Season 7 Episode 8 Recap

Mariah announces that she’s gay. What a very brave, very important step for her to take. How awesome is that! I like her grandma hugged her first. Then Robyn. Kody stays seated, Meri stays seated. She really didn’t know her own daughter was gay? I told her I thought Mariah was gay. Lindsay told her she was “def gay, omfg are you blind?” We both told her. She said nooooo. She is just really busy with school and work. Um okay Lol That doesn’t mean she’s not gay. That just means she’s busy.

Meri admits she did not see it coming. Honestly, in this moment thank God for Janelle. She was excited, talking, so sweet and supportive. That’s everything she needed. She just needed them to hear it. Because all of her life she needed to say it. I’m so happy for her. I really am. What a great moment.

Oh here we go again. Blame me for your relationship with your daughter being bad. I did not catfish Meri Brown. She is lying! I have proven that over and over on this blog. We had an affair. That’s it.

Meri has always used Robyn as the buffer. She doesn’t want Kody to yell at her and he won’t do that in front of Robyn. So she has Robyn come in as a therapist to explain what each side is really saying. That’s so sad to me. My wife and I don’t always think alike but we always find a way to talk to each other. You have to.

Meri is upset about not knowing Mariah was gay. All of the signs were there. Anyone can log into her Tumblr at and see it written there for the past year. There’s even a photo of her kissing a girl Lol


If you process this without showing the real emotions, it’s no different from hiding the affair we had. You have got to be real, be up front, and be honest with this kid. She’s way too smart to not pick up on it. And she also has been through enough. That’s bad advice from Robyn. If you are upset, be upset. If you have questions, ask the questions. Hiding it because you are crying, that won’t help anything.

If Meri would admit things to Mariah and stop lying, I’m pretty sure Mariah would talk to her mom. If she would take ownership and say yes I was leaving for Sam, yes we had an affair. Yes I have lied to you. If Meri would do all that I have done, things would heal. I took ownership. I went around to all of my family and friends and told them I had an affair. I answered their questions, I asked for forgiveness. I lost some people in my life. I stayed true to my truth. And I showed them the proof they wanted or needed. That’s the only way I got my wife to start dating me. By showing her everything. She needed to know I wasn’t lying to her. She deserved it. After that, we had a clean slate together and ended up married. I love my wife. I know I say that a lot but I really really do. She just walked by and saw I was writing this blog and kissed my forehead.

If Meri really wanted to fix things, if she really wanted to heal. She would sit down and just fess up. I did. It scared the shit out of me. It was one of the hardest times in my life. Thank God for Lindsay. She got me through all of that. The months after we broke up were hell. And Lindsay took very good care of me. Then when it was getting to a bad point she called in Drew and they both took me to where I needed to go and we got through it. Meri doesn’t know how to talk to Mariah because she can no longer control her. Meri is a control freak. The best thing she can do is just fess up to the affair. Tell her everything. Stop denying it because all of my proof and the opinions of so many people are all over the place. The entire world agrees Meri is lying about me. They just haven’t figured it all out yet. They aren’t sure what she is lying about and what part might be true.

It’s so odd to me how much she oppresses herself. She wasn’t like that with me at all. She said what she wanted, she confided, she was truthful and honest. Now she’s just this fragile scared empty person. It really is sad. I wish she would get over me. So she could find happiness with someone new like I did.


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