#NYC on Friday

We arrived in New York City on Friday evening. As soon as we got off of the plane my wife announced she had forgotten her shoes for the party. Of course. That’s fine I travel with 3 shoe collectors who might have actually brought something they could wear and if not we will go buy some first thing in the morning. Problem solved, right? No. If you are going to be on your feet all night with dancing involved or networking with the guests you must have comfortable shoes. I offered to get them Fed Ex’ed overnight but she didn’t believe me when I said they could arrive by noon on Saturday. Fed Ex does have that service, you just have to pay more. She said she would figure it out. Crisis #1 averted, temporarily.

We got the boys settled into the hotel. Auntie Lindz was already there and waiting. She took the dog and the  dog nanny to their room. She took the dog out for a short walk and got him fed and ready to chill for the night. She made sure the dog nanny had food with room service or if he wanted a pizza brought in. Him and his guest were all settled and ready for a quiet evening. They were planning on staying in Friday night to plan out all of Saturday. I guess this was some sort of dream vacation for them both as they have been best friends from high school and always wanted to go together to NYC. Well have at it kids, as long as my dog is taken care of first.

While Lindsay was taken care of that I got my wife and the boys settled into our suite. Right next door the nannies got themselves settled in and began the never-ending this room is mine, you 2 share that room battle. Sarah always wins it I really don’t know why the other 2 continue to try to get a room each. It’s ridiculous. The beds are huge, those 2 small framed ladies can squeeze in together. Not a big deal. They do it all of the time unless Sarah doesn’t go with us then they each get their own bedroom.

My wife immediately got the boys out and into the baths. A nice warm bath right after a long flight was in order. We got them fed, played with them then story time and finally it was bed time. It was actually very easy to get both of them to sleep. I was surprised. I think so much activity wore them out.

Finally it was our turn. My wife and I began unpacking everything we brought. We made sure our outfits (All 3 of them) for Saturday were ready to go. We unpacked all of our bathroom stuff and finally we were able to enjoy a quick hot shower which turned into something a lot more Lol That was her fault but we won’t get into that. Then it was time to go to bed.

That sums up Friday evening in NYC. I would love to say that we whisked into town, we got the babies throw into the nannies room then my wife and I went out for a wild and fun evening on the town. But I’m 44 now and she’s not quite 30 so we were tired from a long work week and really tired from traveling. We did order in food and have a nice romantic dinner overlooking the city. That was nice. Our room faces some great buildings and it was very private and quiet.

I will write about Saturday next. The party was a huge success. Our silent auction raised almost $95,000. It was close and I believe everyone had a fantastic time. I know I did Lol

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