Sunday wrap-up

We all made it to Church this morning. My wife snuck home very early this morning because she said she was laying in bed and missed me. So she got up in the middle of the A.M., drove the 55 miles to our lake house and crawled into bed next to me. Isn’t she sweet!

Church had some very profound teachings this morning. I really enjoyed it. We picked up the boys from Sunday school and all went out for brunch. I tried suggesting we go home and let me fix a big breakfast but no one wanted that. We piled into a local breakfast place and had a very nice breakfast. It was really good. I had the fruit plate with oatmeal. You can’t ever beat fresh fruit.

After breakfast we went back to the house and got everyone back into the vehicles to hit the farmers market. We picked up a bunch of really cool stuff as well as some tasty things to eat. After that we came back and just hung out the rest of the day. We are all packed up and almost ready to leave. I’m waiting for Heather and my wife to come back from some antique store. They went in search of a clock. I don’t know why but they decided we needed another one for somewhere in this house.

It sounds like they just pulled in. Time to make our trek back to the city. Another great weekend in Lake Forest!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I will update more tomorrow!

Lazy day

I didn’t get to sleep in this morning because Alex was up early. I woke up and got him ready for the day. Then I got to spend about a half hour with just him. He’s my fussy boy. He usually doesn’t like to snuggle for too long because he has too much energy. This morning he wanted to be held and snuggled. I read part of the newspaper to him and got him all caught up on the Bears draft Lol He didn’t care. Then Heston woke up and Brandi brought him down all ready for the day.

My wife is going to come up in the morning. She is almost caught up with work and plans to leave the condo at 6am so we can all go to Church together. I’m proud she still makes it in time for that. Work is important but God and family time at Church is more important to both of us.

The day was spent hanging out with my boys. I took them outside for a little while to look at the lake. Then I got them down for a nap and took my dog for a long jog. He loved it. He came home, got a huge drink and passed out the rest of the afternoon. I made stuffed bell peppers for lunch and fed my boys some really delicious new vegan baby food I found. It’s a combination of flavors in each meal. It’s all prepared for you, you either heat it up if it’s required or you unseal the package and eat. They ate it so it must have been okay. It sure looked good.

Tonight we’ve been playing with some new toys they got. And they are still hunting down Easter eggs. I brought some up and hide them around the living room. I thought it would be a fun thing to play that would keep them busy but also get them up and moving. They found all 10 within a few hours. And devoured the candy in each one. Heston won, 6 to 4. We might play that one tomorrow too. Every time one of them found an egg we all clapped and made a big deal out of it. Then they would both laugh and toddle over to me with it.

Is there anything better than a 1-year-old happy and laughing? No. Not at all.

I miss my wife. I wish she were here. It’s not the same without her anymore. I don’t sleep very well without her next to me. She feels the same way. After I get the boys to bed I’m supposed to call and tell her how our night went. We already did the afternoon call with Mama. She blew kisses at the boys on Facetime and they kept waving at her. Pretty cool that they can at least still see her. She has a few huge cases she’s working on and I pray this weekend she managed to get caught up as much as she wanted to. She probably also needed a break. She used to have all kinds of alone time to do whatever she wanted. Now there’s none. I’m used to it by now but she’s not. We found if we open up and say hey I’m needing a little alone time we can work that out and no one builds up resentment or anger. I completely understand when she needs that. My life is too much for anyone. Even me on some days. But for her, it’s a whole different world. So we are doing all we can to make her comfortable.

The weather here is shit today. Rain, raining, and more rain. At least it’s not snowing here like in a few other places.

Hope everyone is having a very lazy Saturday too! I have to go get my babies to bed then go call my beautiful wife and tell her how much I miss her and love her.

I will update more tomorrow!

A quiet weekend!

Work has kept me very busy this week. I announced that I will be staying at the lake house this weekend with my boys and my dog. If anyone wanted to join me, okay. I’m exhausted, I need a break and I’m taking it. Everyone kind of laughed then said okay. We decided my wife is going to stay in town because she has to catch up on work. Sarah is going out-of-town to…well she never said but she gets weekends off so go have fun, Sarah. The part-time nannies will be joining me. At first my wife said no. Then I said this is what I pay them for, to help me on the weekends. So she changed and said okay. She tends to forget I look at those 2 (and Sarah as well) as my older kids. We have little arguments, we are probably too comfortable around each other and we all understand I am the dad Lol I hear myself talk to them as if I am their dad and they either roll their eyes at me or they stand there with a completely blank look on their faces and say “K”, my least favorite word/letter in the whole alphabet. Lindz has “K”‘ed me for the past 22 years now and it drives me nuts.

I’m going to hang out, read, play with my two best sons in the whole world and finally get a bunch of time to play with my dog. He’s been a little neglected this week and that’s all of my fault. When my boys are taking a nap I will take him for a long jog. He needs it and I haven’t exercised at all this week.

We are moving into our new office building next weekend. Coordinating that has been a nightmare. The new office is not that far from the older one but getting a permit to park a giant moving truck to unload all of our stuff has been a hassle. The City of Chicago (I love you) and these permits can kiss my ass. You have to get a permit to park, a permit to zone off a certain area for a restricted amount of time and probably a permit to even sneeze. It’s ridiculous. But I really hope this is our last move as the new building is huge. A lot more floors, a lot more space and a killer office for me. That’s all I wanted. Lindsay is very happy with her office which is right next to my office. She will spend almost no time in it so I asked why she needed it. She said for show and to let everyone know she will be popping in whenever she’s in town. I really, really wonder how all of this is going to play out. My retirement does not equal I lose all control of my businesses. It means I’m no longer managing any of it day-to-day and I show up for board meetings about once a month. I told Lindz not to power trip once she and my 2 VP’s take over. She laughed and said “Oh it’s happening” Lol

I’m really tired and worn out. This week has been really busy for me. I have had 2 book signings already and I haven’t updated about those yet. That was fun. They were in the ‘burbs of Chicago.

I have, let me look, I think 2 more to do? Unless they make me do more which is their option. We shall see.

I need to get everyone up for the day. Enjoy my blog, oh ye who had been cast aside and play nice. Or Lindsay will ban you…again.

P.S. As always I googled that image I’m using for my Featured Image. I typed in Chicago Spring and I liked how it looked. Please stop sending me comments about the images I use as the Featured Ones. 99% of them are off of google. I don’t post personal photos here unless otherwise noted. All of my personal stuff is on my Facebook.

Unbanning the banned

I have had so much going on this week I forgot to release the trolls Lol Everyone (But 1 nasty woman) has been unbanned from my blog. Last time I only had to ban 4 people for a whole month so things are finally quieting down. The trolls on my social media accounts are silent and things are good. Lindsay is still getting them suspended or accounts deleted as needed. Twitter and Facebook have been a big help with that. We are slowly cleaning up the troll messes they try to damage me with.

It always made me wonder why these 10 or so women continue to bully me. It’s  a daily thing for them. I have banned and blocked them and I don’t respond to them. How messed up is their lives for them to continually try to get my attention? It’s been 2 years since the affair began and they still think they must have their opinions heard. This proves to me that some people are abusive no matter what. I just think about their own kids and husbands and how they talk and treat them. It must be a very sad or lonely life they have going. Either way I don’t care what they say and I’m living a great life! I’m happy, my wife is happy and my boys are happy.

Move on ladies. Your obsession with me is old news. No one in the tabloids or tv care about me anymore. And honestly more people believe my side of this now that ZERO proof from the other side has ever been presented. It sucks to be a troll Lol

My wife has a cold and she’s not pregnant

Last night my wife said she had the beginning of a sore throat. She thinks it’s a cold. I was trying to figure out how to politely tell her to go sleep next door in Sarah’s half of the condo when she told me she took a bunch of Vitamin C and thinks its better she stays away from the boys for a few days. Problem solved? I don’t know. I told her I think maybe she should go next door and she said if it progresses she would. I’m glad we think alike because that might have turned into our first fight.

Yesterday I was pretty busy at work. We have had a lot going on and some days it’s hard to keep up. I’m very glad this is my last year working like this. The travel schedule, the meetings, it is too much. When I get home I’m still trying to do everything for my babies because I want to. It’s exhausting going at this pace. I love my career and I love my family. It’s hard to find a balance.

The good news I can share finally is that I have passed (Again) all of the adoption requirement things I needed to. The hurled this time was that my wife will not be on the adopted child’s paperwork. She doesn’t want to be and the truth is I really didn’t want her to be either. She will be the mama. But for her own reasons which I don’t understand that well, she said it’s better if she doesn’t. I asked “Just in case?” She said no. That’s not it and began to explain that she feels like these are still all my kids. She has agreed with a lot of my demands although she may not like them. She wants to be able to do what she needs for her career and doesn’t feel if a Just in Case things to me or to us she can still work exactly as she is working now. She knows a family judge would never allow her custody of the kids as many hours as she works and doesn’t see her career slowing down. She is very ambitious. We have always agreed if I pass away for whatever the reason and any/all of our kids are under 18 still they go to Lindsay. Not that does not include any natural kids her and I have together. Then they go with her, of course. I told her I want my boys and any other adopted kids with Lindz because she will devote her life to raising them whereas my wife won’t have the time to do so. Lindz also knows every story about my life, knows how I feel about religion and all of my most important things I want for my kids. She has 22 years with me at this point and said she would completely change her entire life to do it, including giving up drinking and gambling. She has already stopped drinking which changed a lot for her. She is really into getting healthy and doing a great job. My wife can’t make the same kind of decisions because of her career and said if it came to raising the kids full-time or giving up her career she said she would honestly choose the career. I asked even if she inherited Sarah and the 2 nannies to help her and she said still, the career. I don’t think that’s selfish of her at all. That’s who she is and if she tried to take on raising kids alone she would hate it. She was very brave and honest for letting me know. We had discussed this over and over long before we got married. That’s why in our pre-nup as well as my will it states everything I’ve said above. Lindsay gets my kids. My wife gets as much visitation with them as she wants and would stay in their lives. I asked Lindsay would she move to Chicago if I died so that my wife could still be involved and she said yes. She would just cuss me out every time it snowed Lol

My children are more important to me than my career. That’s why I’m changing things up after this year. I want to take a few weeks off in my early retirement so I can figure out what I want to do. I will do something. My great aunt is a total b word and doesn’t want that. That is important work and my cousin Tyson said he would gladly hand it over anytime. He likes the lifestyle but doesn’t like some of the things you have to attend to. It’s not easy. It’s a plush job that someone in our family has to do per my grandmother’s wishes. It was her money that funds everything, we are meant to carry on her legacy for as long as the money lasts, which is probably 10 generations if not more. All I know is my inheritance money has been sitting in the bank since I got it. I live off of what I have earned plus the interest I make from my inheritance money. The bulk of it is for my children. They get everything I have. My wife will also be provided for but my children can have it all.

Our newest edition, whoever she may be will be in our lives soon enough. The adoption agency is ready to start our placement as soon as I tell them we are ready for that. I would like to wait a few more months. I want to make sure we are really ready for this. I don’t know if summer time will be better or fall. I just know sometime this year little baby girl Cooper will be here. And my wife and I are still trying to have a baby too. All of this practice has been great but it also can be a little impatient on the waiting part. In fact when my wife told me she was sick I got a huge grin and she said it’s not that kind of sick believe me I already peed on a stick Lol Drew said it will happen when it happens and that the second time he got his wife pregnant it was much easier than the first. Well at least there’s that. We haven’t been trying that long and we don’t really follow her ovulation schedule or whatever else. We just follow our mood and things happen. Fireworks! Then we wait to see if the stick gets 2 lines or not. So far not, but hey at least we are still enjoying it so far. I have heard the longer it takes the more worn out with the whole process you get. I hope it either happens soon, like now or it happens sometime later in the year. We have a certain window the next 2 months that would be perfect for me. It’s kind of up to her body though and that’s one thing I can do anything about. She has to help us figure all of this baby stuff out. She does a great job and I know my wife will make beautiful babies. She wants our children to have my eyes. I am still scared shitless to pass on any bad part of my medical genetics. I was diagnosed with leukemia when I was 3 years old and have been living in remission for years. It usually comes back when I least expect it and to pass that on to anyone would be devastating to me. This is why I have waited so long to get married and have my own kids. It’s a real threat to my family lineage and I don’t know if I could handle that kind of news. Life is what it is and I have survived this long. I just pray my children are healthy and have no issues.

I better get ready for work. It’s almost time to wake up my wife. Have a great day everyone. I hope you enjoyed all of my update blogs from yesterday. I kind of hit publish one after the other after the other. Yes the photos from this weekend are on my Facebook page. Go enjoy them. I think we looked good!

#NYC on Sunday

This morning we all slept in. I stayed up late with my wife talking to our relatives and friends that joined us for my company event. We came back to our room to check on the boys then met everyone downstairs at the bar and talked for hours. It really was a great evening. I got a lot of compliments from the people who mean the most to me. My wife was so proud of us. She kept telling me how proud she was of me. That just makes me grin a huge smile. I can’t help it. She makes my heart skip a beat.

We all headed up stairs and crashed. I got up this morning and got everyone breakfast. The food at our hotel was really good. They even made sure to make all of my vegan dishes so I didn’t have to pick anything off. Attention to detail is important. After we all got dressed we went over the plan. I wanted to take my wife, boys, and Brandi to Central Park with my dog. I thought it would be a great opportunity for my wife to get some photos. She’s really into this new photography thing on her phone. The photos come out amazing and she loves sharing those on her Facebook page. We did that first so we could enjoy time with Sam jr. He was having his own kind of fun wandering around New York city with his 2 pet nannies. I swear that dog is spoiled beyond anything. He is a really good dog though so I don’t mind the added expense.

We took him back and he was going to take a nap then go to two other dog parks. We decided to go out to the Statue of Liberty. My wife was so excited to show my boys. Her grandparents came through Ellis Island. She told us all she knew about it and took a bunch of photos. The weather wasn’t that bad today. It was in the lower 60s which meant we didn’t have to bundle up. It was surprisingly nice. After that we did the tour and had a great time. I was a little worried about the boat ride part but it worked out okay.

We grabbed lunch then I went off to my book signing. It went from 1pm until 3pm. I wasn’t very happy about that time but my wife said she was taking the boys with Heather over to a bouncy place. She gave me the address and said they would stay there until I came to get them. That worked out great.

My 2nd New York City book signing was actually a lot better than the first. More people stopped by and I met some fans. I thought that was hilarious. They said they were fans then began to tell me what they really thought. I couldn’t have agreed more with their ideas and really found what they said interesting. Thanks to everyone that came out for both of my book signings. I have only a few more of these things until my contract is up so please come out and see me if you want. We know at least a month in advance of what City they schedule me to be in. We find out the name of the location within 2 to 3 weeks of it happening. I make sure to have them send out our email as soon as we can so everyone that wants a chance to meet me can do so. It’s been a lot of fun. I still don’t like sitting there for 2 hours but at least it’s not longer than that. I was a little later than I thought picking up my wife and boys. The traffic got thick so I had to try to be patient as the driver got us to the right place. We picked everyone up and decided it was time to hit one last tourist spot. Times Square! We probably spent about 3 hours there. There is so many things to do and see. All I know is by the time we left there my boys were zonked out completely. We probably stayed too long. It helped a lot no one had shopping bags this time Lol Just a few mementos nothing too big.

It took us a few hours to get home but we made it. It’s really late I wanted to get the rest of these 3 blogs written so I can hit publish on them first thing in the morning. I ran a spell check I think if not I will go back and fix them in a day or so. I usually re-read my blog posts a day or two after I write them. I like to have a little space so I can figure out what I wanted to say but didn’t do it correctly.

The Cooper family had a great weekend in NYC and I hope we can stay home for a few weekends. I’m really tired from traveling and would love a nice quiet weekend at home. Besides we have our Ireland trip in a few months. That will be enough travel for a long, long time.

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and I will update more this week. I have some really cool things to announce soon. One involving Sony Pictures! Now that is a great story!

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

#NYC on Saturday

I was up early to get a good idea of my schedule. I met Lindz and 2 of our VP’s downstairs at 6am to go over everything. We ended up going to the venue and looking at the floor plan. Most everything was already done. The tables and all of the food tables were set up. The decor was on its way to being done. This has been a really big deal planning it. It looked great. It looked even better that night.

I went back to the hotel in time to get breakfast for everyone. I ordered up whatever they wanted and we all had a quick family meal. I gave the nannies cash for the boys. They were told to buy them stuff. Tshirts, stuffed animals, legos. Whatever they felt would be a good trip reminder. I sent 2 security guards with them and car service. The car service was included in the security so it was all decked out with all kinds of things inside I was told. Well, I guess they take it pretty serious. I just wanted to make sure everyone was okay. The girls told me the places they wanted to go. They all decided to stay together the entire day and they will split up tomorrow to get some individual time in NYC. Fine by me. I kind of preferred that anyway.

My wife went to a spa. She needed a massage, her hair and nails done and then she was meeting her family and friends back at the hotel to get ready for the party.

I left at 10:30am to go downtown. My first book signing was from 12pm until 2pm. That gave me enough time to get back to the hotel, shower, change, eat a little snack to hold me over, then head to the party with everyone. My boys were coming with us but everyone was going to leave shortly after pictures. I don’t need my sons to be at a big event like this for long. They are kind of like Richard Simmons. Make a quick appearance so everyone can see half of the face (Oh come on that’s hilarious!) then leave. Everyone was supposed to be back at the hotel by the time I returned from my book event.

I got to the book store and there were actual people waiting in line. I knew darn well it wasn’t for me and I was right Lol Some other author was there just before me and his fans were still waiting for a chance to see him. I told my publisher team if he needed more time he could cut into an hour of mine because I wasn’t expecting a crowd (At all). They said no. He wrapped things up. They changed out the big background thing with their company logo on it and sat me down in a slightly crapped office chair Lol The wheels wouldn’t scoot so I had to shove it up closer to the table and then just try to remember it wouldn’t roll back at all.

The event started and I did have what I would consider a small line. There were 24 people waiting for me. I did my smiling, I promoted both books. I shook hands, smiled for selfies, did 2 videos and waited for the 2 hours to be up. I had 2 people who would not go away. I was also told not to write about them on my blog because we ended up having some words after the event was over but I don’t give a damn Lol These 2 people were obviously trolls. Not the trolls I know but probably new trolls that will be joining my I Hate Sam army soon.

The book signing was fine. The 2 people stayed behind to harass me a little. They were nice. At first. That’s how trolls are. But as soon as Lindsay showed up to pick me up that’s when all hell broke loose. Lindsay was going to hurl my book at one of them but she put it back in the box and just told them to go fuck a Twizzler Lol Both of the ladies were so shocked they left but not before Lindsay told them to come back for cheese and crumpets Lol I was dying laughing. The book store people were not and definitely my publisher team was not. I was told not to have Lindsay at any more of my events. I said technically she wasn’t at it. She came after to pick me up. And whatever happened they saw the 2 rude ladies trying to start trouble. They all agreed it wasn’t my fault. I stood there laughing and said nothing at all. I didn’t have to. I had seen Lindsay walking towards me and I just knew she would handle it for me. She usually does. I prefer the ignore and walk away approach.

We got out of there with a stern reminder not to be late to the Sunday book signing because they were having a second event right after mine and I had agreed (No I didn’t) to take photos with that author. You mean to tell me I’m not their only client Lol I’m amazed they find someone else to put up with the enormous amount of bs I have had to deal with. We left and grabbed something to eat really quick then made it back to the hotel.

My family had arrived and were getting ready for the evening. I ran into a few of them in the lobby. They all wanted to chat but I told them I had to get to the boys. I got back to my room in time to see my wife, my very beautiful blonde haired wife in this stunning dress. My mouth dropped. I was so mesmerized by her. She really did look gorgeous. I will put a few photos of our weekend on Facebook probably Monday night. She turned around to see me grinning at her. All kinds of thoughts were going in my head but I grabbed her hand and went on one knee and asked her to marry me, again. She laughed and said Yes, Of course but I want a bigger ring! I got up and gave her a quick peck on the cheek so I wouldn’t mess up anything and went to get ready.

At 6pm sharp we all made our way to the lobby looking Super Fly. The Coopers are in town. All 1,000 of us. We got to our vehicles or cabs and went over to the hotel. I walked into a beautifully transformed room filled with flowers and really amazing decor. It looked awesome!

The whole evening was a lot of fun. Lindsay and I got a lot of congratulations and a lot of great job on the party. All I know is my wife thought it was a great event. And that’s all I wanted to hear. It has been worth the countless emails back and forth with everyone making decisions and picking out menu items. We had so much fun. Our silent auction did amazing. The two local charities made money and we did present them with our own checks. It was worth it. Everything I have done leading me up to opening a business in New York City has been worth it. I hope to make money soon. It may take a while but someday we will be showing a profit.

My boys were a huge hit and I took them up on stage so everyone could see them. Then I said take your photos now because they are both leaving in 5 minutes Lol They left, shortly after I got the text saying we made it back to the hotel safe and they were putting them to bed.

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day for everyone. We are all kind of going off in our own groups. Brandi will be with us in the morning and Heather in the afternoon. Then Sarah will take over in the evening as we fly home.

My wife has a few places she wants to visit. More photo ops I’m sure. I’m just happy most of my stuff is over with. I have another book signing but after that I’m free to roam around with my family.

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday. I don’t know when I will publish this one but soon I’m sure.

God loves you and I love you too!