What a Gala

My wife and I attended a black tie gala and danced the night away. It was a benefit for Water for Africa and Doctors without borders. We donated $2500 to each cause. Happy to support them both. Water for Africa helps to bring water pipelines and water pumps to the smaller rural areas. Mostly towns or villages. The pipelines are often ripped apart by militia that want to disrupt the progress for the towns and village people. It was a very educational presentation.

Doctors without borders is a cause my family foundation has been supporting for over a decade. They need more help than ever. The diseases they can quickly diagnosis and cure are as simple as 2 or 3 shots to immunize an entire group of people. They also help to get patients that need surgery. It’s a great organization and I hope you all support both charities.

My wife looked amazing. She was in a long dress and had on a necklace and a some great looking earrings. She took my breath away as soon as she came out of the bedroom. We had our photos taken with the boys before we left. We enjoyed some funny stories the driver was telling about his day. Great guy. He told us to have fun. We ate a very nice dinner as they presented the information. Then people started dancing and I asked her to dance. She said do you remember the steps to our first dance at the wedding? I said of course and flubbed my way through the first few steps. Then my brain kicked in and we got more in sync. We danced a few songs sat and rested then danced some more. Afterwards we went out for a quick dessert. She called it an almost perfect night. I said what could have made it better. She said if the boys were with us. She says things like that and I fall in love with her all over again. She missed my little guys. She is slowly spending more and more time with me doing the things they need each morning and night. Sarah gets the fun of playing with them all day. It’s a lot of work and now that they are both walking around a little she said it’s getting harder. I said when they start zooming around we will get in one of the other nannies to help if she needed it. Whatever we can do to help her out, we will do.

The gala was a huge success. I’m so proud to have been invited to such a great event. I’m happy to help in charities like both of these. I can’t wait to find out in a few months which towns we helped or how many patients we helped. I’m very excited to know that a little money will go a very long way overseas.

God helps others to help others.

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