Work Trips and snuggles

Just started out the week and I’m already mixed up. I woke up thinking TGIF…no it’s TGIW? Yesterday was a very busy day. I made it back home from my trip. It was fun. I didn’t like being gone overnight but that’s how life goes. Work trips happen. We are all planning around Sarah’s vacation. Her being gone will have a huge impact and I really hope we are ready. Every time she’s gone my boys look for her. They are so attached and I love it. I was the same way with my nanny (Her grandma).

We got a lot of things done in the Big City and I’m proud of all the work we are doing. We still haven’t made a profit there and I won’t expect that to happen this year. It’s why I never wanted to expand there but Lindsay came up with the numbers and said if we start small, stay small we can slowly work our way up just like everyone else had to do. I only asked that we keep on budget and I mean it this time. She has so far managed to do that. We are buying small. One building at a time. We bring in one of my construction crews from Nebraska, we hire local subs, always union guys, and we work together. We are almost done with our very first building and I’m excited to travel back there in a month for the opening. Lindsay said she needs $40,000 for the grand opening party and I said no way! She said we have to spend it, give me a check Lol Oh boy, this is already starting out bad. However, she did say the new leases will be signed and the money will be back in the bank the next day. We are not taking early leases. We want everyone to tour it then shoot us their prices. That way we know what it’s worth. I would hate to be uneducated about the local market and put our leases too low. And as always, I’ve saved 2 spaces for Small Businesses to rent for FREE for the first year for any Non-Profit org. It’s how you get communities to see you want to give back. The businesses love it and they can spend rent money on the really important things. It also allows them to network with all of the other businesses that lease in the same building. It’s a fundraising scheme and it works. We are very selective on who gets in my buildings. And it works out well. We have only had 1 problem with it over the years and we learned.

I got home late last night and kissed my babies. Then I woke my wife up and kissed her too. She threw the covers back and said hold me. By the time I got showered and crawled into bed she was passed out. So I gave her one more kiss and rolled over. This morning I woke up with arms and legs wrapped around me. I tried sliding out but she said no I missed you, stay. So I stayed. She really is beautiful. I love watching her wake up in the morning. She does a little small yawn and a big stretch. Then she always smile. She says she wakes up happy because life is so good.

We are going this weekend to shop for a house for her parents. It’s something she has always wanted to do for them. Their house is nice but needs work and it’s time to downsize for them. She always wants them closer to our Lake Forest house and I told her whatever they will be happy with its fine. Her parents said no for months. Then she finally said let us upgrade your downsize. That made sense I guess and they finally agreed. I’m happy to do whatever we can. The main thing is they want a much bigger kitchen. They host a lot of family and my mother in law said that’s all she wants. We have a budget in mind and I told her let’s buy something, have it fixed up and they can move into it within 2 months. I think we can make that timeline. It helps I have my own construction crews. Her parents have been emailing her houses and she is so excited.

This morning she printed 6 houses out and said these are the ones we are considering. All within our price range, all with big kitchens. I said okay. Then I said whatever they need and kissed her and my boys bye as I left for work. I’m happy to see my wife this happy. She said it’s been a dream that she has been saving up for and with my help she can get them something better than she can afford on her own. I paid off all of her school loans as one of her  wedding gifts and that made it easier for her to put more money into her Savings for their new house. I said I would chip in X amount of dollars and cover all construction/decorating costs then she said we can really do this? I said sure.

I hope they will be happy. They have lived in that house over 30 years. It’s a good house with a lot of great memories. But both of her parents said it’s time. They want smaller, more affordable, and as long as it’s fully paid for they will accept the gift. Her dad tried to give me a $10,000 check and said this is all we can help with until our house sells, then you can have all of that. I ripped it up and said I can’t take it and no, they will be getting their money for their house. They paid for it for years, why would I take that? He hugged me. A real dad hug which I haven’t had in years. I know what this means to him. I know what it will mean to my wife’s siblings too. They all adore their parents. They are such great people and I am so blessed my boys have such great grandparents. They love the fact they can have them anytime they want. They don’t have to share and with my situation we can now do all holidays together with them. Last year my wife’s aunt was in the hospital and no one wanted to celebrate. So we had a quiet holiday season and a few days before Christmas we all attended her funeral. It was heart breaking. This year we will celebrate. And hopefully have a baby on the way by then. Adoption or our own, doesn’t matter. With my luck probably both Lol

I hope everyone is having a great work day! I am excited to get back to work here. It will be a great day today. Windy, but great!

We turned the comments back on. I had them off because I wanted to catch up on all of them. I mostly read and delete. I will do my best to reply to all of the interesting and nice comments. As always, if they are nasty, Lindsay deletes them before I even see them. And anyone that’s a troll, you get banned immediately. We don’t let negative anywhere near this awesome blog.

I will update more later. Have a great day guys!

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