#NYC this weekend

I am taking my wife, my boys, and all 3 nannies to New York City this weekend. We have a huge ballroom event hosted by SJC Investments Inc – NYC office. We rented out a hotel ballroom and have been planning for this launch for months. Our new office building is completely done and open for business. We have been doing some business but we haven’t had a full-blown New York style launch yet. We had a smaller soft opening but nothing to this extent.

I have spent over $60,000 on this party. It’s going to be a very big deal. I have invited a lot of my family and friends to it. All of my employees are also invited from all of our offices. We are going to have a very busy weekend. Add to that I have 2 afternoon book signings at downtown book stores. 2 hours each day. Not what I wanted to do but my wife assured me she will be sightseeing with the boys and everything will go by really fast. I have hired security for this trip. NYC is a major city and with all of the Russian bomber flyovers, the boats docked places, and our awesome President Trumpy wielding power like it’s Harry Potter’s wand, I want to make sure my security people will get my wife, kids, and nannies to a safe place very quickly. I’m also flying my pet nanny with us and my dog. My dog will love Central Park. I offered to fly his buddy out and the kid said OMG that would be amazing. I told him to bring a friend so he’s taking a girl with him. He’s gay so I found that really funny. He asked if he could buy himself tickets to a show and I said as long as my dog gets out to Central Park 3 times a day I’m fine with it. I said your job is to make sure my dog is taken care of until we are back in our hotel room at night. Then he’s my responsibility until morning. I’m bringing his big harness. I want to make sure he is all strapped in and can’t wiggle out of his leash. All of those people and all of that traffic makes me nervous. He’s also so damn friendly he will probably think they all want to pet him Lol He’s a great dog my Sam jr and I want him to enjoy his time on this trip.

The girls will do their usual shopping, eating, and whatever else they do while I’m busy. We are flying in Friday night and staying until Sunday afternoon. We want to leave about 4pm. I need to do a lot better job of getting everyone home earlier on Sundays from our trips. We tend to get home at 8 which throws off the schedule and then we all spend hours getting things unpacked, put up, and ourselves to bed. I really need to set a timer or something. We run late almost everywhere we go. It’s turned into a big family joke at this point. I have no concept of time anyway so I rarely pay attention. We get there when we get there. Sounds just like my father. But my wife said it’s rude of us to show up half an hour to an hour late to places. Okay okay.

Anyone in New York City that wants to come see me at my book signing, send me an email. If I know you and you aren’t a troll I will send you the location. We have a mailing list we have made now. It updates everyone on my book signing events. We have almost 4,000 people on it which is very cool. Lindsay is in charge of all of that. She is very diligent on who gets on there. She doesn’t want the trolls to, well troll me at my events. So far no troll has found my location and showed up. At the TLC event over last summer Meri met a troll and afterwards said “That’s what a troll looks like? Wow that’s not what I expected” Lol We both laughed because she later deleted the troll from her Twitter because she was creepy and Meri said she was sick of her tweets always bashing me. Well, you lie with dogs (or Trolls) and you get fleas.

My boys have 4 places they will be going to for some baby fun. Swimming which is always their favorite, some Lego place for them to lose their minds at and 2 toy stores. My nannies have it all mapped out. As long as we all eat supper together I won’t mind if we miss out on dinner together. Well technically lunch but who cares what you call it. Traffic in New York City is always insane and I’m glad we all get car service. I want everyone to be safe and have a great time.

I will update more tomorrow. Have a great, what day is this? Wow it’s already Thursday. I need to get my stuff ready for my trip. Geez. Have a good one, guys!

God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

It’s in the book(s)

I had my book signing. That was interesting. My team Lol of publisher people showed up and immediately started telling me what to say this time. I just laughed. I said why don’t you guys sit at the table and I will stand behind you signing books and taking photos. You can answer questions. It felt like they were over my shoulder the whole time, which 2 of them actually were. I was told after the event that they had instructions to “wrangle me in” Lol

The wrangling didn’t go very well because when people began asking me the usual set of questions I was honest. It’s obvious I have moved on. It’s obvious I have limited communications with my past partner in crime. She’s the one still hung up on me. Why else does she continue to film things about our affair? The new season still touches on it because she is obsessed, not me. She is about one more episode away from a lawsuit at this point. We’ve been waiting for all of it to come out on tv so I can use every minute of it as evidence for when I sue all of them. We really thought last season would be the end of it but Lindsay’s friends that work on that show have emailed her and said my storyline is ongoing. She really needs to give up. It’s going to sink that show. No one cares about me anymore. The fans of that show definitely are tired of her whining about me. Move on, all of you.

I signed books for 2 hours. We sold 61 books in total. People actually bought Almost Defame’ed Lol I think that’s hilarious. The new version of it is not yet on Amazon but it is available on Paypal and it details a lot more of what happened to me after all of this mess went public. I need to have them add it to Amazon and Itunes soon. My fans were nice. They usually are. They only want to know what Meri is really like, if we still talk, and if I’m still in love with her. I point to my black titanium wedding band and say no I’m now happily married. It surprises me some people don’t know I’m married now. I had a few requests to see photos of my twins. Not happening. And I did have one lady ask for me to shoot a quick video saying hi, my name is, I’m here in Chicago with, her name is. I guess she was filming it for some of her friends. She said she wanted to put it on Facebook so people would see I’m real. There are a lot of those photos or videos of me now all over Facebook. It’s pretty funny to see myself when we get the links. It’s also a little creepy.

I’m not a celebrity. I have never wanted to be. That’s why I don’t do many interviews and you never see my name in any tabloid talking to them. First of all tabloids are complete trash. They are full of shit. 98% of what they say is total bs. They literally  make shit up. I always knew tabloids were false but I had no idea how vicious, manipulative, and inaccurate they were until my name ended up in 12 or 13 of them. Tabloids lie. All of my internet trolls that harass me actually believe whatever the tabloids say. To me that just shows how completely stupid these women really are. They fling the tabloid articles around like they are bible verses and use it to prove something to themselves. It’s all lies. One of the other wives even came out and said so a few times now. All of the tabloids are full of beans. If you buy that trash you are buying it because you somewhat believe in the things those articles say and that makes you stupid and insane Lol Don’t buy that junk. It’s not real. It’s all bs.

At the book signing one lady brought in a tabloid magazine. The one with a photo of a guy with a soccer ball. She said this doesn’t look like you. Well because that’s not me at all Lol I had made a blog post referencing the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks and Wilson the soccer ball. When I was googling the Featured Image for the article header I googled guy with a soccer ball. And there he was. So I grabbed the image and stuffed it in there and the tabloids and blog started using that photo as a photo of me Lol That’s how stupid these people really are. Not that the guy was ugly. I’m sure whoever he is, he’s a nice guy. But I have since yanked down that blog post because I had written about some other things I no longer wanted to share, yet no one else yanks down that photo. She handed me her print out of the article and said is this you? I laughed and explained it to her and she rolled her eyes and said “These online blogs make stories up, don’t they?” Yes. That’s why I do not talk to them. That’s why Lindsay does not talk to them. They are full of shit. She turned out to be really nice and was one of the few that stayed behind to talk to me more. After the event was over with I had a small crowd of maybe 15 people waiting to ask me more questions. I stood up and they all got wide-eyed. I guess they didn’t see me walk in or something. One of the gay guys said I’m a lot taller than he thought and asked to take a photo with me. Most of the photos the people are let around my table and they lean into me to take one. Or two. Or video. So I’m not standing for those. It makes the line go quicker. There I was towering over my fans and everyone asking me about the affair. How did it start, who pursued who? It’s all in the book. Go read it. And she pursued me. That’s all documented with proof, in the book. And on here too. You guys already know that.

My wife came down at 7 to pick on me. She kissed my cheek and whispered hurry home then left me grinning. A few people asked who that was and I said that’s my wife. She didn’t stay she just wanted to make sure I was okay. She also said she’s territorial of me because this book is all about my affair and wants people to realize that I’m married now and  I have moved on. She usually makes a quick appearance if she can. She has been at a few of my book signings so far. And she will be coming with me to New York City this weekend.

I have 2 more signings to go then 2 more next week in the suburbs of Chicago. After that I get a few months break from all of this mess. Then I have to do a few more and I will be done. My contract with my publisher for appearances and promotional stuff will finally be up. I’m still connected with them for ordering reprints of my book and everything else. But I will no longer be obligated to do appearances. I never wanted to do them anyway. I told them there are some very nasty people out there that try to do me harm. I don’t want to be sitting at a table unable to defend myself from anything they might do to me. So far only a few times has someone been asked to go. I always request someone from the store stand nearby so I have a witness. All of the stores also have video recordings so if something bad did happen we would have it on tape.

My publisher took photos and made me do 2 videos during the event to help promote my New York city things. They filmed it right in the middle of me signing books. It was very weird. I didn’t like it and as soon as they got 2 I said that’s enough. They really are good at their jobs, I just don’t want any part of this whole thing. And they are on me about having my kids at the events. No way. I really don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Me showing up is proof enough that I’m real and I’m not the one that has lied here. People always are so shocked it’s really me. Yes I really do talk with a Texas accent. I grew up there. Of course I still have my accent. Yes I really am this tall. Yes Meri has lied to all of you. She doesn’t want to take responsibility for having an affair. She is afraid of her douchebag ex-husband. She has said so on the show. She will do anything to not make him mad at her. Why is that? Because he is mean and yells at her. All of these things are finally coming out and it does feel good when people say to me I’m so glad you are real. I also laugh when they say they wished Meri would have left with me. Well that was the plan but as I’m sitting here right now it worked out a lot better for me. I love my wife. I love my boys and neither one of them would have come into my life if I was still with Meri. It just wouldn’t have happened.

If you came to see me, Hello! It was nice to meet you. I have a lot of comments about my book signing that I have read and deleted. Thanks for the well wishes. Thanks to those that emailed me photos of yourselves with me. I appreciate the support and you buying my books.

I need to get going around here. I think I hear my boys awake and it’s almost time to wake up my wife. We will be in New York City this weekend so I won’t be able to update until Monday. I hope everyone has a great Thursday and I will update more soon! Love ya’ll!