Lansing Michigan, Hmmmm No

We will not be purchasing any buildings in Lansing, Michigan because the buildings there are not the right size and location for what we are looking for. I toured the city and the surrounding area. We spent a few hours looking at the buildings that my team thought might work. They were wrong. Nothing seemed to be just right. There were always a few issues with each. So I’m marking that off of my list. I need to find something still and will be in Michigan next week again looking at more buildings. Lansing is smaller than I expected and the info I googled seemed out of date. Imagine that, the internet being wrong. I wasn’t really impressed with Lansing. It’s a dirt spot on the map and I don’t think it will be in our best interest to do any type of business there.

We will be looking closer to Detroit I think. The sales crew I took with me apologized a few times for all of this and I said it’s not a wasted day if we can at least say this won’t work. We didn’t know. Now we do. End of that discussion.

I am home and ready to get my favorite sons in the bath then to bed. They are still up playing because Sarah put them down for a later nap than usual. She had a lot going on today from what I hear. My wife is on her way home she was working late. We have her supper waiting for her. She was happy to hear that, she said she was starving.

Have a great night, Friends! God loves you!

Travel schedule filling up

We have some fun family trips planned for this year. We are going to Ireland in the summer. We are taking the boys to go meet my wife’s family members. We are taking her parents and a few of her siblings and their children. It should be a lot better than the trip to Greece I went on Lol Nothing will ever be like that I hope.

My wife wants to show me places they have owned and maintained for decades. I’m happy to go along and let her be our guide. She’s been working on our itinerary for months with her mom. She’s really excited.

We will be going to Lincoln, Nebraska this weekend with the boys. We are going to meet up with their birth father and his parents. We are going to take a bunch of pictures and hang out together for 2 hours. That’s all he wanted. He said he wants to meet them while they are small and make sure they are okay. That way he has photos of them and will feel better about everything. Their birth mom is going to join us with her parents so this may be interesting. After that meetup the boys and Brandi/Heather will go back to my cousin’s house for the weekend and I’m taking my wife to Las Vegas. Lindz got us tickets to see Ricky Martin. My wife is so excited. She can’t contain how happy she is. We will be front row and mid center so we can see everything that goes on. I was told to just let her freak out for a few minutes then try to reel her back in Lol That shouldn’t be too hard. I’ve only seen her lose her shit one other time and that was the day of our wedding. After we were married and we walked down the aisle she lost it. She was so happy and crying and excited. She gave me a bunch of big kisses and kept saying how much she loved me. I hope she doesn’t jump on stage with Ricky and get thrown out. I probably should bring bail money just in case Lol Lindsay and Dave are going too so I’m guessing I’ll hang back with Dave while the girls dance the night away. I know a few of his songs but I’m not what you would call a fan. I did hear he does a great show so that should be fun. I’m more excited about Lionel Richie than I am Ricky Martin. Now that guy is awesome!

It will be a full weekend of travel and hopefully zero drama. I pray both of the birth parents families all get along. That’s why we are limiting it to 2 hours and I warned both sides if things get uncomfortable for my boys, we are cutting things short so we will start off with photos. That way we can do that before anything happens. You never know. My cousin tends to run her mouth and I told her this may be the only chance I ever have with both of the birth parents in the same room. It’s already going to be very awkward. We don’t need to add to it. Nice, pleasant, use your manners. That’s all we need to do. The boys will lighten things up. They always do. They make people very happy. My boys really are a blessing. So sweet and funny.

I wrote this last night and forgot to post it. So the last 2 posts are out-of-order but that’s fine because who cares anyway Lol It’s my blog and all of my 20,000 plus readers today will figure it out. Have a great day!


Work trip to Lansing, Michigan

I am on my way to Lansing, Michigan for the day. We are looking for a few buildings to purchase. We need 2 but there are 3 we are looking at. A former bank, a building with office suites, and a warehouse on the outside of town. I’m not really sure if this is the best location for what we want to do but my sales team told me they checked things out and it’s all promising. Which means cheap. It’s also only 2 hours away from our warehouses in Detroit so it might be a great place to set up the distribution center. We need to find one fast though. Our orders are warehoused and not being sent out as fast as we like. If we move them into a processing/distribution center we can get the orders out much faster. That’s the plan at least for now.

I hope to be home before supper time so I can eat with my family and get my boys to bed. Alex has been very cuddly the last few days and it makes me wonder if he doesn’t feel well. Sarah is watching him closely like she always does. So far no signs but she said he may be going through an anxious phase about me leaving. I tell Heston daddy is going to work and he throws up a wave and says Bye bye da da Lol He’s fine.

I meant to write more this morning but I didn’t have time. Typing this out on my phone as the driver hits bumps in the road isn’t helping so I’m going to end this and get myself ready to fly. At least the weather is going to hold up while I’m gone. It’s a quick 45 minute fly over there anyway. They have a few restaurants there that serve vegan food so it looks like Zaytoon’s for lunch. Whatever a Zaytoon is Lol I will find out.

Have a great Wednesday everyone and I will update more tomorrow. God loves you and I love ya’ll too!