Nashville it is

I’m in Nashville, Tennessee today for meetings. Things have gone very well. I’m on a lunch break now and taking a little time to update my blog. I’ve gotten a lot of really great comments from my readers. Thank you all for being here. It’s been a very long road and I’m so happy how my life ended up. I’m very happily married, I have 2 amazing, healthy little babies. And the best thing I can say is my life is perfect! God has always taken care of me. I knew if had Faith and just let it God take over I would be fine.

Nashville is such a fun town. I have some friends here so we are going to meet up for an early dinner. I try to get back home by 7 so I can help get the boys to bed by 8:30.

I hope everyone is having a great work day. I will update more tomorrow. Lots of big announcements coming soon.

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