Memorable Weekend

  After a few weeks of debating our international move and finally deciding, it is 100%, no. It is 1,000,000% final. We are moving to Paris in January of 2018. Decision made. What’s Next?

This is now complicated by my wife going to give birth at the end of January. It also means at some point she is going to have to leave me behind and move before the baby is born. The debate was more with her own family than actually with me. Her mother and sisters don’t understand why she doesn’t want to have the baby here. I can list about 100 reasons why Lol It’s not my business though to deal with her family. That’s the rule. I just smile a big happy Son-In-Law grin and let her handle it. She has decided she wants our baby born in Paris. I’m very happy to hear it. We are talking about when to move her. First we kind of need a house. We have been looking online and I’m getting ready to send my personal assistant over there later this month to check things out. That’s the beauty of employing someone who does all your errands and such for you. This is going to be an ongoing discussion for several months on here. Just warning you guys.

I have the pleasure of having a meeting with the IRS this morning. Yay! Not really. They aren’t auditing me. They just need to talk to me. I paid my taxes. I also have paid my quarterly business taxes so whatever they want with me is unknown. Maybe I’m getting a huge refund! Like my accountant told me, well if they were coming to arrest you they wouldn’t make an appointment. Thanks a lot, Chad Lol We follow all of the rules. I take my charitable deductions like I’m allowed to do, I have filed all of my necessary paperwork to do business in all of the states we are in. It is curious to me however I didn’t lose any sleep over it. My wife is keeping me up at night talking about the baby. I told her see, this is exactly how I felt when I said yes to adopting the boys. I was so excited I couldn’t hardly sleep. Everyday I woke up excited, happy, and blessed. Children are a blessing. I also just happen to have the 2 most perfect children on the face of this Earth so that helps Lol My boys really are not a problem at all. Alex torques off every once in a while but he’s calming down a lot. Heston, well, he’s always been my chill baby boy. He only gets made if you take his food or toys. Other than that, he’s just happy being Heston. In fact it’s remarkable how comfortable he is with himself. I’ve had a lot of comments about that. I keep taking all of the credit with providing him with a very safe, happy, stable life. I don’t think it’s all me though. I think he is just one of those very rare people who doesn’t get rattled, ever. His brother will be bawling his eyes out at the top of his lungs and he just goes about his own thing. Lindsay swears he was a Buddhist monk in his past life. She said souls come back into a higher form they were previous so she’s convinced he’s going to be some kind of spiritual leader some day. I don’t know about that. I kind of hope he defines his own life in college and goes after whatever that goal will be. I really don’t care I just want them both to be happy. No pressure.

Let me see, we went to a parade, then to a big park party thing. Then we went to watch a wreath being laid to honor the veterans. We hosted a big picnic for a bunch of awesome veterans. Then we spent the rest of the day cleaning up and just watching Netflix. My boys were exhausted. They took 3 naps yesterday. Normally they are good for 2 half hour naps. I guess all of that fresh air at the parade did them in.

This week I will be out-of-town almost everyday. Our family meeting went in circles, again. I honestly think they drive me nuts on purpose. It’s 4 against 1. Well 1 and a half because my dog Sam jr thinks he needs to attend these things. He sticks up for me by barking if they start yelling at me. It’s almost like living with 3 of my cousins and a wife. I swear the 3 nannies act just like them. All brats, all selfish in their own ways and no one listens to me at all.

Oh in other good news as of June 1st I’m finally out of my contract with my publisher. They are terminating it early which makes me Lol big time. I did all of their required meet and greets, book signings, and party events that I was supposed to. I told them I’m not doing a damn thing else. That was it and they are getting rid of me. Believe me on June 1st I will probably wake up at 12:01am to tell you guys how horrible they are Lol I’ve been pissed at them since the beginning. When we met in Los Angeles over a year ago I really thought it would be a great match up. I was completely wrong. Now that I have connected with other writers (Real ones, I’m not a real writer) they have told me how horrible my publishers really are. I had no idea. I just thought I had to do everything they listed in the contract. And I’m pretty sure they ripped me off. My book made them a ton of money. The other book, not so much but I expected that. That second book needs a redo. I’m working on that. I’ve been so unhappy working with all of them. There is not one legit business minded person in their entire company and I couldn’t wait to tell them to go suck eggs. I thought it would be a few more months. I guess they feel exactly about me how I feel about them. It’s not going to be a contentious breakup. I’m going to just block all of them and take control over all of my book accounts/social media accounts finally. I’ve had enough. They have done nothing to help me promote myself. NOTHING! I could have paid $300 for Google ads and gotten a bigger response. If it weren’t for all of the tabloids keeping my story alive I wouldn’t have made much money at all. The good news is I updated the book with a lot of new info and more photos. And no one knows it Lol So all of the folks that bought version 1 have no idea they are missing out. Not really my problem. I’m also getting the rest of my paperbacks sent to me. The publisher has about 1,000 of them. I demanded I get them or I was going to send Vinnie to go get them. I don’t really have a Vinnie, but I could go get me a Vinnie. And my Vinnie would go over there and kick in doors, grab boxes, and curse at them on the way out Lol They took me for serious and within 2 days told me it’s over. We terminate your contract effective June 1st. Thank goodness! See yaaaaaaaa Lol

Now I can finally publish my other book, without them. I have another book but it has nothing to do with my affair. It’s a really good book. I’ve made time to finish it up. I like it and I like the message it has. It’s universally nice and kind. My kind of book.

Oh crap it’s time to get my wife up. I have to go fix my breakfast than shower. Have a great, it’s Tuesday? Have a good work week guys! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

Memorial Day Picnic 2017

  Good morning everyone. This morning we got up early to go to a Wreath laying event. It was very symbolic and emotional. Now we are hanging out and waiting to host our 1st Memorial day picnic. I have invited 35 guests from a veterans home to come eat, win prizes, and relax by the lake. It’s important to me that my boys understand the sacrifices veterans have made. This will always be a special day in our lives. My grandfather on my dad’s side served, my dad served, and I proudly served 8 years in the Marines. I got out because I was injured and I was done. I didn’t want to do it anymore. The only reason I joined up was because I did not want to go work construction with my dad. I ended up doing just that as soon as I finished with the Marines Lol All of my brothers and sisters in the armed services give up everything to protect our freedoms. Today is not just about your loved ones that have passed away. They are half of the reason we honor folks today. The other half is for all the men and women who have served, are serving, and will be serving this great country. I Love America. I don’t agree with some of what she stands for but I am proud to be an American.

Thank you to all veterans. I sincerely appreciate all you have done for all of us. Thank you to all people who love and support veterans. Your support is needed.

After our picnic the people will be going back to their home and they are going to find brand new 55 inch tvs installed in each of their rooms. They have these very small little screen tvs right now and half of them told us they can’t even see it. They turn it on for noise. That’s sad to me. I asked what size would allow them to actually watch tv and they said the bigger the better. We worked with Best Buy for our tv order, delivery, and installation. I didn’t ask for a discount and I already tipped the installers. Worth every penny. Especially for these folks. I’m very happy to be in a position to give them a little something back. Thank you for your service just isn’t enough sometimes. We aren’t going to play bingo or do anything ridiculous. They each will get 1 ticket. All of the tickets win a prize. No tvs Lol That’s already taken care of. But nice things they can use. As each ticket is called off they get to go to a table and pick out 1 thing. I thought maybe a random prize would be better but the social services lady told me they like to have power over some things since everything else in their lives is scheduled. I can’t fix or buy everything to fix their lives but for 1 afternoon we can make them feel very special and honored. Oh and fed very well. The ladies and I were prepping food all day yesterday and they will be helping serve the food. They all volunteered which I thought that was great. Everyone of them have family members that have served so this was an easy thing to help with. We have been planning it out for 2 months.

I hope everyone enjoys the day off of work if you get it. If not, go to a party after work and relax. I’m sure someone you know is throwing a bbq.

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I will never forget the souls we have lost. Life is so very precious.

I miss my son Ryan. I love him and still think about him every single day. That will never leave me. I can’t wait to meet him in Heaven. But not yet 😉

January 25th, 2018, We’re Pregnant!

  Guess who got his wife knocked up? This guy! I guess all that sex did the trick Lol For a little while now my wife and I have been trying to get pregnant. She really wanted a baby before she turned 30, before we moved to Paris, and before we sold the condos. This is how it went.

We both knew we were having unprotected sex on purpose (A lot of sex) and we both had long discussions about when to start trying. We haven’t even been married a year yet. However, as she pointed out numerous times I’m old(er) and I need to get going. Real nice, babe. She hasn’t been feeling very well and I had suspected something was up but I wasn’t sure. She took a home pregnancy test on Thursday night without my knowledge. Then she made her sister come over and her sister brought another one. Again without my knowledge. Next thing I know she calls me into the bedroom and shoves her sister out. Her sister was BEAMING so I knew something was up. She handed me the little stick and I looked at it then dropped it and hugged her. I think I scooped her up then put her back down. I gave her a really long kiss and started crying. Then we both started crying and laughing. It was literally one of the best moments of my life. She had already made a doctor’s appointment for herself for Friday since she hadn’t been feeling well. She told me she probably just needed a B12 shot so I didn’t realize it was to check to see if she really was pregnant. That stick thing said she was.

On Friday we went to her appointment and it’s true. We have a baby on board! I did it! I got my wife pregnant! I said does this mean I don’t get to have copious amounts of sex with you anymore and she said not as much but you will get rewarded until I get fat and sweaty Lol This is her first pregnancy and we are so excited. We went to her parents house last night and had all of her family there for the big announcement. They thought we were going to tell them something else so when she took off her jacket and had on a shirt that said We’re Pregnant her whole family wrapped us up in a giant group hug and started hugging her, high-fiving me, and really being happy for us. It was so great to be supported and loved. Her dad already pulled me aside to tell me if I ever hurt his daughter and grandbaby, etc Lol I know, I know. That won’t happen. I’m completely in love with my wife and my bad choices and really stupid arrogance days are over. Well not completely but I am making better decisions since being married.

Can you believe it! I’m going to be a dad x 4. I only wish my son Ryan could be apart of all of this. You know if he had lived he would be 14 years old. Wow. That just blows my mind. And by the time my wife has the baby she will be almost the same age I was when Ryan passed away. God takes life and gives life. It’s such a gift. A beautiful, heartbreaking, but wonderful gift.

Everyone keeps asking what we want. We both want a girl. Of course we just want a happy baby and we’re happy to have anything we get but we both said we want a little girl.

As for the adoption, we are full steam ahead on that. We have decided to start the search (again) and really put in a heartfelt decision to adopt. I think my wife wants to adopt a little girl that’s a little older than my boys. I’m fine with that. I think that would be awesome. I had always just assumed it would be a baby but that would make it a lot easier for sure. I called my adoption attorney and she called the service. We are going to adopt this summer. I don’t know when. I assume a regular adoption still takes, what, 12 to 24 months? Sooner because I have already done a kinship adoption? I really don’t know. I know it will be a lot of waiting. As far as I’m concerned the more kids the better. I love kids. My wife loves kids. She is so excited. I went out Friday after work and bought her a very expensive, very blingy diamond necklace from an exclusive jewelry store downtown. I needed something big and I don’t usually spend that much but this is a big moment and I wanted to make sure she sees how much I love her and our new baby already. She opened it up and started crying. She loves it. I just put up the photos from the past few days. Our pregnancy stick, the t-shirt my wife had on. My wife in the t-shirt. Our ultrasound. And me kneeling down kissing my baby. It’s a classic pose but effective.

Thank you all for the great Facebook love. I appreciate all of the comments. My family found out by calls, texts, or via Facebook. My phone has been flooded with messages and I’m so glad that everyone important to me is really happy. I knew this would happen. I didn’t know when but I just knew.

My wife is pregnant! Help me! Lol Oh boy are we going to get the full on pregnancy stuff this time. Last time I wasn’t allowed to go to any doctor’s appointments, nothing. I got ultrasound photos and that was all. I could ask my cousin, the birth grandmother, questions about things but that’s all I could do. It was very, very difficult.

Lindsay Fed-Ex’ed me a big bucket of pickles last night so she said they should be getting here today. She is so excited and already told me if she doesn’t get to be a godparent again she’s disowning all of us Lol I don’t know about that one. I think my wife has a few sisters or brothers already wanting to fight for that title. Drew laughed and said congrats bro, wait until you get the 2am nudge to get up and go get something for her. That doesn’t really happen, does it? I mean why would she get hungry at 2am? That’s just in movies. He’s funny though.

I can’t wait to see my wife’s little belly grow. I can’t wait to meet our new baby! I’m really excited about the whole thing. I really did get all I ever wanted from life. I went through heck to get here but it was worth it. I’m so happy right now. I wouldn’t change one thing.

We’re having a baby! 2018 is going to be an awesome year!

Exhausted Parents

Friday night my boys left to go hang out with my in-laws all weekend. I was not very happy about that. My wife started dancing around a little right after the door closed and I went to the bedroom. She came in and said I know what will make you happy and I said don’t touch me Lol That’s how bs I felt the whole thing was. We decided to go out for a nice quiet dinner at my favorite place and I was getting texts from Brandi at that point. Letting me know they made it. She sent me photos of the boys’ nursery over there. Another photo of their supper. And one more of them in the bath. Then she got them to bed and texted me the time she put them down. I know they are fine. I had already knew I was being ridiculous. I just don’t like being away from them. Big giant sigh.

By Saturday morning and lots and lots of sex later I was feeling more relaxed. Funny how that works. Saturday my wife and I went to 4 things around the City we have wanted to go check out together. It’s one of those things where you hear about it then you say to each other Oh Yeah we need to go check that out. But never do. She picked 2 places. I picked 2 places and we had very nice meals out all day and night. By Saturday night we were too tired to go hang out with any friends. I told her we could go out, she said okay but neither one of us got up off of the couch Lol She said she wanted to sleep in so we would go to the later Church. I was fine with that too. And by Sunday at 4:07pm my boys were back home. I was VERY READY to see them. They did have fun. I got to see a lot of photos of them and a few videos. My mother in law said she would like to do that again sometime and I said maybe next year and didn’t laugh but everyone else did. I was serious. She’s not taking them away again. My wife nudged me and I said nothing. I know it’s healthy and I know it’s good, but no. They are my boys and I decide. I didn’t like it. I didn’t enjoy my weekend I had fun hanging out with my wife and all of the sex of course but I was constantly thinking about them. It’s one of those instinctual things that I can’t explain to anybody. I just knew it felt wrong. My boys were fine. They came back happy, laughing, and full of presents and new clothes. Very sweet of my wife’s family, but no Lol I want my boys with me. I can’t help it. I’m not ready to let them go even for 1 weekend. I did compromise and tell her later on that on my overseas trips they can watch the boys if they want to but don’t tell me about it and she just laughed and said deal. We had a very long talk about it at the family meeting on Sunday night and I told all of the ladies that I just am not ready for that kind of stuff. I won’t even let the part-time nannies take them back to their apartment all weekend. The only reason I let this happen was peer pressure and hoping to give my boys something that I can’t offer them, grandparents. It’s not something I can articulate very well but I’m not ready. That’s when the girls finally understood this was pretty hard for me. I didn’t feel comfortable and I didn’t like it. They thought I was being overly dramatic at first until my wife said you really didn’t have a good weekend, did you? I said no. I thought about my boys 98% of the time. She said okay.

So now I think they understand and we don’t have to go through that again anytime soon. Enough of that.

So here’s the other thing going on with us. My wife is pretty sure she wants to move to Finland. At first I thought it was a huge joke but she said no. The more she researches it the better. And tonight with the news of the explosion in London she says we need to stay out of Paris. She thinks it might be too dangerous. I’m torn. I mean Finland, really? It’s in discussion and we have plenty of time, but Finland?

What else? Everyone is doing great. My boys are happy, healthy, really getting big. I’m able to have full conversations with them now and they do answer with a few words. Sometimes it makes sense. Sometimes not. They look exactly alike. We do have different haircuts on them but I guess everyone this weekend kept saying how they completely look-alike and you can’t really tell who is who. Yeah, that’s what identical twins means Lol

This week I have a few trips out-of-town but I will be home in time for supper. I just have to get up earlier which is no big deal. In fact I need to get off of this and go back my backpack for tomorrow’s trip.

Hey, Dallas, Texas! I will be there in the morning. I’m going to be meeting up with my very hard to reach friend Jackie Overton. We are going to have lunch together and share notes on some things. I love it when the trolls continue to claim I am her, she is me. We are one. Lol Come on ya’ll. Get a F-bomb brain already. You can’t stand being wrong. I understand your need to pick on somebody because your own life is shit, but move on already. No one cares anymore. And leave my friends alone. You go way over the line every single day and it’s not okay. Do I really have to get Lindsay back around to get all of your accounts locked and suspended again? I can do that. It’s very easy for her to do. Other can you people just get a life already and leave me alone?

Nah, I already know that answer. I will call Lindsay tonight Lol

Have a great work week! I hope everyone enjoys the weather this week. See you tomorrow, Dallas!

Rowboat Book Club Book #53

For May we will be reading Problems by Jade Sharma.

“Behind every crazy woman is a man, sitting very quietly, saying, ‘What? I’m not doing anything.'” If this sentence doesn’t make you want to stand up and cheer, stop reading this blurb right now. If you prefer to read books with cuddly, likable heroines who always make good and healthy decisions, stay away from this novel. But if you enjoy complicated protagonists who don’t necessarily pass the “likability” test but do speak to the blackest part of your soul, Problems is for you. Jade Sharma’s debut is a darkly funny character study of an unhappy yet witty-as-hell woman whose self-destructive streak is as appalling as it is somehow understandable. Problems challenges readers to forget traditional redemption stories and yet to still find empathy for the messiest of heroines.

Weekend Alone?

My weekend plans have been a 4 month discussion. In February at Valentine’s Day my wife and I had a conversation that I dismissed. She wanted us to have a weekend alone without the babies. (Mind blows up) She also wanted my boys and 1 nanny to spend the entire weekend with her parents (NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!) She says it’s healthy for the boys to be around other family members. Her parents really wanted time to bond and this is what normal grandparent relationships are. I told her she was crazy and I can’t do it.

My wife is a lawyer. A great lawyer. For 4 months she has kept after this idea and finally I agreed to pick a date which by then was 3 months away. I really thought in 3 months she would have forgotten all about it Lol I was very, very, very wrong. It’s this weekend. She said her parents will be here after work. The babies will be all packed up and that her parents are going to take them back to their house and have all of the family come over and hang out all weekend. She said it’s an important step for everyone. She said it’s okay that I don’t have my own children for 1 weekend. I told her I have taken a few trips for work and that was enough. Why would I purposefully NOT BE WITH MY KIDS. We went round and round on it. I told her okay. Let her parents steal my children from me and I plan to have a miserable weekend Lol I told her I will be calling Brandi every hour to check in and see what’s going on, that I won’t be focusing on her at all and basically had a very immature meltdown over the whole thing. This morning I woke up a little warmer to the idea. We will see if this actually happens. Keep in mind we are still negotiating the drop off time on Sunday. I said 8am and she said that was unreasonable. My kids, my rules! Not when you are married. I’m trying to figure a way out of this. My kids are healthy, no one in her family is sick or even starting to have a cold. Everyone has agreed to wash hands, change clothes, do anything to make sure there are no germs (I’m a germaphobe) and best of all they have a room set up in her parents new house just for them. I said Oh so this whole thing has already been planned without my permission! I’m worried. I’m also upset because I love being with my boys as much as I can. I don’t want to give them up even for a weekend. I argued back and said our marriage is fine we don’t need a weekend without them. She said it’s healthy to have a break and let the family bond with them. I can’t keep them all to myself. Well actually sweetheart, I have legal documents that say I can Lol And yes I did pull them out and have them in hand when I said that. That went over as well as you are thinking.

I know I know. I’m being crazy but this is the stage I’m in. Now when they are 14 and driving me nuts, GO TO GRANDMAS! Right now, they are at the fun age. And I really don’t know how to share them. The only thing that saved her on this is she promised her sister who is an RN will be there most of the weekend. I said if your parents can’t even watch them without a medical professional and that’s when she blew up at me Lol

Our very first fight was over her taking my kids and throwing them to her parents! As you can tell I’m still pissed off about this. I said yes but I want my boys back here by 5pm Sunday. That’s the final straw. If they are late, NEVER AGAIN so she told them to bring them back at 4 just to make sure they will be on time. I also told her I’m going to have a talk with them as soon as they get here. And I’m sending my big mouth nanny (She calls herself that, I’m not being mean) Brandi. My wife said let the 2 others have a weekend off. They all deserve it. Brandi volunteered to go and that was fine. She also said most of my friends who live in Nebraska or elsewhere can come hang out with us if I wanted since most of their kids are now out of school. That made me feel a little better. Since I knew about the boys I forgot to plan a weekend without them. Even before they were born I spent all of my weekends getting their room ready, reading baby books, shopping, and taking baby classes. I am certified in every type of baby CPR they have. I can buy myself some time until real help arrives. All parents should by the way, give ya’ll a little shout out on that one.

This part is a little later. I’m at work still stewing and my wife continues to hammer my text message about all of the fun things we can do all weekend alone. I don’t wanna Lol I told her how about we go hang out with her parents, I was kidding but it didn’t go over well. I know this is a good thing. I know this is normal and I know my boys will be watched over by her very large, very protective family. I guess my boys do need it. I told her NO ZOO. They can’t do that. She said okay there are plenty of other places to take them.

So of course I’m sitting here looking up fun things to do with kids this weekend and making a list of the top 5 choices they can go to Lol I already negotiated if they take my boys out of their house her brother the Cop will go with them. I called him myself and said when you have twins it’s like seeing the cutest puppy on earth and everyone crowds around them. I just needed a little reassurance that his older parents had some backup. He laughed at me and told me to Chill out bro but he said okay. When I asked to transport them in his cop car he hung up on me Lol Hey, my boys would LOVE THAT! The siren, the flashing light. That’s sensory stuff. Not my fault he doesn’t care about the development of my children.

Either way I’m going to be spending my weekend alone with my hot, gorgeous, sexually charged up wife. I guess it won’t be all bad. I tell you what though. All of the things she doesn’t let me do to her, I’m doing it Lol I don’t mean just in the bedroom. I mean she’s going with me to a book store. And she’s going to eat vegan lunch with me on one of those days. I’m giving up a lot. This is not how I wanted the weekend to go. I just hope my boys don’t think I abandoned them. If they start crying I might kick everyone out of my house and lock the door Lol

We shall see. #TGIF my friends. Have an awesome weekend.

House of Cards has taken over my tv

My wife loves a good Netflix binge. She likes watching certain shows but after those are over its Netflix time. If we start a series all of the nannies like they come over to eat dinner with us then they all watch with us. We are on Season 3 of House of Cards. I had heard about it a little but I didn’t know what it was.

It’s too dark for me. The characters are always screwing people over, being bullies, and lying to push their own agenda. Wow, sounds like the trolls Lol I just realized that. Probably why I don’t like that show much. My wife says this is what lawyering can be like if you let your moral compass go. She has not. She works very hard to prosecute people for breaking the law. It’s been her life long dream and she’s living it. Good for her. Seeing her watch this show and try to figure out the next move is why I watch it. She enjoys talking about it even after we flip it off for the night. At that point I am ready to do or discuss something else but if she likes it, okay.

Have you guys seen that one? I know that Season 5 is going to start soon that’s why she’s bingeing. We should have it done by next week. We can only get in 2 or 3 episodes a night. We start watching after the boys are down. Alex is my pop up baby. I get him down, everyone is chill, then he pops back up and wants more cuddle time. It takes me about 45 minutes to get him down. Sarah is adjusting his nap schedule a little. They are still taking 2 naps a day but now they are short naps. About a half hour. She doesn’t want them to sleep too much so they are up at night. It’s worked out with some minor adjustments. The show is very plot driven. All twists and turns that you never see coming. I’ve figured out by now if something has a dark, murderous plan behind it, Frank is obviously the one that put things in motion.

The acting is very, very good. I hope the 2 leads have received many awards. They are believable. They have done a great job making the characters their own. I like politics but it’s not something that I have enjoyed lately. Trump has pretty much ruined all hope. I really do believe he will be impeached or quit before they get to that point. When things get tough, he whines some more than gives up. That’s who he is. It’s been a waste of policy. So many great things could have been done by now. He stalls all progressive movements and only cares about things that cost us all more money. This guy is a dumbass.

House of Cards has invaded my house and we can’t stop watching. I hope it has a happy ending but I don’t see how. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

I have had 2 out-of-town trips this week. Both quick and successful. Yesterday was my wife’s luncheon that she warned me a hundred times do not be late for. Guess what. I was late. She was fiery pissed at me and I was told we would talk about it when she got home. Oh boy did we. It wasn’t a fight it was more of a very calm You can not do that again discussion. I told her we hit traffic and I literally ran in there and sat down next to her. I apologizes while the speaker was talking and she grabbed my thumb immediately and hurled it backwards to let me know I’m in deep shit Lol When I realized I was going to be late I had my secretary hand deliver 2 dozen roses to her office while we attended the luncheon. That way she would get back and realize I knew how badly I had F’ed up. The card was a very huge apology of sweetness and I’m sorry I will do better. She appreciated it and that’s probably what stopped it from becoming a big fight.

This is another reason why I will be retiring after this year. My wife needs my support. She has a lot going on the next year and a half before we move and she wants to finish strong. She has not yet decided if she will continue being a career lawyer or she will begin a new legal career in Paris. She is looking into it. She is very excited to move. She’s going to miss everyone but she said it will be the adventure of a lifetime and as long as I promise to move us all back if needed, she’s looking forward to it.

Guess who doesn’t want us to go? My nannies. When my wife and I decided we are going to move in 2018 I offered them all to join us. They have school and I knew at some point we would be losing each one. Sarah has been the most vocal about why are we moving. She doesn’t want us to go. I told her it’s what we want for our family. She gets it but she doesn’t like it. I promised to fly her over to come visit a few times a year. It’s not me she’s going to miss its my boys. She is so attached to them I really don’t know how we are going to do this. But we need to do it before they have the cognitive memories of everything. That way all of their memories will be of our life in Paris.

My last huge update is that…no I’m not ready to share that yet Lol We have big news but I’m going to wait just a little longer! It’s all good, don’t worry.

Have a great, what day is it? Thursday! A lot of people are having last day of school stuff this week. I’m happy for all of my friends’ kids who are finishing up and getting ready to enjoy their summer. Good luck with that. I pray every day for all of you. I’m glad to see how many loyal readers and friends I still have coming here. I appreciate you all staying around. It’s not a big flashy life story but I’m working on that.

Happy Thursday!