#Cubs Win Opening Day

My wife and I went to the opening day at Wrigley with my buddy Josh and his girlfriend. We had been planning this out for a month. I ate a big salad before we left because there’s not much vegan on the menu at any baseball game. The few items they have I’m not interested in. I do enjoy the nice cold water though.

We got there and parked. Then we hoofed it the many blocks to our gate. The tickets were mobile scanned and in we went. We immediately went and bought some drinks for everyone and found our seats. Third baseline about 8 rows back towards the left field side. Rain delay, rain delay, rain delay. Finally the ballgame started. It was exciting. The girls are both lifelong Chicago natives and Cub fan lifers so they were very excited to see all the guys on the field. Josh and I were trying to figure out the Dodgers players. We all had such a great time even though the game went late.

Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win! Great start to a new season and we finally got out of there around 1am. We bought a bunch of stuff to take home. Always shopping, my wife. Then we got them dropped off. I asked if Josh needed a ride to his place and he said nope and grinned. His girlfriend smacked him. I didn’t realize they were into the sleepover phase yet. Way to go Joshie!

We got home late and took a quick shower then fell into bed. It was a great double date night and we all talked about going to a concert sometime soon.

This morning I got into work late but brought a bunch of Cubs gear for my hard-working crew. Hats, tshirts, buttons, and various smaller things. They picked out what they wanted and back to work we went. I want to do a group day so we can all go to a Cubs game. That got voted Yes very quickly during our morning meeting. Then we all reviewed the multiple videos of the passenger getting dragged off of the United Airlines plane.

I had heard about it. I didn’t really understand what was going on until we saw it and someone read an article off of CNN.com. I thought he had done something. I didn’t realize he did nothing. Then of course they look through his entire life and started writing about any bad thing he has ever done or said. None of that is relevant to his horrid treatment from this airline. I told them no more United Airlines. We book all of our trips for employees and vendors through United. We have used them the entire 9 years of SJC. I fly myself everywhere but we book flights for everyone else through them and I just can’t stomach it. I know this will all blow over but nothing will stop this. They will do it again.

We all voted to end our business ties with United and we shredded our cards. All points can sit and linger. I don’t want them and I don’t want anymore to do with them. We can find another airline to do business with. It’s sad it comes to this though. It was unnecessary. He is a human being. Not a backpack. You don’t just pick him up and drag him off. You find someone else that is not refusing. How hard is that? It was a random computer draw. Just draw again. Or how about get a private jet to take the employees another way? Rent a car? Go on another flight? Something.

Either way goodbye United Airlines. You won’t be getting anymore of my money.

I hope everyone is having a great day. I’m taking my boys to swimming tonight. We have begun that again now that Heston is feeling much better. They both like it and I love getting fun activities in during the week with them. I can’t wait when our pool is open for the year and we can swim as much as we want with them.

I will update more tomorrow! Love ya’ll!

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