According to the website Bitches Who Brunch Lol the best places to get Mother’s Day brunch are listed below. It’s a great list and I’m considering my options here. I asked my wife if she wanted to go out to eat and she said yes. I offered to cook but she said she doesn’t think it’s fair I slave away on her day. I said I didn’t mind and I could make her favorites but she wants us to get all dressed up so we can show off the boys. I’m good with that.

I still have a bunch of things planned for her weekend. We are all supposed to be at her parents’ house at 5pm for the big mother’s day celebration. My wife and her several, several siblings and kids will be filling the home with all kinds of love for their favorite mom. I didn’t go last year even though I was invited. It was right around the time her and I were slowing down our dates. And by Fourth of July it was donezo. We took a small break from each other and then she called me up and said Where have you been at? That’s how we started dating again. And as we all know the rest is history.

So what do you get the non-birtmother, but definitely mama to your adopted boys? It took me a long time to figure it out. I wanted something personal. She always starts crying when we get her gifts. She is so appreciative. It took her a while to get used to my money. She still struggles with it a lot because she doesn’t want anyone to ever think she’s with me just for my money. I know she’s not. We have all of her debts paid up. We got her a new car, her parents a new house and I’ve been helping out her brothers and sisters when needed. They are a great family. They are my family now and I feel like I need to take care of them. I still laugh when we meet up for lunch and she tries to grab the check. She makes good money but I don’t want my woman picking up the tab, ever. That’s my job. I just want her to enjoy her meal and tell me about her day.

I think the most important thing about our first mother’s day is that she knows how much I love her for taking care of my boys. She is getting more comfortable being alone with them now. At first she didn’t want to get in Sarah’s way. I told her Sarah knows when to take over. She is not shy about speaking up or jumping in. I pay her to care for them as if they are her own. She is perfect with them. I trust her with their lives. She loves them so much and they really love her too. You can tell. I have started to depend less on Sarah and more on my wife. That’s how it should be. We did have a smooth transition (of power Lol) but we have had a few small issues. All got talked about during our weekly family meeting. Everyone is calm and no one is in therapy. We handle our issues like adults. We blame someone else, tear into each other, and start yelling. Just kidding. We just talk it out. The part-time nannies are my wild ones and I do have to talk to them often about things. For the most part things have been going well. My wife and I still haven’t had our first fight. She monitors all of my social media accounts, my cellphone, and my texts. She trusts me because I have no reason to lie to her or anyone. I had an affair. I was led to believe I was with someone who was living a single life and wanting to leave. I was lied to a lot. It was a bad choice and I paid the price. I also waited for the right woman and the right time for me. I found my wife and she wouldn’t let me go. It’s been the best decision of my life. I’m so happy. I really love coming home every night.

I hope you all have big plans for Mother’s day. My mom died years ago. Her tragic ending was my new beginning. After her funeral I decided to change my life and leave Nebraska. Chicago was my restart and I really thought I would end up married years ago. God does not give up on you. I have learned that over the years. I gave up on myself a few times but I always came back to God and I know He will guide me to where I need to be. I’m getting ready to go to lunch. I have a long meeting after that so my day will be tied up. I hope everyone is having a great Monday. I love ya’ll!

Chicago Mother’s Day Brunch Guide

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