Weekend Update

This weekend we all went up to the lake house except for Sarah. She is going to leave on Thursday of this week to go home and see her family until Monday night. Then she will be back with us next week. The girls are going to split shifts to cover for her because apparently they are both going out-of-town all of next week after Sarah’s return for Spring Break. The one week a year all parents (And employers’ of nannies) dread. I’ve already seen their swimsuits and like a father I told them no way in hell are they leaving this house wearing that! They both just laughed at me. Even my wife said “Did you see that?” Yes I did. I’m going to have to have a talk with them. I know they will just roll their eyes but Spring Break is not for crazy amounts of fun….Oh wait. Yes it is and I certainly had my fair share of Spring Breaking back in the day. Geez. This is a mess. I will just ask them to be safe. I think that’s the best I can do. I already told them I’m going to give them 2 big bottles of purell to wash off with when they get home because I don’t want their Spring Break fun germs all over my boys Lol Now that was funny and everyone did laugh. See, I have some jokes that are funny.

We had a nice relaxing weekend. My blog design got updated and everything seemed to work out great. The boys had a lot of fun and we had our first Mama from Alex. That was a big surprise. My wife and I had a long talk before we were married. She understands that she can not legally adopt my boys until they are over 18 and only if they choose that. If they or she wants to be called Mommy, mama, mom, whatever that’s up to her to work on. Because I can’t force my boys to call her that and if she really wants that title she needs to earn it. She knows that my boys are my boys and by the time they are old enough to know things, most likely they will only know her as their mom anyway. She was very hesitant about the whole mom issue for months. Slowly since their birthday she has been working on it, privately. I have heard her on the baby monitor in the morning talking to them and calling herself Mama. It literally makes my heart swell up x 2. When Alex called her that on Sunday I think she was more shocked than I was. Of course he only said it that one time but it was clear as day! Heston is the hold out. Heston is my chill baby. He doesn’t do anything unless it’s on his own time. Most of the time he’s in his own little world anyway. He only gets upset if he runs out of food or his brother takes his stuff. Then it’s holy heck! They look exactly alike. It always made me think they will act and do the same things at the same time. But that’s not true at all. They are very different souls and I’m so glad for that. Now most of the things they do are the same. Just in a slightly different way. And as it turns out Sarah told me they are both reaching more and more with their left hands. So I may not be the only left in the house for much longer. That makes me happier because it really will be easier for me to teach them things. She also said the dominant hand is a natural thing and only mean parents make them switch. I want them to be who they are. If they both grab more with the left, fine by me. My wife claims I have bribed them in some way to go left Lol I wish it was that easy. I can not bribe 1 year olds. There’s nothing they need or want that much they will do as I ask.

We also have started a dance party a few times. The music is going and they lean up against the couch or table and start bouncing up and down. It is also followed by laughter and Heston is nodding his head. I’m going to have to work on their timing because they are completely off but that’s okay. To me that just means I have some happy babies and they are expressing themselves. I love it. And it’s making some great videos for the Facebook. My family and friends love (Well I guess Like) all of them. And it’s great to see the comments.

Someday when all of the trolls shrivel up and dry out I will post things on here. But until Lindsay gets a better handle on the harassment and complete lies these sad, pathetic women keep trying to spread, I’m keeping my wife and boys private. It is kind of fun knowing how full of shit the trolls are and now the tabloid magazines are picking up on it. Apparently I was spotted at a park in Chicago, at the airport 3 times, and one of them (Finally) found my office downtown Lol Wasn’t hard to find. I don’t advertise our address anywhere for my privacy but it also isn’t top secret by any means. Pretty soon some random story will come out saying THERE HE IS, SAM exists and I will just shake my head and think Told ya to myself. How dumb are some people? Apparently very. And it all makes for good laughs. Very sad women. Get a life ladies. If you say such nasty things about me I can’t even imagine the horrible things you say to your own kids and families. Nasty just doesn’t stay online. It is just who you are. Think about that.

Back to work and Monday is already loading up into a full day for me. I’m sad to see Sarah leave us soon but I also know her family needs her as much as we do. I have promised her time off each month until June. She needs it and I know it’s good to have vacation time. She works so hard for us. It’s gotten a lot easier and frankly I’m surprised she stayed with me. It’s not like I knew what I was doing. I mean, I knew nothing about twins Lol I thought to myself this will be fun. And it is, but it’s very hard also. Don’t let anyone tell you twins are easy. And now that they are both walking around, geez. I have to run after everywhere. We went out Sunday afternoon and I had to chase Alex down. He is my wondering boy. He gets out of the stroller and he’s goooooone. Heston just hangs out. He doesn’t stray too far away. And when I get Alex back I think Heston lets him know that’s not cool because he always has a comment. I have no idea what GURBBUBHEUBBHAHABUB means but Alex knows and he seems to apologize. It’s really funny watching them talk to each other. The new words are coming out weekly now and I’m doing all I can to write it all down in their baby books.

I better get work going. I wrote this whole thing this morning before I left. I just edited it and now I’m ready to hit publish.

Have a great work week everyone! Don’t forget to pray and give your thanks to the Lord. I love ya’ll, I will update more this week.

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