What a family

I admit merging my family and friends with my wife’s family and friends wasn’t the best idea we ever had. So far no one has punched anyone out, however…

We all learned that talking about politics, abortion, pro-choice, and even pizza toppings can be a risky set of topics Lol We did have a muffin fly over someone’s head yesterday morning. We also had what sounded like Trump Lover shouted from upstairs. No one wants to claim that one. Thank goodness they are all leaving today. My mother in law who has been absolutely classy, did all she could to take the non-stop Trump loving from my Uncle who thinks Trump is the next big thing. Funny, I’m sure that’s what young Syrian’s thought about Bashar al-Assad once upon a time too. He is the one that replied to a question about his regime’s use of torture as and I quote “Fake News”. I guess all of those bombs we saw flying into Aleppo were fake too. And the people escaping with only a sack full of their belongs to get away from the torture was also fake. I need to get our tv fixed. Finally after hearing about how great Trump is for what seemed like an hour my mother in law said it was a mistake to vote him in and when he “F***s with your Social Security check in a few months you will agree with me, then the muffin flew. She said it slipped out of her hand but I did remind her that her arm was cocked back in a hurling it at him motion. She just laughs now.

My boys have had enough family time and frankly so have I. My wife has smiled through all of it. She also reminds me that my friends are animals and will stop at nothing to One Up each other just for the sake of boredom. What does she mean? Doesn’t everyone see how many push ups they can do with their dog sitting on their back for the great prize of the last brownie! I guess she doesn’t get guy humor. I would like to think my friends have actually mellowed out because this time no one jumped in the lake naked or clothed Lol I reminded her of that and she said that I must have had a talk to all of them beforehand. Yes I did and it was via email. DO NOT DO ANYTHING STUPID OR ELSE, bros!

Drew has been so great all weekend. His wife said things are going great and they are actually talking about having another baby. What? That’s awesome. I told him he better hurry up because now we are racing Lol Team Cooper is hot on the baby track now that my wife finally convinced me she is really ready and we need to hold off on the adoption a while. She said wouldn’t it be nice to have our own daughter first, then go adopt a daughter for her to play with and be her best friend? Such logic, I’m a sucker for babies right now. And my wife in very nice lingerie 🙂

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. We will be enjoying the evening at the condo. We are going to leave here later on. I have tomorrow off of work and my wife needs to go into work just until noon. She has some things to catch up on.

It has been a great time with the fam, but GET OUT Lol We are done. The party is over!

God loves you and I love you too!

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