Good to be home

  While I was in Pittsburgh the ladies all decided we are going to the lake house this weekend. I’m happy to stay home for a weekend. I’ve been traveling quite a bit the past month.

I got home to my wife waiting at the elevator. She kissed me like I had returned from war Lol And I loved it. Then she told me all that I had missed. Alex and Heston are both calling her mama now on a regular basis and she is very excited about it. i knew once she started they would pick up on it quick. She said it still surprises her but they are just being babies and they mimic everything we say over and over. I said it’s because you are their mama now. And it doesn’t matter she didn’t give birth to them. I didn’t uh sire them? Lol I don’t even know but biologically they aren’t mine either. She knows if she wants to adopt them she can do it after they are 18. That’s the agreement. I do not want to lose any custody at all of my boys in case of a divorce. I can’t be without them. I need them everyday. Even when I’m out-of-town I don’t like it. I Facetime with them but it’s not the same. I’m so happy that I do have a mama in their life. If things hadn’t turned out like they did I may not have adopted them at all. God’s plan was exactly what I wanted. I just had to keep faith and know what my calling would be. I am happy our open adoption has turned out so well.

Their biological father wants to meet them. He has asked for photos a few times in the past year. More towards Christmas. I sent him a few. He has no legal right to them he signed his rights away. He said his parents want to meet them and I said okay. We are going to meet up with them next month in Nebraska. He said he knows he did the right thing by signing them away. He wants to meet them before they will really know who he is. He wants a few photos taken of himself with them and for his parents too. Then he said he would like me to send him some photos at birthdays and Christmas only. That it will be uncomfortable for him after they reach about 4 years old. I told him we still have 3 years we can visit with him and I am going to tell them about him when they are old enough to understand or anytime they ask. The more information I have right from him the better. I bought an adoption book that has a lot of questions in it already. So I can sit with him and he can help me fill it out. That way I will know where his grandparents and parents were born and all of the questions I don’t know. Their birth mom already helped me fill it out. She told me to mail her the book and she filled out as much as she knew with her mom’s help. I got it back and loved reading it. I knew most of the answers but it also asks what’s her favorite food, music, toys when she was a kid. Things I don’t know. She said it was fun filling it out because this way they will know a lot about her. I told her I already read her answers to them a few times and will continue to do so. She is still a little shy about asking to see them but we have a good schedule planned out. I told her that her guy friend wants to meet the boys and she said it was good to hear. She said she’s glad to know she slept with a guy that is decent like that. I never thought of it that way. I asked if there would ever be a time I could get both of them together for some photos. I told her we could do it soon that way the boys would never remember it if that bothered her and she said she needs to think about it. She hasn’t seen or talked to him since the night of the party.

We had a long talk and I really enjoyed it. I try to keep her up to date on how my family is doing. She’s slowly starting to come around more and more about keeping in touch.

After I got off of the phone it was time for baths, hugs, snuggles, and reading to my boys until I bore them to sleep. Then it was time to talk to my wife about my trip. We had a quick chat and I got caught up on her cases. The most she can tell me anyway. Then we went to bed.

This morning I got up early and worked out. I made breakfast for everyone and got myself to work. Today will be fun. We get to go through all of this information. It will take a few days to decide.

I hope everyone has a great day today. It’s Thursday so we have today and tomorrow to get through. Then it’s the weekend. It’s supposed to rain today. Yuck. I better get started. I will update more later.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too! Thanks for reading my blog.

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