That’s Bull

  Out of nowhere last week my wife surprised us all with Bulls tickets for tonight. She said she wanted to thank me for helping her folks get a new house. That is very sweet of her to do. And they are really great seats too. So my boys will be going to their very first Bulls game. How exciting is that! And then I realize how am I going to wrangle 2 one year olds at a 3 hour  basketball game. I’m taking Sarah with me. She’s great at that stuff plus she loves the Bulls. My wife said she will help but I told her to enjoy the game I can take them out of the area when needed. I did warn her if we need to leave early that’s just how it goes and she said okay. She realizes that babies can’t sit still and enjoy a basketball game. Those are things I am still learning too. I still think this will be great and plan to take a ton of photos and videos for my Facebook page. We bought customized jerseys for everyone so I’m going with the old school MJ jersey and my boys are MJ and Pippin Lol I thought that would be awesome. My boys have great teamwork but they also don’t always get along all of the time. We have started to show our not sharing and grabbing things from each other phase now. So far no hitting but a lot of crying and screaming. And out of nowhere my very chill boy Heston has started doing some kind of a screeching thing. He just does it out of nowhere. Sarah said he’s just testing his limits and seeing what his voice will do. Okay? I don’t know but he does it a lot. It’s getting easier to get used to. I’m a helicopter dad. Anyone that makes a noise I immediately go over and see what’s going on. I can’t help it. Well I probably can but I’m not going to. I’m still in the mindset that these boys need me every single moment I am home and I just can’t stop myself from worrying all of the time.

Then my wife starts talking about when my boys start dating and I almost had a heart attack. I said no. No dating in my house. They can be 25 before they start that and she just laughed. She said as cute as they already are they will both have girlfriends in elementary school. Oh geez. I keep forgetting they are going to grow up into little people. And all the things I did as a kid they will also do. This is what I get. I had to adopt 2 of them Lol I just need to teach them to treat women right. Be respectful and nice. It’s something I’m always trying to remind myself every day as well. We all should.

Tomorrow night my wife and I are going to get the Lionel Richie concert tickets because Mariah Carey will be there and that’s one of my wife’s all time favorite singers. I’m more excited to sing and dance along to Lionel. He’s got some great songs that I still remember. And I heard his show is pretty awesome.

Sunday will be all about the Church until noon. We volunteered to help usher and serve snacks so we will get out at 11:45. We have to be there at 7:30. My wife told me yesterday and I just looked at her like Really? She said it will be good for you and don’t complain. Okayyyyyyy. Geez!

After Church we are hosting a bbq at my place. My friends and my wife’s friends are coming over at 4 to play some new game they found and eat. Grilling meat is one of my least favorite things to do in the world but oh well. My buddies will help me out like they usually do. I have to the butcher tonight right after work to pick up my meat order. Yuck. I hope it doesn’t smell up my Range. Very gross. Hoping the weather holds up otherwise it will be indoor grill time.

I’m excited to go to the game tonight. I hope the Bulls win. They probably won’t Lol Sorry Bulls fans but ya’ll know I’m an OKC Thunder fan. Go Thunder!

Should be a great time. If you are in Chicago get outside today and enjoy it. This weather, I’m telling ya’ll, this is exactly what I needed after a long week of work. And just before a full night of rain too. Spring is here and I’m so happy it is.

Have a great Friday everyone, Go TGIF yourself Lol

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Single dad of 4 beautiful kids, Heston & Alex my twin boys, and my daughters Peace and Sky. Dad of 2 angel babies in Heaven, Ryan and Talon. Divorced. Semi-retired app developer, business partner, Commercial Real estate investor, Chicago Bears & Chicago Cubs fan, vegan, lifelong Catholic, voting independent party member, guitar playing singer who owns a dog, and 2 cats. We live in beautiful Denver, Colorado. I started my first blog Janaury 1st, 2012. Official owner of and @NotBatmanYet Twitter account.
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