And the winner is…

My battle vs the bullies hasn’t concluded but we dealt 2 of the 3 some very bad news. They will be finding out very soon. Their employers are not happy at all with all of the info we provided. That sucks. And they need to grow up and move on with their lives. I’m very happy with the results and will continue to do something to finish off the Trinity.

Thanks to Lindsay and her brilliant ideas we accomplished all of this a lot faster than I thought. I swear she has friends all over. Thank goodness people remember her easily. She is hilarious with a big mouth I guess she leaves an impression. I’m so happy to know things will finally calm down. I can be proud for standing up for myself and the rest will play itself out. So happy for this weekend.

In other news my in-laws found a house. My wife isn’t thrilled with its location. She wanted it a little closer but it’s okay. They love it. They love the yard, they love the kitchen. It’s a 3 bedroom. One bedroom will be their office they can share. They are very excited and I’m happy to help them downsize. Anything for my wife’s family. They are great people. Hard working, loyal, dysfunctional, loud, hungry all of the time, amazing people. I love them all even when there is no food left and you can’t get in a word to someone sitting across from you. Big family, big meals together.

I’m happy that our weekend turned out so well. Lindsay is heading back to Las Vegas and she has a lot to fill me in on soon. I’m happy to go cook dinner for my family and play with my baby boys before we get them into baths then bed.

Thanks to the trolls that sent us all of the info. The video links are what did it. You can’t dispute video proof when you are trying to prove 2 crazy woman are stalking you and several others. Now go back to leaving us alone. We don’t want you bugging us anymore.

Have a great Sunday everyone. I hope you relax and enjoy the rest of your evening!