Work trip to Lansing, Michigan

I am on my way to Lansing, Michigan for the day. We are looking for a few buildings to purchase. We need 2 but there are 3 we are looking at. A former bank, a building with office suites, and a warehouse on the outside of town. I’m not really sure if this is the best location for what we want to do but my sales team told me they checked things out and it’s all promising. Which means cheap. It’s also only 2 hours away from our warehouses in Detroit so it might be a great place to set up the distribution center. We need to find one fast though. Our orders are warehoused and not being sent out as fast as we like. If we move them into a processing/distribution center we can get the orders out much faster. That’s the plan at least for now.

I hope to be home before supper time so I can eat with my family and get my boys to bed. Alex has been very cuddly the last few days and it makes me wonder if he doesn’t feel well. Sarah is watching him closely like she always does. So far no signs but she said he may be going through an anxious phase about me leaving. I tell Heston daddy is going to work and he throws up a wave and says Bye bye da da Lol He’s fine.

I meant to write more this morning but I didn’t have time. Typing this out on my phone as the driver hits bumps in the road isn’t helping so I’m going to end this and get myself ready to fly. At least the weather is going to hold up while I’m gone. It’s a quick 45 minute fly over there anyway. They have a few restaurants there that serve vegan food so it looks like Zaytoon’s for lunch. Whatever a Zaytoon is Lol I will find out.

Have a great Wednesday everyone and I will update more tomorrow. God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

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