Non-Disclosing the truth

The least Meri could do was try to tell the truth at least some times. Instead of blatantly lying all over the tv.

This is THE ORIGINAL Non-Disclosure agreement she emailed to me. Lindsay and I reviewed it and we DID NOT SIGN IT. We do not invest in retail businesses like this. Especially ones with very poor quality products. The business only makes around $50,000 per year in 2015. I’m sure that’s gotten lower the past 2 years. I was not the one that talked about investing in Meri’s business. She asked if I had interest. I said I would have to see your financials. That part is true. She had Robyn go to a lawyer, draw up this agreement and she emailed it to me. She said once I signed it Robyn would get the Financials from Janelle, then we could all meet up to talk about any questions or concerns I had.

We looked at this and decided not to sign it. Now if I was the one begging to invest in her company why would she go to a lawyer to have this drawn up? There’s no way I could possibly have made that happen on my own. Meri would have to put that in motion based on her own decision to ask me to invest. If you read this agreement we would have been bound by it for 5 years. And NOT BEEN ABLE to talk at all about the show or the family.


The purpose of this was as it says here” To facilitate discussions about, and the evaluations of a potential business transaction between the parties.

That being said if I had signed it, as Meri claimed, they could 100% sue my ass as well as Lindsay for any and all things we have said about the show, the family, and her Lol

No lawsuit has ever happened, no police report for all the HARASSMENT and THREATS she claims she made against us. There is nothing at all she has ever done to bring any type of legal action against either one of us. If she was in such fear of Lindsay why did she continue to talk to her, go see both of us and keep the affair with me going up until the last part of August? Does that make sense at all? No. Because it’s bullshit.

Meri lied. And this is proof once again she lied about me, again.

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