Snagcall and Private Number Buster

A while ago Lindsay signed me up for  to find out what the real troll names are. We’ve been using it for both phones for months and continue to, well, snag names Lol It’s very cool you get an Unknown number call which I never answer anyway because that’s what voicemail is for. That’s how she has found out their real names. People always asked how she knew. Well that’s their own faults, really. Who calls someone up for no other reason than to harass them? That’s what weirdos do. Very crazy stuff.

This is how we found out dumbass was prank calling us for months. She hasn’t done it in a while but we found out she has done it to a lot of trolls. Not very smart since she’s trying to get all legal on me Lol The mountains of proof we got in from her own former friends or whatever they were to her was shocking. I didn’t realize how many people hate her. I think it’s hilarious that they turned on her so quickly. It’s awesome that her own actions made it so that she had to erase or private all of the lying, defamatory videos she made about me, Lindsay, and Jackie. And now she tries to hide the info from her lawyer like they don’t exist. But they do. We have every single video and it’s uploaded to this blog. Lindsay made a directory full of them for dumbass’s lawyer and will be sending that to the lawyer and the police in her local area. The tables have turned and everything she does to people for her own twisted entertainment is about to come back at her. I hope they don’t take her baby away. But it looks like DHS is going to. We’ve sent them the voicemails she left on our phones, the screenshots and links to all of the things she has said about us online for the past 2 years as well as all of the ranty, crazy videos she made. She is a stalker and I’m glad to be rid of her. She’s a new level of crazy that I haven’t seen since Cheryl, the OG stalker.

So if you also get her crazy prank calls would love for you to email me proof and anything else you have. My lawyers are pursuing real legal action against her. She has done a lot that we were unaware of and when Lindsay hacked into her home network and started copying off of her Documents and Pictures folder its very scary how much shit she has on all of you trolls. And me. She has been doing this for a long time. And I’m glad Lindsay is the one that caught her. Everyone else just blew it off and didn’t go forward with the proof to the police. We have our own detective now in her local police force working with us and it’s gotten to the point they went to a judge yesterday to get a search warrant for her computer, cellphones, and laptop. She’s pretty much f***ed now. But she did that to herself. She has no part in my story. She’s an internet troll that latched onto something that is none of her business. Thank goodness the law is on my side and my lawyers know how to deal with this based on the whole Cheryl police drama from earlier. I want my babies, my wife, and my family and friends to feel safe. Now they will be. Check out Snagcall, guys. It’s very cool if you have people calling you and blocked their numbers, like 12 year olds. It really is childish. Grow up, trolls. Really.

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