Sunday into Monday

Let me think. Yesterday I was up early. Got breakfast together and made sure my boys had everything they needed. Then I took the girls to Church. Church was awesome like always. I always feel better coming out of Mass. I do like the Friday night mass serves in the city and sometimes we will go to that instead of Sunday. Depends on what plans we have. We went to Starbucks so everyone could get their favorite drinks. Then we headed home.

My plan was to stay in the boys all day and enjoy a nice relaxing man day. That almost worked out. I got changed and took the boys upstairs to show them some new things we have. We looked out of the windows at the lake and bounced on the bed a little. It can be hard to watch them when we do that. I probably should stop but it’s fun and they both laugh. Then it was time to make lunch so we went downstairs to see what everyone wanted. Sunday lunch was sandwich day. Fine be me that’s easy to do. I set everything out in a big buffet style line and got lunch for my sons. We got them set up and eating and then I made myself something. Everyone else ate when they wanted to. After lunch I cleaned up the kitchen took my dog out for a nice long walk and then came back in to read books to the boys and play with some toys we ordered for them. They are really getting around now. It’s funny how they switch from crawling to staggering Lol That’s what Sarah calls their walking style. It’s true they do stagger. I like it when one of them leans on my dog for support then he starts walking and they try to keep up with him. It usually ends in him ditching his brothers and them falling on their backsides in laughter. All a learning process.

My boys are both now referring to my wife as mama. It’s constant. She loves it and I can tell it really hits her heart. I’m glad she decided to work on that one. She is their mama and I’m so happy I have her in their lives. The girls went out to a movie. I stayed back to hang out. Then it was time to pack everything up and go. Before we left my wife wanted us to stop by this shop to show me something. We left Sarah in the Escalade with the boys (Doors locked) while we went in real quick. She showed me a big piece of art? (Sculpture?) or something she wants for the living room. I had to study it. I took a picture of it and really tried to imagine it on the wall. I asked where it would go and she said it would look great on the back wall so that everyone can see it from the doorway. There’s nothing on that spot right now and if she wants it okay. So I bought it. I told them I would pick it on Wednesday since I have a meeting near by and they said they would wrap it up and hold it in the back.

Then I gave my wife a big public kiss for being so thoughtful and sweet. She giggled and blushed then smacked me Lol I don’t do that often enough. She is kind of shy about PDA but sometimes it’s fun to see her reaction.

We got on our way home and decided it was pizza night. It’s just easier. The girls stopped and picked up our order while we went the rest of the way home. I got the boys upstairs, the dog upstairs after his fit in the elevator. He wanted to stay with me and decided he needed to howl at me Lol It was hilarious. He’s half beagle so I assume that’s where that, is it called baying? comes from. The boys laughed. He doesn’t do that often. I told him I would take him for a walk in a few. That seemed to calm him down.

Then it was hauling all the stuff up to the condo. The nannies left their stuff in their car thank goodness. They buy so much stuff every time we go up there. I guess the sells were really good and since the weather is about to change (Again) it was time for spring clothes. I got all of that done, took my dog for a walk and then went up to eat pizza with everyone. My boys love pizza. We cut it into really tiny bites for them but they get sauce everywhere. Vegan pizza really does taste better than the regular pizza most people enjoy. I think it does anyway. My wife usually has 1 slice of my pizza because she says she likes the dough crust. She really is great about me and the boys being vegan. Although she does let them try things more so than I would. I’m not trying to deprive them of carnivore stuff. I just prefer for their regular meals they eat healthy. And who can resist giving a baby a small bite of a new food. The day Heston learned about real ice cream I thought his mind was blown. He took a lick and he was hooked Lol He grabbed my wife’s hand like he was claiming her ice cream cone and started licking and trying to bite it. It was so funny we put that video on my Facebook and got a lot of really funny comments on it. Alex doesn’t like ice cream which is weird. He likes fruit. He loves strawberries the most.

I think we ate almost all of the pizzas. It was time for the nannies to all go home. We talked about our trip to the Wisconsin Dells this coming weekend. That will be fun. I don’t know if we can put Heston in the pool with the cough he had last week but if he’s fine by Wednesday when his meds are finished up I think it would be okay for a little while. There is so much more to do there anyway. The following weekend we will be going back to Nebraska for a family trip. It’s that time again to haul the boys back to see my relatives. I’m so glad it’s getting much easier to fly with the boys. After a few trips we have figured out what works with them.

I hope everyone has a great work week. So happy you are here. Make sure to have fun and check back soon for some awesome updates!

Love ya’ll!

P.S. Ran a spellcheck and this is the first time there were no spelling errors Lol Gold star for me today!

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