Is it TGIAVT yet?

Is it Thank Goodness It’s Atlanta Vacation trip day yet? I guess not. All of my nannies want to go. Sarah is very, very excited. She has been wanting to go to Atlanta for a long time. I rarely take her on my business trips. When she heard we wanted to take the boys to Atlanta I thought she would cry. Everyone is excited. My dog will not be going this trip. he has a little bit of a cold and I don’t want him to get worse. His pet nanny (Yes he has always had one) will take him to his apartment for the weekend and spoil him rotten. Our pet nanny is a good kid. He’s in college and would love the chance to hang out with my dog for $400 this weekend. Easy money.

We are going to leave Friday night after work. It should be a fun-filled weekend. I must have a meeting Saturday morning but after that I’m free. The girls are going to take the boys shopping Saturday morning and I will meet up with everyone for lunch. Then it’s going to be a full day of sightseeing. My wife already went over the list of places she wants to see. Sarah has the nanny schedule already worked out. They both are very efficient. If I had to import precious gifts from another planet, these two would figure out how to get it to me by Monday at 10am Lol It’s crazy. They have always gotten along great. And thank goodness for that.

Work is going great. The New York City office shut down yesterday and will reopen tomorrow. We don’t take chances. Not since the big flood in Oklahoma City that caused damage. I didn’t let everyone go on time and they got stuck in the building for hours. Completely my fault. Now I will eat the down time to ensure safety. That’s also why I went and bought a new building in Paris. I want my employees there in a safer neighborhood. They love it now. The location move at first was difficult but now they all worked things out.

Let me think what else is going on? We had a great time last night playing the mouth game last night after we put the boys down. I lost. No one could figure out what I was saying. So I got disqualified. Pretty fun game. Very gross too. Lots of laughs though. It’s fun to see everyone relax and have a good time.

We did have a family meeting right after about the amount of suitcases everyone needs. I boldy suggested Brandi and Heather share 1 suitcase. My wife and I share one suitcase. And Sarah and the boys share one suitcase. Popcorn was thrown at me, all 4 women laughed in my face, and my wife called my suggestion “cute and totally not happening.” Well a guy has to try, right?

I just pray my back holds out. Carrying all of that stuff and trying not to drop anything is a challenge.

Happy almost St. Patrick’s day! Two more days before our entire house turns green. My wife and her Irish family will be drinking green beers all day. I guarantee it. I’m still trying to learn some of their words. It’s funny to try to say hello or thank you. She just laughs at me and says almost.

Have a great Wednesday! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

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