Polygamy is Illegal in Utah, again

  In all 50 states Polygamy is illegal. Utah decided they needed to recriminalize it and make sure polygamists went back to the holes they crawled out of. I don’t really understand polygamy. The information I gained from a real polygamist didn’t enlighten me as to why it’s a good practice. For me polygamy had its purpose back when the older men were left to settle in smaller, established towns and the younger men went off to explore and expand our country west. The older men would marry the younger women in multiples to populate the towns and establish legacy and child labor to help them grow their family and plantation like businesses. To me those days have long been over and anyone that continues the practice of polygamy only does so for their own selfish glorification.

I think polygamy today can work if it’s with like-minded people who truly believe in the religious importance of it. Young women in modern times are shunning the practice as soon as they can get out their parents door. That’s just a fact. The population of polygamists is slowly lessening and that’s a good thing for all the lawmakers, police, and certainly the local welfare offices.

Polygamists lie a lot. They are trained to do so growing up. How hard would that be to not see your father every day and night. To then have to say I don’t have a dad while you are going to school and if you are lucky enough to get to admit he’s your father the shame you are put on from the “outsiders” who don’t practice the same way.

I found polygamy demeaning to women and I really felt it was no longer about religion as they all claim. I feel it’s only about making 1 man feel powerful, wanted, needed, and glorified. The wives cater to him and do as he says. They defer to him in all major decisions and they refuse to think for themselves. This also puts them in a place to stay at home, milk off of the existing welfare, medicare, or local organizations to be able to feed and cloth their own kids. Yes they do work to make sure food and health is important as a community but is it really worth making you feel horrible about yourself for not getting a full-time husband? Is it worth all of the lifelong insecurities the women endure? Is it worth hiding from the law or running out-of-town like a chicken-shit? How painful would that be to your family? It’s a shame polygamists do not understand that their belief system is illegal and they can no longer hide in the shadows. The money they lie to get from each state is drying up. I have read a lot about how the state is now doing full background checks in Utah and Arizona to verify the “single” women are not purporting to be married to a polygamist man. What will the mother of these innocent children do when they can no longer live off of food stamps, supplements, or anything other than handouts from others? It’s seems to me like what started out to be a Free Speech fight turned into a You are ALL Banished and will soon be arrested conclusion. Was it worth it?

No. But will anyone ever stop polygamy from being a true destructive practice of freedom of religion? Not in my lifetime. The only hope we all have is to slowly watch polygamist families raise children who see a way out of it. That marry one man or one woman and refuse to raise their own children in such a way. The next generation and the one after that will be the real test. Watch in the  next decade how the number of polygamists dwindle and finally in 20 more years from now it virtually ceases to exist. I pray that all people in polygamy can leave if they want to. Life is better in the monogamist world as I see it. And I pray that the women that stay in it can find a way to tolerate the abuses and bad treatment they signed up for.

If you can help organizations with donations for people trying to escape polygamy please do. There are a lot of them starting up. I support 1 with my book proceeds. I also support a food bank that helps feed the women and children of polygamists that can not afford food. It’s not the children’s fault so I choose to help them. I know the money I donate is also feeding the men who clearly can’t afford to provide for all of their wives and children. It gives me a little piece of satisfaction that my book about my affair can help so many. It’s why I continue to give away every penny I earn. I don’t need the money and I have found a better use for it.

Polygamy is illegal. It should remain illegal and I do believe Utah is going to start prosecuting polygamists. They will find other crimes to add into it. I guess you can run but you can’t hide Lol

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