mariah about wanting to leave Kody and it upset Mariah. She was prepared for her parents to get a spiritual divorce and wanted her mom to admit to the affair. Meri refused to stick my name as the reason and instead just said she wanted to go off and start a new life. Mariah knew what that meant and stopped talking to Meri. After the affair became public Mariah contacted me and wanted me to call her. So I did. She had a bunch of questions and she told me that she knew something was going on but didn’t realize how serious it really was. She wasn’t mad at me, she said she felt her mom mislead me into the affair. And for that she would never forgive her mom. So I knew months ago that Mariah was very hurt. And just wanted her mom to leave her alone for a while.

Now some of the real truth starts coming out. In small pieces. Meri admits that things have been hard between her and Kody for years. Not months, not even a year. Years. 6 years to be exact. The same amount of time since Robyn is in the picture. What Meri told me right away is that Robyn is the favorite and that Kody has an easier relationship with Robyn because he treats her different and everyone knows it. She said she didn’t like that he is so in love with Robyn and makes it so obvious but that’s how polygamy goes sometimes. It was all very sad to hear.

She says we have done things to get along. That means that over the years they have a big fight and don’t talk or see each other for 4 or 5 days.  He will skip her days with him and stay with Robyn. He says he doesn’t want to fight. Everyone thinks that Kody and Meri get on average a week of her own but the truth is she told me in a typical month he only spends the night 4 times.  And of the 4 times they may have had sex once in a month, if that. She told me they usually only had sex once every 3 or 4 months because he would get pissed off at her for not having sex with him. So she told me she would just let him do it to keep the peace and let him get it over with then he would immediately jump out of bed, put on his pajamas and go watch tv or go to sleep. She said he never helped her finish, never did the things she fantasized about and was not interested in pleasing her or making her feel wanted. He was all about the act of sex and not making love. She told me they had not made out or kissed at any length in years. She told me that was one of the reasons our affair was so sexual. Because she had been deprived of all intimacy for most of her marriage and she felt very unsatisfied.

She is already starting to be aggressive. She wants him to make a decision what to do with her? He’s still there. He’s still talking to her. She wanted him to forgive her and move back in. But he told her no. He said he was fine living with Robyn on his days he was supposed to stay at Meri’s and that he wasn’t going to move back in anytime soon. She wanted them to talk about what to do and he has refused for months.

Kody says most of his marriage with her this type of conversation would make him defensive and would make him confused. The problem is he doesn’t get it that she wants attention from him. She is someone who needs a lot of attention, a lot of reassurance, and a whole lot of affection. I told her everyday how much I loved her, how beautiful she was, how funny and smart. She told me no one had ever called her baby before. No one could please her in bed like I did. She said I talked to her about so many things she had never thought about. We talked a lot about religion and what my beliefs are. She had a lot of questions about my Catholic faith. I even bought her a Catholic bible so she could read it and get familiar with some of what I believe. She still has the bible. It’s hidden in her closet with all of my gifts and love letters. She kept them all.

I was shocked when Meri told me months ago that they did not immediately go into therapy as a couple. She told me that she asked him to and he refused. She told me that Kody told her after all of this came out and he listened to those voicemails he told her we are done and there is nothing at all you can do to get me back. This was over. He told her he will love and support her always but the marriage is done. So she’s been trying to find out how to get out of the tv show, how to get out of the house and how to get out of the life with Kody. Of course they won’t show that on tv.

Love that she used air quotes to say catfish situation Lol That proves yet again that she has lied. You only air quote something as sarcasm or in jest. She knows damn well she had an affair and at the point of this conversation so does Kody. So her using air quotes proves again that she lied. It’s the same thing when this whole thing went public on the show. She was pissed off at me and called me a Bastard. Remember that?

And Kody lies because he doesn’t want to admit on tv that we did have a real affair. He is protecting the storyline for the show. Because if he admits the affair was real and they all have lied, the show is gone.

So Mariah thinks you were having an affair? That answer is yes. And I gave Mariah plenty of proof that I have never posted or talked about on here to prove that it was sexual, it was a real affair and that we were up in Utah together for a whole week. That’s why Mariah is so pissed.

Meri proves what I just said. She wants to be close to him. She wants him to give her affection and love and praises and time. He still refuses.

Meri says Kody isn’t around very much. This is what I mean.

This is what I have said all along. Meri kicked Kody out in May of last year. I didn’t ask her to. She wanted to do it. She told him he wasn’t allowed to stay in her house anymore. He fought it for a few days then finally said ok. And he came and got some of his stuff and moved out. That’s when the affair went into an everyday thing. Because now she had the freedom to meet up and had more time to talk to me. In May that’s when our affair turned into more than just an affair. We were planning a life together.

I love it when she calls me this person. As if she forgot my name. It also proves that her storyline of the female catfish is total bs. She refuses to name names. She refuses to singularly call it a female. She flip flops on the entire gender assignment of it because she knows she’s lying. And she wants to not hurt me anymore than she already has with her lies.

She asked Kody to leave so her and I could have privacy and figure out how to get her to move into my house. That’s why she kicked him out. There was a lot going on in both of our lives but at the time we both made choices to figure out how to find time to spend together.

And please keep in mind, Meri Brown has NEVER OFFERED ANY PROOF AT ALL that there was a catfish. Not ever. She just tells stories. She makes shit up and tries to keep her story straight when so many times already she continues to expose her lies. She knows she is lying and she can’t remember everything she said. But I remember everything. I have already proven there was no catfish and I have already proven with evidence on this blog that we were in love and it was a real affair.

The reason why he didn’t want to tell her right then is because what he wanted was a spiritual divorce. They have already done that. Kody and Meri are spiritually divorced. They got that done  a few months ago. For the show they are going to act married. For the kids they will continue to act as a family. She wants to stay in her house for now and she wants to continue to be in the family. But her marriage is over. And she is okay with it now. So is Kody. They both realized there was too much damage done and Kody told her in therapy he just couldn’t get past the voicemails and the photos I posted on my blog.

I like how Meri blames me by saying the catfish got in her head. There was no catfish. I didn’t tell her anything about her family. I did tell her that her husband was a douchebag in response to the dozens and dozens of horrible stories she shared with me about him. Most of which I will finally write about. He is such an abuser it amazes me she stuck in there for 26 years. It really is shocked how horrible he can be with his words. Again Meri takes no responsiblity for her half of our affair. She continues to blame it all on me. How would I ever know Kody was a horrible person unless SHE TOLD ME things about him? I didn’t know anything. I didn’t watch that show very often. I had no idea he yelled at he so much and made her cry. She forgets that part. That she is the one that told me things, so I would get protective and call him an asshole. She would laugh and say he is an asshole to me.

Kody told her I wouldn’t cross a burning bridge for you anymore right after she told him she was going to divorce him for Robyn’s kids. He said on camera all kinds of nice things. And right after they finished filming that scene he pulled Meri aside and told her this doesn’t change anything between us. You giving me the divorce won’t fix us, I wouldn’t cross a burning bridge for you anymore. I remember her telling me that story. That’s how pissed off he was at her long before I came around.

I have always admitted to the affair and always admitted my responsibility for it. I own half of the blame. I just wish Meri would own her half too. She’s going to be really pissed that I wrote this. I don’t care. The truth is the truth and I can prove all that I’ve said her.

Because I do have new voicemails from her. Even while I was away in Paris. And she knows it.

Stay tuned because this time each week Lindsay and I will be watching the show and writing up a recap. We aren’t going to sit by and let these cult members continue to lie and bash us. We deserve our side to be heard. And we’re going to keep telling our story.

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  1. Kody Makes Me Hurl

    WHAT THE HECK???? That means Truly had no medical insurance. How is it possible that Kody would go to all the trouble to divorce Meri so he could adopt Robyn’s kids and be able to get health insurance for them? (At least that’s what I took from all the blah blah blah about why the divorce/marriage to Robyn was necessary. Because they’re ALL spiritually married and on equal footing, don’t ya know?)

    Am I missing something??? How could Kody possibly worry about paying for weddings yet leave a young child without health insurance? This guy is probably going to regret ever doing the show, except how else do you pay for a family that huge without everyone moving to one of those fundie mormon trailer compounds and going on welfare?

    I can’t believe I bought into this happy giant super family for so long. But there was always something cocky and creepy about Kody. I think the three ladies should kick Robyn and Kody to the curb and start some kind of ex wives club. THERE is a show I would like to see!

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