It’s finally here! The Chicago Cubs are back! My wife and I are taking Josh and his girlfriend to the game. It’s going to be a fun evening. We are going to eat at the stadium which means I’m going to eat before we leave Lol My wife is really excited because she’s never been to an Opening Day for the Cubs. She is a lifelong fan and really hopes they return to the World Series this season. I agree. We had so much fun watching the games last year and attending as many as we could.

I’m leaving work in an hour to get home and get ready. I’m supposed to bring her bag to work so she can change then we will leave from there and go pick up Josh at his girlfriend’s condo. I’ve met her a few times now and I think they make a great couple. He seems happy and I think she’s very nice. My wife likes it which makes it easier.

Go Cubs Go! I’m excited to see them play again.

  Hopefully this weather knocks it off. Otherwise we will be sitting with rain gear on.

Let’s Go Cubbies!

Great weekend for family time

We took our family up to the Wisconsin Dells and had a great time. The whole weekend was fun. We came back Sunday night completely exhausted. We managed to get a lot of great photos of everyone so we can update pictures for our hallways and offices. My wife picked them up last night and we laughed looking through all of them. My boys are getting so big. I can’t believe how much they change in a year. I’m cherishing every day with them because I know soon they won’t be babies anymore. They are already doing so much on their own.

The adoption process continues. My wife will not be on the adoption certificate and the state is putting me through heck over it. This isn’t a personal issue with her. I do not want to risk losing any type of custody with my children for any reason. I don’t anticipate anything causing a divorce but this is about my family. My children and my wife being an attorney understands. She said once they are all over 18 she wants to adopt them and she knows they already or will call her mom anyway. My boys are saying mama mama mama all of the time. She just grins and says “Hold on mama is coming boys” Lol I love it! I really found the perfect match for me and my boys. My wife is great with them and wants more kids. We are working on it.

The adoption will not be a kinship type this time. I can cut the time of adoption in half because I have previously adopted. It’s all of the home visits, the state information updates, and whatever else I need to do before they give me the go ahead on adopting. There are several female children needing homes. We keep getting info. Probably within the next few months I will get approved by the state and can ask God to send me my daughter. I want my boys to have a sister. Older or younger, we will take either one. My wife is excited to have a little girl to pamper and treat like the little princess she will be.

I don’t know how people can be patient through adoption. Every day it’s getting hope up because maybe something will happen. I really thought (Naively) that since I’ve been through it once, the state would gladly say Checkmark, checkmark, checkmark, approved, go adopt. Nope. That’s not how things work so I’m having to be patient once more. The hard part this time is that she is already born. She is out there somewhere waiting for us. I hope she realizes how much we want and love her already. I did not put down a preference for any race, disability, or anything else. We will take what God sends us. Yes there is a certain amount of selection. But I’m fine with any. My wife also doesn’t have a preference is Sarah told me she prays we get an African-American baby girl. She said maybe then people would stop staring at her when she sees them with my boys Lol I didn’t even think about that. When people are really rude I put my arm on her shoulder and ask what’s for dinner, honey Lol She laughs it off but there are still some closed-minded folks in Chicago. Sarah being African-American taking care of two blonde hair blue-eyed babies deals with more racism than I’m aware of. The only time it got really bad I shoved a guy out of her face and told her to get to the car. Then the guy and I had some words and I walked away because he’s not worth it. And I really didn’t want to go to jail for punching him in his big fat mouth.

I would love to have a non-caucasian daughter. I have no issue with that and think it might actually make me a better parent. I just pray it happens soon! I want my boys to know what it’s like to have a sister. And my dream of having a daughter and sons will be complete. Then it will be time for my wife and I to make our own kids. She is from a big family and I want a big family so we have talked about 4 or 5 kids. I told her the most would be 6. I don’t think I could handle more than that. Sarah almost choked when I said that Lol Poor Sarah. I told her hey at least you will have a lifelong job at this point.

I hope everyone is having a great week. I’ve been going back and forth to smaller suburban towns south of the city. We are looking for a specific mall building to buy and we haven’t found the right location or lay out yet. It always looks different from it does on the Loopnet. We need to find it soon. I have a project in mind and I need this building up and running by August.

Have a great work week and I will update more later! Love ya’ll!