Season 7 Episode 6 Recap

Listen, if Maddie wanted her dad officiate the wedding that’s her choice. Her husband agreed to it. You get what you get with him. I’m sure he did a much better job than I would have. I’m happy to see the wedding went off very smoothly. Forgetting the rings, that’s just a small mistake in a day full of successes. They privately exchanged rings and it was fine.

Congrats to the happy couple.

After pulling off my own wedding in November of last year, I feel their pain. My wife’s family is as large as my own. We combined the weekend into a big family event. My boys had already been legally adopted but I didn’t tell my entire family. The next day was the wedding and at the reception I announced it so everyone knew at the same time. It really was a beautiful wedding. With over 500 guests it was a lot of hard work for our wedding planner and her team and herself were amazing. My wife looked gorgeous. I cried as soon as I saw her coming down the aisle. Everything in my life ran through my head as she came closer. Everything led me to that moment. My parents and grandparents had all passed away so I had Drew and Lindsay walk down the aisle with me. Drew was my best man but Lindsay gave me away. Then she took her seat and helped wrangle my boys who were my flower boys. Heston threw one handful but that was because whoever back there put the petals in his little fist and he flung them mostly all over himself Lol

Our wedding video is something my wife still watches often. She likes to snuggle up against me and relive the day.

You really can live happily ever after. God can turn your life around and you can get through all of the bad times. That’s the lesson. Never, EVER, give up on yourself.

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