Never again (Or Until next time)

This background image:

has caused an 11 hour fight today Lol It’s called quarterfoil. I had asked Lindsay to fix up my blog since she’s in town this weekend. I picked her up in Wichita on Wednesday and she’s been hanging out since then. She said sure but only if you leave me alone until I’m done. That lasted an hour before I started checking on it and offering my suggestions. This was actually the first background image she showed me. Prior to the new look I had just a plain black color background. She got the design ready for spring time and finally did all of the small things I wanted to add. She has worked very hard on it and I have caused her to “almost go buy beers to get through the rest of it”. Whatever. Dave said she hasn’t been drinking at all and she mostly works all of the time. He said he gets home from work around 6pm and she shows up around 8 or so.

After 52 other background image ideas, Discussions and FIGHTS! we asked my wife to pick. She looked through and picked this one as her favorite. And Lindsay damn near hurled my Macbook across the room. She said (Shouted) THATS WHAT WE STARTED WITH 11 HOURS AGO, ASSHOLE! And Alex started laughing. Because he loves it when people get loud. That means he can start getting loud too and he nearly knocks himself over screaming or talking very loud. It really is funny.

So I was told not to touch the blog design. Ever…Again. I said I won’t. But what about when it’s summer? She said she will fix it by herself and won’t even ask for my input. I said FINE! And Alex screamed then laughed himself off of his blanket.

We just got the boys down for bed. Lindsay and Dave are over at Cam’s bar because Cam loves her more than me and invited them over for his new snack foods. My wife is chatting with the girls and I’m sitting here wondering how I got into an 11 hour fight with a hysterical woman Lindz Lol

I think it looks good. She updated my pages too so be sure to click the links.

She’s been working on a new app. It’s on this blog but not open to the public just yet. Soon. It’s very cool. She said I can use it on here when it’s done. I can’t wait to show everyone. She really is very smart. Probably too smart for her own good. And it has been a while since she coded anything new. She said it was just a side hobby through the winter.

Hope everyone is having a great night. I’m going to go ask the ladies if they want to play cards. That usually gets a Yes and the snacks start coming out of the fridge. This should be fun. We haven’t played cards for a few weeks. Last time my wife got pissed because she lost all of her chips within a half hour and I wouldn’t front her anymore. I was the dealer/banker and she called me a “shitty dealer” Lol All in good fun. Play by the rules, honey!

I’m happy with the new design. And I’m sure the summer time one will be even better. If we don’t kill each other trying to get it right!

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