Season 7 Episode 2 Recap

I skipped my recap of the show up to the part where it talks about me, again. I swear they should just interview me at this point. It’s getting ridiculous.

Kody begins how Meri was an emptynester and she started talking to people and making friends. He admits she got very close to me. I’m included in the “some people”. Lindsay is the other person he is talking about. So we are back to more than 1 person that was involved in the fake catfish storyline Lol I thought it was a singular person? Now we are back to the Them/They/People which again shows that Meri is lying and can not keep her stories straight. It also proves that Kody doesn’t have any idea what really happened and if you look at how red his face is, he’s pissed that he’s talking about me again. Hey bro, I’m one of the main reasons your show got so much free publicity from the tabloids. You’re welcome?

He says I don’t exist. Then why are you so mad at your wife? Why stay away from her and treat her like she had an affair? Why are you still struggling in your marriage and your daughter won’t even talk to her mom? Because Kody is lying to protect the storyline that got them another season. He has listened to all of my voicemails. He has seen the photos. He just wants to sweep it under the rug but he can’t. Because he knows Meri and I really did have an affair. He knows I’m real. He knows I exist. And so does Mariah.

Mariah still hasn’t forgiven her mom. This was filmed in April of 2016. We ended our affair in August of 2015 and it went public because of Meri in October of 2015 just to give everyone a timeline of anger. Kody talks about how last summer (Summer of 2015) was hard on Mariah, himself, and Robyn. Really? I’m just shaking my head at his stupidity. He was completely clueless until September of 2015 that we had the affair.

Mariah starts sharing her side of this. She says Meri was trying to convince her to like me. Why would Mariah like the guy her mom was fooling around with? Mariah had walked in on several of our phone calls. She did not like that we talked so much. She was suspicious that something was going on but Meri never told her the truth. She says that Meri told her she wished Mariah would appreciate our relationship. Meaning Meri and I. And Kody asks Mariah what she meant by that. He’s still clueless Lol

Kody says that Mariah thinks that her mom was struggling with fidelity. Yes, we struggled 3 or 4 times a week for 6 months Lol

Kody says that Meri was targeted. That’s not true. Again he’s sticking to their fake catfish story. Meri came after me. I have proven that with the Twitter Dm’s as well as the voicemails and the texts from WEEK 1 of us talking. She continued to pursue conversations with me. I did not target her, I did not go after her. I replied to her. I didn’t even call her back half of the time. That’s why she is heard saying over and over call me back or you never answer your phone. It’s because I was trying to figure out why she wanted to talk to me so much. She liked talking to me. She liked the attention. And we got along great. We had so much fun talking. We had an even better time hanging out. Because we would laugh so much more together in person.

Meri’s agenda was not making friends. She fell in love with me. She is heard over and over in March, 2 weeks after we started talking and seeing each other that she loved me. That she was IN LOVE with me. That’s not just friends. Proving again how much Meri has lied to Kody and how stupid he is to believe her lies.

Kody just found out that we were on the phone all of the time. All he has to do is go to the cellphone bill on Verizon’s website and look that up. Or go to my website and look at the Call log. She called me a total of 1560 times in 6 months. She left me over 300 + voicemails. All of this is on my blog proving how much we were talking.

Do you also notice Mariah is not referring to me as a girl or a fake or a catfish? She is telling the truth. She says anytime Meri would be on the phone with HIM. Male. I’m a guy. Enough with calling me a catfish or a female or whatever. I’m so sick of hearing that. It’s not truth.

Kody believes all Meri was doing was making friends. Mariah doesn’t believe it at all. Kody says she never met this person and Mariah responds, I know, well… She is pausing because she knows we did meet. Then Mariah tells her dad that she believes that Meri felt more than she is letting on. Which is the truth. She was in love. We were in love with each other.

Kody says all he wants to do is bring Meri back into the family. So when was she kicked out of the family? Is he admitting he threw her away just as she threw him out of her house in May of 2015?

Then Mariah drops the truth bomb and tells Kody that she really believes that Meri was going to leave her dad for me. And that’s the truth. We had made plans to move Meri into my Las Vegas house as soon as Mariah went back to college in August. Mariah is telling her dad what she thinks and feels about the situation. And Kody is completely in denial. Are we at all surprised at how stupid he looks right now?

Go ahead and blame me, but remember Kody, we were just making friends Lol, Right? That’s all it was. This guy is a douchebag.

Want to know how Kody and Meri’s marriage got so bad? Because of how he deals with everything. He shoves it to the side and keeps going. He doesn’t stop and fix, communicate, or really deal with anything. Because he is always so busy (Sitting with Robyn) to really deal with hard issues with any of them. That’s why I know that he doesn’t try or do his best with his marriages. And he gave up on fixing things with Meri. They ended it a few months ago. All of the stuff you see with them from now on will be for the sake of the cameras and for the sake of the $$$. And that’s the truth.

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