Lazy day

I didn’t get to sleep in this morning because Alex was up early. I woke up and got him ready for the day. Then I got to spend about a half hour with just him. He’s my fussy boy. He usually doesn’t like to snuggle for too long because he has too much energy. This morning he wanted to be held and snuggled. I read part of the newspaper to him and got him all caught up on the Bears draft Lol He didn’t care. Then Heston woke up and Brandi brought him down all ready for the day.

My wife is going to come up in the morning. She is almost caught up with work and plans to leave the condo at 6am so we can all go to Church together. I’m proud she still makes it in time for that. Work is important but God and family time at Church is more important to both of us.

The day was spent hanging out with my boys. I took them outside for a little while to look at the lake. Then I got them down for a nap and took my dog for a long jog. He loved it. He came home, got a huge drink and passed out the rest of the afternoon. I made stuffed bell peppers for lunch and fed my boys some really delicious new vegan baby food I found. It’s a combination of flavors in each meal. It’s all prepared for you, you either heat it up if it’s required or you unseal the package and eat. They ate it so it must have been okay. It sure looked good.

Tonight we’ve been playing with some new toys they got. And they are still hunting down Easter eggs. I brought some up and hide them around the living room. I thought it would be a fun thing to play that would keep them busy but also get them up and moving. They found all 10 within a few hours. And devoured the candy in each one. Heston won, 6 to 4. We might play that one tomorrow too. Every time one of them found an egg we all clapped and made a big deal out of it. Then they would both laugh and toddle over to me with it.

Is there anything better than a 1-year-old happy and laughing? No. Not at all.

I miss my wife. I wish she were here. It’s not the same without her anymore. I don’t sleep very well without her next to me. She feels the same way. After I get the boys to bed I’m supposed to call and tell her how our night went. We already did the afternoon call with Mama. She blew kisses at the boys on Facetime and they kept waving at her. Pretty cool that they can at least still see her. She has a few huge cases she’s working on and I pray this weekend she managed to get caught up as much as she wanted to. She probably also needed a break. She used to have all kinds of alone time to do whatever she wanted. Now there’s none. I’m used to it by now but she’s not. We found if we open up and say hey I’m needing a little alone time we can work that out and no one builds up resentment or anger. I completely understand when she needs that. My life is too much for anyone. Even me on some days. But for her, it’s a whole different world. So we are doing all we can to make her comfortable.

The weather here is shit today. Rain, raining, and more rain. At least it’s not snowing here like in a few other places.

Hope everyone is having a very lazy Saturday too! I have to go get my babies to bed then go call my beautiful wife and tell her how much I miss her and love her.

I will update more tomorrow!