Lansing Michigan, Hmmmm No

We will not be purchasing any buildings in Lansing, Michigan because the buildings there are not the right size and location for what we are looking for. I toured the city and the surrounding area. We spent a few hours looking at the buildings that my team thought might work. They were wrong. Nothing seemed to be just right. There were always a few issues with each. So I’m marking that off of my list. I need to find something still and will be in Michigan next week again looking at more buildings. Lansing is smaller than I expected and the info I googled seemed out of date. Imagine that, the internet being wrong. I wasn’t really impressed with Lansing. It’s a dirt spot on the map and I don’t think it will be in our best interest to do any type of business there.

We will be looking closer to Detroit I think. The sales crew I took with me apologized a few times for all of this and I said it’s not a wasted day if we can at least say this won’t work. We didn’t know. Now we do. End of that discussion.

I am home and ready to get my favorite sons in the bath then to bed. They are still up playing because Sarah put them down for a later nap than usual. She had a lot going on today from what I hear. My wife is on her way home she was working late. We have her supper waiting for her. She was happy to hear that, she said she was starving.

Have a great night, Friends! God loves you!

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