Season 7 Episode 11 Recap – Tell Lies Part 2

Back for more bullshit. Welcome to hopefully the last time you ever hear about me on this show.

Meri kicked Kody out in May of 2015. She said her marriage had been over for a long time and there was no point pretending anymore. She kicked him out so that her and I could spend more time together and we could make plans for her to leave. We all find out that Kody has never moved back into the house since he was kicked out. And it seems like he isn’t even going over on his day’s schedule to spend with her. That was something Andrea told me but I didn’t believe it. This also means they aren’t sleeping together anymore either. Which is sad since the last time I had sex with Meri was in August of 2015. No wonder she’s so depressed Lol

Everything I have said about Kody being kicked out is finally being told in the full truth. He was kicked out for May, June, July and in August that’s when we broke up. I had just assumed in August or at least September of 2015 he had moved back in and they were working through the affair. Nope. He stayed away.

The host lady asks why they fell in love to begin with. And the answers are pretty standard. You get along, you are happy. They want to build a family. Seems normal. Add in the I need another woman so that I can sit on a cloud throne when I die and we have polygamy. Nice huh?

Meri talks about how they have to build trust all over again because of all of the damage they have caused. People in the family want them to stay together. Social media wants her to leave. Everyone does. Kody says if Meri left it would affect his ego at this point rather than affect how he feels. Then why even keep her around? That’s the most selfish reason to keep an unhappy woman in your life. I hope she leaves him soon. She really does deserve so much better. As I have always said, this guy is a douchebag.

Again Kody tells the whole world exactly what I said 2 years ago. Meri was leaving. He admits Meri said that to him. This proves once again how much she has lied about that. She was leaving to be with me.

Kody was asked would you save Meri if she was on a burning bridge and he basically says no because we aren’t at that place in our relationship. WOW. Just wow. Douchebag.

And of course Robyn comes to clean up his mess, as usual. That used to be Meri’s job. This is very embarrassing for all of them. It really is.

The host lady asks what does your Faith say about being gay? Robyn says We are Christian. What?????????????????????????? When did an FLDS polygamist family turn Christian? Why isn’t this entire show being pulled now? The whole thing is based on polygamy. So now they are Christian polygamists? Because there is no such thing. Which brings me back to what Meri had told me early on. They are their own religion. I said what does that mean. She said we don’t have a Church all we have is Kody leading our services. I said that’s a cult not a religion and she said no it’s not. I said yes, yes it is. You are in a cult. She didn’t like that at all.

So now we have a bunch of Christians Lol Come on. This show gets more ridiculous every season.

Again Robyn just said we are Christian based. No that’s not Mormonism at all.

The backwards hat is a statement. She’s owning the gay it looks like. Good for her.

A lot of the issues with Meri’s conversations is she’s always self-centered and she doesn’t see or think outside of the self bubble.

Mariah talks about being gay. I think that is very cool. If things had worked out between Meri and I, that wouldn’t have been a problem.

My cousin Taylor was gay. She was also a twin. So I grew up with twin cousins who I saw every weekend. All of her life her brother Tyson and I protected her. And when she began dating and got kicked out of the Catholic Church she didn’t care. She found a different Church and continued on loving God. She said God didn’t kick me out of the Church, those ignorant fools did. I miss her very much. She is the whole reason why I love and support gay people. She taught me a lot by living her life the way she wanted. If one of my kids turns out to be gay I will be happy. Because at least they will know who they are and I can guide them into God’s grace much easier than trying to figure out what’s going on. I pray I can be a great parent if that comes into our family.

Maddie is pregnant. That’s very cool! I knew someone eventually come up with a baby. That’s awesome. Congrats to them!

They revisit the burning bridge comment because obviously Kody was embarrassed and thought he needed to fix what he said. What an asshole.

I will finally address the tabloid stories since they seem to want to use my name and blog to quote from. I have spoken to tabloid reporters before. I have never approved or signed away my story to any of them. None of them have ever been authorized by me or anyone that represents me to do any kind of story about me. Anything the tabloids say about me they get from my blog.

That being said I will tell you all the truth. Since September of 2015 it is Kendra and Lindsay that have been running the tabloids. Everything goes through Kendra who gets paid very well for her quotes. Lindsay finds out the info from the trolls or others and she gives the info to Kendra. Kendra is contacted weekly usually on Tuesdays from the reporters that need a story by Thursday. They have to print things out. I didn’t know this whole tabloid thing would get as big as it did. Kendra and Lindsay have successfully gotten over 12 cover stories on the tabloids. Something they both find hilarious. They are currently still working with the tabloids but not as often. For over a year, Kendra and Lindsay have been in total control of what stories the tabloids have printed. All money has gone to Kendra. Lindsay has never asked for money or wanted any money from Kendra. She wants the story to keep going so that I can sell books and my version of the story gets out to more people. That’s why she has helped Kendra.

They work with In Touch, Radar, Design & Trend, and a few of the other online blogs.

So if you wondered who the anonymous source is or wonder if Kendra really did give a quote about the Brown family, yes, all of that is true. Now the tabloids do spin the stories sometimes. But for the most part whatever those 2 decide to use for that week, they must have proof to back it up to get it printed. And that’s what they have done. They continue to get out smaller stories as this whole thing is dying down. But I wanted to give them both all the credit and also let everyone know I have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TABLOIDS. I refuse to speak with them now. They are all horrible people and use you to get info either true or not.

So now I will start divulging the stories and more info on each rumor the Browns are talking about.

1. Is Kody in debt? That’s a story Lindsay found out about. He is in debt because he’s attached to Robyn and Christine. They both have medical liens on their homes because of Dayton’s accident and Truely’s sickness and hospital stay. He has money and they are making payments to the mortgage liens but he is not in debt at much as you think.

2. Is Robyn doing her own spin-off? Kendra came up with that one based on the TLC producers coming to Kendra and asking her to scout talent for a new show. Robyn is the one that stays up late reading things on the internet. Kendra told us that. She reads the blogs too and twitter. The reference Sobbin Robyn came from Facebook because that’s what all the Robyn hate trolls call her. I think that’s mean. Robyn is a nice lady but she’s also shady af.

3. Does Nancy travel with you everywhere? That one is Kendra’s Lol So funny.

4. Is Meri leaving the family for good. That one was Lindsay’s. Lindsay had heard from Andrea that Meri was wanting to leave but didn’t know how. So for now she’s trying to earn some money so she can leave in the next year or so. The guy in Hawaii is gay Lol Lindsay started that one just to be a shit but got busted out a week ago because Lindsay finally told Alex from In Touch that the guy is gay and gave the link to prove it. That one did float around for months though and to date is the longest rumor that stayed alive. Lindsay was pretty proud of that one.

5. Is Kody taking Mindy as the 5th wife? Kendra started that one Lol

6. Is there plans for a 5th wife? That was Kendra Lol But Lindsay kicked it up a notch and added it in that there were 2. She even floated a photo of Meri and Kody around about it.

Thank God it’s over. I hope that I am never mentioned on that awful show again. The ratings have been shit. We found out for both of the Tell Alls they only got around 400,000 viewers for each one. That is less than half than normal. I hope they get cancelled. They lie and do everything they can to keep the money from the show coming in. It’s time to cancel it and move on. Go get real jobs and take care of your kids. Not lay around with your dirty ass feet and read gun magazines Lol

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday everyone!

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