Repeal & Replace it with What?

Reading through this article this morning I’m still confused as to what our awesome Government is doing now.

The House passed the repeal and replace bill. They want to start from scratch which makes zero sense to me. I am fortunate enough to provide private insurance for my family. We are with Blue Cross Blue Shield. We have been for decades. We have full coverage for everyone to make sure we are all have access to healthcare. All of my employees are also covered under the same policy. What is good for me is good for them. The more employees and family members we add to it the cheaper all of the co-pays are for it. It’s very affordable and our employees comment on how great it works for them. We stayed private insured even though we were all entitled to switch. I paid the penalties and we haven’t had an issue at all.

The Senate is the only ones that can get rid of this ridiculous bill that offers nothing but removing millions from affordable healthcare. All they had to do was fix the parts that weren’t working. They have a great start to make something from the existing bill. In all Trump’s wisdom (He’s a dumbass) he thinks he can come up with something better. What is it? Has anyone seen or heard of something?

Didn’t this whole thing blow up in Paul Ryan’s face a month or so ago? After he bragged and said it would pass easily. He even blew a half raspberry when a reported had the audacity to ask if he thought it would pass. Of course it willlll………wait it didn’t Lol Oh my bad. Right?

It makes no sense to me they play with all of our healthcare like it’s a big poker game. The health insurance companies are doing the best they can with no direction at all. I understand trying to make healthcare universal. I agree with it. I think the better plan is to go attack the drug companies that have a monopoly on drug prices. A checkup is a standard fee. It’s about the same all over. What costs us the most? Prescriptions and hospitalization. Why not start there and do something about all prescriptions being a flat fee per year? Like a pill tax. You each pay into a fund that covers all of your prescriptions for an entire year and that way you can budget for your life a lot better. I know some seniors that have to pick pills or food. It’s a damn shame.

Whatever happens, we are all going to get screwed. Donald Trump is a bad President. He has accomplished a lot of talking and very little actual action. I would like to say what I really think but I don’t want to end up in jail. The guy is not qualified. He is a liar and holds zero ethical fortitude. I just want his 4 years to end. Hopefully in a shorter time than that. An impeachment would be better.

At this point I’d rather Vote for Pedro Lol


Happy Friday and travel day

My beautiful wife has decided we all need a weekend in Miami Beach, Florida. Just in time to enjoy our family condos before my entire family decides to come “summer” there, like the past 40 something years. She coordinated everything and has it all planned out. My plan is to sit my ass in the ocean and play with my boys while watching my wife walk around in a very skimpy bikini. When she showed me what she was going to wear I said whatever you want, Yes Lol It was a very easy decision. Then she tried it on for me and that was the end of all conversations 😉

Checking the weather there will be a little rain when we get there tonight but after that sunny skies in the low 80s all weekend. I am NOT doing a book signing there. Thank goodness. The publisher already asked and I said no.

This trip my wife is not loading us up on sites to see. This is one spot we all have been to several times. She even said she doesn’t need or want to go shopping because she just got a bunch of new stuff from her favorite stores. Glad to know my wallet will be staying in my pocket this weekend. I invited Lindsay and Dave but she will be in Sacramento all weekend finishing up some house flips we have near there. Sarah doesn’t want to go which is fine. The other 2 are excited to join us and have already worked out the weekend schedule Sarah made for them. And we are bringing my pup Sam jr. We also will be traveling with security but only 2 guys this time. It’s easier for them to drive us around and make sure we are all safe than it is for me to try to handle everything and drive. I’m trying to get my wife and boys used to a security team. When we move to Paris we will have them on staff 24/7. It’s just the smart thing to do right now with all the senseless violence going on there. Speaking of that.

We have been house hunting online for a house in Paris. This will be the very first home my wife and I pick out together. She loves my 3 homes now but she said it will be nice to start fresh. Most of my furnishings we are selling very cheaply to her family and friends or giving some of it to my friends. Either way almost all of my stuff will be gone. I’m okay with it other than my personal items and my huge Batman collection. Batman is coming to Paris with us, that was non-negotiable. My wife said I was cute for wanting my toys to come with me. Batman is not a toy! He’s a Super Hero that saved thousands of lives! And who can forget batkid? How inspirational was that? You can take the American out of the U.S.A. but you can’t take the Batman out of the American Lol

Let’s see what else. Oh yes, work is stressful and busy lately. I haven’t had to travel much this week and I’m happy for that. I have enough things to catch up on. I’m happy to say my emails are finally all caught up. If you did not receive a reply, sorry either Lindsay deleted it or I did. My inbox right now is at 0 so if you wanted to send me one, please do. I would love to hear from all of you.

Things are pretty great right now. My wife and I are still over the moon in love and laughing every single day. She is really funny. I like her little dance moves when she gets some exciting news from work. I also like when she does sweet things for my boys like read to them or snuggle them at night. It just proves over and over I did end up with the right woman. I knew from the beginning she was someone to hold on to but I was too scared to really try again. Relationships are hard. This one is very easy. I think it’s because we both know who we are and admitted to all of our mistakes up front. She has become baby obsessed and wants a baby now. Believe me, I’m trying Lol It will happen on God’s terms, not ours. I also am excited for our adopted daughter to come into our life sometime this year. We have been in heavy discussions and we think we will hit the green light some time in September. It feels right and it gives my boys enough time to grow up a little more. It has been such a debate with my whole family and hers. When should we adopt? Should we wait. Everyone has an opinion. The truth is I know I want a daughter. I always have. I loved having sons first but I’m already in love with the idea of a daughter. Having 2 brothers will help her out a lot. When it happens it will be another best day of our lives and I know we will adjust and make her feel at home from the first minute she’s with us. I just want things to go smoothly. I really think by September things will calm down and I will find myself ready and able to welcome our newest child.

I hope everyone has a great #TGIF. We are leaving tonight after work. It’s not that long of a flight down there. I can’t wait to land. I love that airport. I get so excited on approach. We are going to have a very chill, fun weekend and I will try to update more on Monday. I love ya’ll. Enjoy your weekend!