Atlanta is awesome

Atlanta is for real. This city is awesome and I’m so happy my family is here. My morning meeting went well. It did go a little longer than I expected but I think we have found a good company to buy. It’s a family owned company and desperately wants to survive. The oil prices have tanked and they are selling off as much as they can. The issue is they don’t want to shut it down. They have worked too hard for too long and just need help. I listened to their proposal, offered what I can do and they get to decide. They have until Monday morning. It’s a win win as far as I see it. I hope they decide to take the deal. Everyone went shopping in the morning and stopped back by to pick me up when I was finished.

We went to Herban Fix this amazing Vegan place my wife found. They have this huge buffet which in the vegan world is hard to find. Everyone loved the food and we all tried a bunch of stuff based on the recommendations of the staff. It was so sweet of my wife to make our first meal here vegan. She really puts in a lot of effort and thoughtfulness into our trips. I was stuffed full of good food and my boys loved it. They ate probably way too much Lol Oh well it’s vacation.


Then I had my book signing for my book Almost Meri’ed. The usual mix of questions came and I politely answered them. I stood and took pictures with my “fans?” I don’t think they are really fans I think they just wanted to make sure I’m real Lol I also Facetimed with some lady’s mom. Who told me I’m too tall. I am? Okay then. It was fun and I sold 32 books. I signed all of them. One lady bought 4 books. I asked if she was afraid of losing them and she said they were gifts. Why anyone would buy my book as a gift is beyond me Lol It’s not really a gift giving type book but okay. I’m glad she purchased it. This is my 4th book signing. It did go okay and the “security” the book store provided me was a guy in a book store vest standing by me the whole time trying to look and act tough. My wife is taller than he is Lol My publisher is so thoughtful in making sure I’m safe and have the best possible security around me for these events. And why I need security at a book signing? No one is going to tackle me to the ground and scream at me for writing a book. I have had 1 person say shame on me. She still bought the book so I wrote “Shame on you for buying this book, Love Samuel” in her book. She didn’t like that and told me to go screw myself. No thanks I have a wife for that Lol Then she proceeded to attempt to leave a very, very long ranty type comment on here which of course Lindsay read to me over the phone as we both laughed and then she hit delete. I like meeting people who know about my book. I just don’t like being chastised. If you don’t like it, don’t show up at the book signings and definitely don’t buy my book.

The rest of the night we just drove around and stopped at different places. We got to see a pretty good amount of the city. We got the boys back to the hotel, got them in bathes then bed and then I took my wife out for a nice romantic evening. We got back at 1am and stayed up a little later because according to her hotel sex is better for some reason. Well if you insist! It’s better than listening to her play Scrubby Dubby Saga on her phone before we go to sleep.

We just got out of Church. Sarah is changing the boys then she is taking off. She wants to go explore a little. It’s her time off. Heather is with us today and Brandi is going to tag along. She starts working with us at 2 today. My wife wants us to go visit a few more places before we leave. We are taking the boys to the Georgia Aquarium first. Then to the Contemporary Art center and lunch at my wife’s pick. It’s a sushi place so I’m pretty sure my boys and I will be eating side dishes. But that’s fine because I want her to try the sushi. It sounded like it was pretty well made when she read the reviews from the review pages. After lunch Sarah is going to meet up with us and we are all going to the King Center to learn about Dr Martin Luther King jr. Sarah has been so excited to finally see this place. I have driven past it a few times but I’m ashamed to say I never stopped in. I want my boys to learn about this great man and get to see some really important times in our history. Dr. King changed America forever and I’m so proud to take my family there to learn more about his life. We are also going to try to hit the botanical center right after before we fly home. It’s a lot to do in one day with 1 year olds but I think they will be okay. The stroller helps a lot.

We have a full day ahead of us. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. God loves you and I love ya’ll too! Happy Sunday!

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