LollapaloozaTickets for All

  We spent most of the morning getting texts from all 3 girls. Lollapalooza tickets went on sale and everyone wants to go. Sarah gets priority over which nights she gets off to see her favorite bands. The other two only want to go see a few people so that  will work out fine. My wife woke me up saying It’s here! She’s so excited. She loves Lollapalooza. I’m all about the EDM there. The rest of the bands are okay but I need something with a louder, stronger beat. The lineup looks great this year. They usually do a good job. I bought 10 4 day passes because a lot of my friends want to go and I know it. This way they will have their passes already and can just pay me back. All morning back and forth with the bands. I said we haven’t been this excited since we all tried that new guac at Whole Foods. No one laughed. I swear no one gets my jokes. Oh well. I have all of you guys that probably laugh (Or not) at all of my jokes. At least my boys think I’m hilarious.

Here is the rumored lineup list:

I’m stoked to see Daft Punk, Tove Lo, and Nine Inch Nails. Everyone else wants to see The Chainsmokers, Frank Ocean, and someone called The Shins? Or is it just The Shin. I have no idea who that is. My wife keeps texting me. She wants to make sure we can go see Beyonce if she’s coming. I said I don’t think she will do that show and she said she better Lol Or what? You will send her an email and ask her why she won’t Lolla? Girls are weird.

I slept like a log. Always better to pass out late after a hard day’s work and some good supper. Today will be an easy day. Tomorrow is travel day. I have to go out-of-town for the day. Quick trip to Miami. I love that flight down there. It’s so awesome to see the terrain change all the way south. I love flying into Miami. Great airport. I’m taking my buddy Josh with me. He has tomorrow off of work and the reason he has it off got moved so he kept the day off and decided to do something fun. I will drop him off downtown and will pick him up for lunch. Then we will go grab dinner at my favorite restaurant in Miami. I’m excited to be back there. It’s been a minute.


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