The Wisconsin Dells

  Greetings from the Wisconsin Dells. We rented a cabin for more privacy. It’s really nice here. This is our first family vacation here and won’t be the last. The Dells are a lot of fun. Lots of family friendly things to do. We drove up here tonight and decided to just go get food to feed everyone. I did that, messed up Brandi’s order (Sorry, B!) but we managed to work it out. Then I hit the grocery store to get the things we didn’t bring. My wife got the boys settled, unpacked our bags, took care of my dog and I just unloaded all of the food. And again, I forgot to get a few things. I think my brain is in the off position tonight. I don’t know what it is but I usually have a very good memory. I’m just tired. It’s supposed to be 70 degrees here tomorrow and 72 on Sunday. This is why we picked this weekend to come up. My wife wants to take family photos while we are here. The informal kind where we hand our camera over to Sarah and say pose us, make us look normal. That’s on our list as well as tons of sightseeing and fun. Heston is all clear to go swimming. I know we will hit the indoor stuff but won’t keep them in the water too long. I think it’s best if we do a little then take them out for a few hours, then do some more.

I have to wrap this up I just got bellowed at to come fix the tv. This is the part where I look at the remote, smack it a few times, and call Lindsay. Then Lindsay tells me to flip this, click that, and do a snap in Z formation just to get the tv working correctly. Or she will yell at me and tell me to call the cabin person because that’s important enough to bother the manager of the place. I hope it’s something easy…

Okay so there are no batteries in the remotes at all Lol I guess we were supposed to bring them ourselves. That’s awesome. My wife and I are going to go sneak out for a little night adventure anyway. We will stop and get some batteries and drop them off real quick before we take off. My boys are already passed out. We only took them to one place and they were already crabby so we left and checked into the cabin. So much for starting this weekend off in great spirits, boys.

Tomorrow we will be busy. I hope you guys have a great weekend. I will probably update Monday morning. I always write a little in the mornings but I sometimes don’t post them until the next day or when I remember.

Off for the night, goodnight everyone!

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