Sunday in Atlanta

  Yesterday was a very full day. We went to a historic Catholic church downtown. I loved all of the architecture inside. It’s beautiful.

Then we went back to the hotel to pack up and check out. I lugged all of the bags into the back of the rental SUV. Then it was time to go explore. We went to the Aquarium first. My boys were so excited to see all of the fish and sea creatures. It was amazing to watch them see things for the first time. I took a ton of pictures of their faces and expressions. Heston decided he needed to bang on the side wall to get them to look his way or something. I’m not sure but then we had to spend the rest of the time there wrangling him from banging at them Lol It was really funny. Alex looked shocked then started crying. When we walked through the big section he really didn’t like it. I think he has some anxiety or something. Which is weird. We got him out of there and the rest of our group found me by the other side. I didn’t know what else to do other than take him backwards. He was fine after that.

We hit my wife’s favorite new sushi place downtown. While she was eating I reminded her of all our new fish friends we just saw and how inappropriate it is to eat them Lol She said they all tasted great and she had silently thanked them for their sacrifice. My boys and I shared vegetables and rice. That was about all I could stomach with a table full of sushi rolls for the girls. Yuck.

After lunch we decided to go to the Contemporary Art center. We spent so much time at the Aquarium we didn’t have time to go before we ate. The art center is great. I loved the 30 minutes we spent there. We found out it’s not a good place for 1-year-old twins that want to announce their arrival to each exhibit Lol So instead of getting kicked out I decided to take them out. The girls came out shortly after. My wife had wanted to check out a few of her favorite artists. By the time they got back I had the boys in clean diapers, fresh sippy cups and passed out in their car seats. How great was that timing? We drove around for an hour taking photos. The girls got out at certain landmarks for photos and selfies. They all had fun. Then we made our way to the King Center.

If you guys have never been there, go. It is amazing! I loved learning and reading about Dr Martin Luther King jr. I had no idea about his early on. I have read some of his speeches and I have read some books about his life but this place is so much more than that. Sarah cried a few times while she was reading about the struggle in the civil unrest of the 1950s and 1960s. She talked to us a lot about her family and what they  had all gone through growing up in Texas. She was pretty emotional. All I could do was hug her and say life is better now for everyone. I didn’t know what to say. She said it’s better but it’s still not its best. I said but you being our nanny is teaching the next generation of Coopers that the past can not be repeated and will not be tolerated in our house. Ever.

We all left there excited and talking about all of the really amazing things Dr King accomplished in his lifetime. An amazing man and someone who truly deserves to be honored. I’m very happy we all made time to go visit his King Center. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Then it was time to go. We left Atlanta later than we had planned. We got home late, got the boys in bed and started laundry. Then we all sat up and talked a little more about the whole weekend. I really enjoy these 4 women being in my life. Each one is different in the things they like but essentially they are all the same. Life is going to be up and down but we are always going to be family. I love that Sarah gets a break and can really have some personal time when we go on vacation. She deserves it. I love that my wife make time to spend alone together. And I really love taking my boys to different cities so that they can learn new things and see interesting attractions.

Atlanta, I heart you! We all want to go back again sometime. I can’t wait to visit Atlanta again. Great city. Not as great as Chicago, but Top 10 on my list.

I started writing this last night. I just ran the spell check and grammar check tool. Now I can hit publish. Hope everyone is surviving the Monday. It’s the first day of spring! Go enjoy mother nature if you can. Have a good one, guys!

Hello 50 degree Weather

   This is going to be a warmer week than I can remember this time of the year in Chicago. I like it. No more undershirts under my dress shirt. No more warming socks. No more big heavy coat to get myself from my Range into my office building.

That’s another new announcement. I have forgotten to mention it. I bought a bigger building. Lindsay wants more floors in our headquarters because she has a “brilliant idea, just f***ing brilliant” and we need to expand. My current building is a few blocks away from the Willis Tower and will sell very quickly. The new building she wants is on the opposite side of the Willis Tower and more expensive. Of course it is. As she says if we buy it for this low, low cheap price now in a few more years that price will double and we can move/sell again if we want to get our money back. My current building is 8 floors. We take the entire building for all of the SJC divisions, we also made a few floors for my construction company and renovation company. And then there are my friends that needed office space so I put them in my building and they never moved out. I’ve also never raised their rent in years so that will be nice for them to move on. The new building is almost mine. A few more weeks and the sell will be completed. Then we go over and completely reno it for our needs. It should take a few months. Depending on how fast they can get it done. The building is solid. Not fancy by means but I’m sure we will need to sink some money into it. And we have all of Lindsay’s investment money coming in from Mexico that has been crazy good. Wicked good? Whatever the kids are saying these days, it’s been insert that word here, good. I asked her why do I need to buy you a new building and you won’t even live in Chicago. She said because when she does pop in she wants to walk into Heaven not a rat hole Lol The new building is larger. Much larger and we will be filling in the empty floors with leases. That makes it nice. We have done well in Chicago and I guess after 9 years it is time to go ahead and upgrade.

It’s that time of year again for us to Renew our Chicago attraction cards. The Go Card the City card. I’m not really fond of the zoos so we won’t be going to one just yet. In time we will. My boys need to learn about the different animals plus how will the gift shop survive without me having to buy 2 of whatever plush animals for $40 a piece Lol There are so many places I want to take my family. I’m very glad I married a woman who loves to go explore. Some of our first dates were just dinner. The second time we reconnected we really started to find interesting and new things to do together. She showed me a bunch of places I have never heard of. And I showed her my favorite places to eat. We still do date nights one or two nights a week because we are so blessed to have the nannies. And we also go out after my boys are down for the night. That’s when the fun stuff is just getting ready anyway. Chicago really is a great city and if you have never come here, please visit soon. You will love it.

I hope everyone is having a good Monday morning. I’m sore from all the walking we did yesterday. That and carrying one or both of the boys can hitch up my lower back after a while. I’m getting old guys, 44 is no joke. I wake up thinking I’m still 20 then I actually stand up and my knees and legs just laugh at that silly idea. It’s heck getting old. Thankfully my wife isn’t even 30 yet and she does keep me very young.

I will update soon on yesterday and wrap up the entire weekend. I started writing it last night but didn’t finish it.

Have a good Monday! Love ya’ll!