Welcome to Atlanta, now chill

Sarah is on her way home 🙁 We already miss her. My wife said next weekend she would like to go to Atlanta. We will leave right after work. We are taking the boys and however many nannies that want to come. I love Atlanta. Great food, great things to see. Love it there. We will be there next Friday night until Sunday afternoon. She’s already in full on sightseeing mode sending me places we need to go. She’s excited. I’m excited that she’s excited.

It will be fun. Trying to pick which hotel we want this time. I like getting the 2 bedroom suites that way the boys are in their own room and we just leave the doors open at night so I can hear them. The nannies get a 2 bedroom suite next to ours and they come and go as needed. One of the girls I sort of dated lives there and wants to meet my boys. I told my wife and she gave me a look so I told her no thanks. I think that was the right answer? Maybe not? I also deleted and blocked her number because I really don’t want to ever cause suspicion on my part. I leave my cellphones sitting on the kitchen counter as soon as I get home to charge. She’s welcome to read through everything. She does sometimes just looking. I don’t blame her with my past Lol I told her I’m willing to open up my entire life for her to see it all. Good and bad. That’s the only way she was going to trust me. She offers me the same but I don’t look at her phone because I have no reason to. She works and comes home. When she does go out with her girlfriends her mom, aunts, sisters, friends are always involved and I know they are just out for a fun night.

Atlanta. She sure picks some great spots to visit. I’m happy to take her there. I bet my boys will love it there. They don’t much like the flying part but once we get somewhere they want to see everything.

Get ready Atlanta, the Coopers will be there soon!

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