Ushering my way to a BBQ

  Church on Sunday was fun. We had a really late date night Saturday which kept us out until 1:30am. I told her this is going to hurt to wake up in the morning and she just kissed me good night and pretty much fell asleep right away.
We made it to Church on time and I had to usher the 1st and 2nd Mass services. She was down in the kitchen helping a few other ladies get the snacks, coffee, and stuff set up for after Mass. Our Church hosts so many great events it was finally our turn to help out on Sunday. I got to do the collection plate which I love to do. I rattle it and start eyeballing everyone to make sure they put in something. Doesn’t matter how much, it only matters they help our Church family out. The money goes for a lot of great services that we all can utilize at anytime we need. I made sure to slip in our envelope for the week. They already take out a direct deposit but we also add in some cash because we know it does go right back to our Church for things they need.
I like ushering because it’s easy and I get to smile at everyone. I also get to help the ones that needed a little assistance getting into their seat. That’s always fun. Everyone is so friendly and nice at our Church. My wife didn’t like it at first but she has finally come to at least sort of like my Church. I told her this is my Church family and they are very important to me. They have helped me get through a lot of things and even after work if I need a little help I stop in to pray before going home. She wondered where I went a few times a month to make me late getting home. Well now she knows. I told her all you had to do was ask. God has always been there for me. I try to appreciate and praise him daily. Most of my retweets are about news stuff or God. Mostly God though.
We left Church and met up with the boys and Heather nearby. They were pointing at me as soon as I walked in so I had to grab their little fingers and kiss all over their faces. They just laugh which is probably the best sound in the world. If you ever get around twins and hear the concert of laughs going it really is funny. We got them all packed up and headed home. It was about time for our bbq prep.
Sarah came over and helped me slice up veggies. My wife slathered the disgusting meat with her secret seasoning she bought, not made. She said it will be hit of the day and it was. She ordered it from some shop her mom goes to. Her dad has used it for years I guess. It smelled peppery, if that’s even a word. Not that my spelling or grammar would know better Lol
And soon my buddies started showing up to help set up and basically start munching on food. Everyone was told to bring a side dish or dessert. I was very surprised 2 of my single guy friends made stuff. I laughed and said did your mom make this for you and they both said nope. It was really good. They both put in a lot of effort and I appreciated it. I appreciated it even more when Cam decided to take over the grill. Smelling meat makes me want to hurl. That’s not very appetizing for a bbq.
The bbq was a lot of fun. Everyone ate everything. And I do mean everything which is fine by me. My nannies get a break because all of my friends want to hold and play with the boys. My dog loves it because he gets so many scraps. And my wife just loves hosting parties. She doesn’t cook or do any of the prep work but she looks beautiful and makes sure everyone has food and a drink. She is so sweet. I like her friends a lot. She’s warming up to my friends and doesn’t like it when we separate off and go talk in a different room from everyone. We just like to catch up and see what’s been going on since last we saw each other.
The beer and wine were flowing. I had my water and then it was time to play this ridiculous game. I know I look horrendous and I know I sound funny and I also know everyone laughs but my boys started really laughing when it was my turn so I made sure to amp it up a little. We all had fun and everyone helped clean up. That was very nice. They left around 8 so we could get the boys in the bath and ready for bed.
I like having parties at the condo. It’s nice at the house too but it’s more intimate and fun at the condo. The parking is always an issue but the hospital is right across the street which makes it easier for them to find a spot.
I am getting ready for a busy work week and I’m excited to see what some of my meetings will come out with. I have a few new ideas I want to share and see what everyone thinks. I also have only 1 out-of-town trip this week. It will be an overnight trip to Pittsburgh so we shall see how that goes. I already know I will miss my wife, boys, and my dog. I don’t like being away from them but the meeting will take 2 days to get through. I pray it all goes well.
Have a great work week guys! I hope you had a fun weekend too.

Snagcall and Private Number Buster

A while ago Lindsay signed me up for  to find out what the real troll names are. We’ve been using it for both phones for months and continue to, well, snag names Lol It’s very cool you get an Unknown number call which I never answer anyway because that’s what voicemail is for. That’s how she has found out their real names. People always asked how she knew. Well that’s their own faults, really. Who calls someone up for no other reason than to harass them? That’s what weirdos do. Very crazy stuff.

This is how we found out dumbass was prank calling us for months. She hasn’t done it in a while but we found out she has done it to a lot of trolls. Not very smart since she’s trying to get all legal on me Lol The mountains of proof we got in from her own former friends or whatever they were to her was shocking. I didn’t realize how many people hate her. I think it’s hilarious that they turned on her so quickly. It’s awesome that her own actions made it so that she had to erase or private all of the lying, defamatory videos she made about me, Lindsay, and Jackie. And now she tries to hide the info from her lawyer like they don’t exist. But they do. We have every single video and it’s uploaded to this blog. Lindsay made a directory full of them for dumbass’s lawyer and will be sending that to the lawyer and the police in her local area. The tables have turned and everything she does to people for her own twisted entertainment is about to come back at her. I hope they don’t take her baby away. But it looks like DHS is going to. We’ve sent them the voicemails she left on our phones, the screenshots and links to all of the things she has said about us online for the past 2 years as well as all of the ranty, crazy videos she made. She is a stalker and I’m glad to be rid of her. She’s a new level of crazy that I haven’t seen since Cheryl, the OG stalker.

So if you also get her crazy prank calls would love for you to email me proof and anything else you have. My lawyers are pursuing real legal action against her. She has done a lot that we were unaware of and when Lindsay hacked into her home network and started copying off of her Documents and Pictures folder its very scary how much shit she has on all of you trolls. And me. She has been doing this for a long time. And I’m glad Lindsay is the one that caught her. Everyone else just blew it off and didn’t go forward with the proof to the police. We have our own detective now in her local police force working with us and it’s gotten to the point they went to a judge yesterday to get a search warrant for her computer, cellphones, and laptop. She’s pretty much f***ed now. But she did that to herself. She has no part in my story. She’s an internet troll that latched onto something that is none of her business. Thank goodness the law is on my side and my lawyers know how to deal with this based on the whole Cheryl police drama from earlier. I want my babies, my wife, and my family and friends to feel safe. Now they will be. Check out Snagcall, guys. It’s very cool if you have people calling you and blocked their numbers, like 12 year olds. It really is childish. Grow up, trolls. Really.