First I would like to say we all love London. I’ve been there several times and I really hope everyone that has been injured or involved is okay. It’s scary to be out of town and your phone News app keeps buzzing. I use CNN’s app and they usually have Breaking News that isn’t exactly breaking news. Yesterday I was glad to keep getting updated every hour or so. There is never a good reason for violence. That being said the violent people will not stop no matter what. They feel it’s their destiny I guess and it must be fulfilled. Scary stuff. Support London, show your love for them and do in your prayers what God needs from you.

Yesterday I went to Miami, Florida for a work trip. My buddy went with me because he had the day off of work. We had a great time. I dropped him off at a huge shopping center so he could waste some time. It’s near where my meeting was so it was convenient for us both. The meeting went well but we agreed not to do business together. They want a bigger price for a property that I’m not that interested in. They wouldn’t sell me the smaller buildings as a package deal. They wanted me to buy the whole thing and I don’t have use for it. Or the desire to go back and forth about it. Either way check mark that off of my To Do list and it was time to go have some fun.

I picked him up close to noon. We went to eat at my favorite restaurant and he didn’t mind it was all vegan food. He said it was really fresh tasting. Yes, all vegan food is. We got full and decided to hit the links. I like to play golf but golf doesn’t like me. The ball doesn’t go where I intend it to so I spend half of the time cussing at myself quietly and then trodding off to find my ball. I won’t even embarrass myself further by telling you my score. It doesn’t matter anyway but he won. So I bought dinner. We got cleaned up and headed out to a seafood place (Yuck). The smell of fish always sours my stomach. The veggies were really tasty and I loved my salad. The chef made a lemon blend dressing that I wish I had the recipe for. It was really good. He got whatever kind of fish he wanted and enjoyed his meal. After that we decided to go downtown and check out a few other stores. I bought some gifts to take home. He bought a few books he found interesting and then we decided to head home much later than I expected. I know this because my wife called and said “Where are you guys” I always get that Uh Oh feeling when she wants me home and I’m nowhere near home Lol I said we will be home in a few hours. She said “You aren’t back in Chicago?” No dear, not yet. She was surprised but not mad. She wanted me to stop and pick up a few things for her which I did.

The flight home was so awesome. I love flying at night. It’s not something I do often because we try to get the babies home before dark. I’ve taken my wife on a few flights at night just to be romantic. She loves seeing things from above ground and thinks it’s cool that we can go anywhere we want at anytime.

I stopped to pick up what she needed. I bought one of the wrong brands but she was fine with it. Then I took a shower and we went to bed. There is nothing better than crawling into bed and throwing my arm around my wife. Makes me feel at home. She snuggles into me and we talk a little more before I give her a quick kiss then roll over. I get way too hot and need my space. She feels the same way. A few minutes of all tangled up then get off Lol

I slept like a log. I guess getting home to late wore me out. I got up at 5 this morning. Prayers, meditation, workout and now this. I have to go wake my wife up in 10 minutes so I need to get her coffee started.

Hope everyone is having a great work week. It’s supposed to be 72 here tomorrow. Can you believe that? Wow. I will take the boys to Grant Park tomorrow after work if that’s true. That would be fun. We could do a picnic or something fun with them. And my dog would love that. He is too friendly and loves to meet new people. Don’t work too hard and if you have sunny weather get out there today and enjoy it. I will update more this week. We have a very fun weekend planned I want to tell you guys about.

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

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