We will not be purchasing any buildings in Lansing, Michigan because the buildings there are not the right size and location for what we are looking for. I toured the city and the surrounding area. We spent a few hours looking at the buildings that my team thought might work. They were wrong. Nothing seemed to be just right. There were always a few issues with each. So I’m marking that off of my list. I need to find something still and will be in Michigan next week again looking at more buildings. Lansing is smaller than I expected and the info I googled seemed out of date. Imagine that, the internet being wrong. I wasn’t really impressed with Lansing. It’s a dirt spot on the map and I don’t think it will be in our best interest to do any type of business there.

We will be looking closer to Detroit I think. The sales crew I took with me apologized a few times for all of this and I said it’s not a wasted day if we can at least say this won’t work. We didn’t know. Now we do. End of that discussion.

I am home and ready to get my favorite sons in the bath then to bed. They are still up playing because Sarah put them down for a later nap than usual. She had a lot going on today from what I hear. My wife is on her way home she was working late. We have her supper waiting for her. She was happy to hear that, she said she was starving.

Have a great night, Friends! God loves you!

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