Busy work week

Things are going well. I am trying to figure out a few things at work but so far so good. I have been a little stressed this week. We have so much going on. I feel like 15 hour days just isn’t enough right now. I go home, do all my family responsibilities and then I’m working. I work until it’s bed time or my wife tells me that’s enough. I have been waking up at 4am to get things caught up. It’s exhausting. But when we take vacations and trips things can get backed up.

I am finally caught up with my emails at work and the emails from this blog. Thank you all for the great comments. I love that we have all continued to maintain a great email talk back and forth. I am slowly getting through all of my Twitter DM’s and will try to get those done this week. I get about 350 messages per day. Some are those spam messages from new followers trying to get me to read their profile/website/other social media accounts. But most are personal messages from all of you. I had opened up my Twitter to accept Direct Messages from Anyone. Even those that don’t follow me. That’s when my DM’s went from about 100 a day up to 350. Twitter maxes out at 350. If you have sent me a DM and I didn’t respond that’s because I had hit my max for that day and Twitter didn’t let it go through.

I also love the comments you all leave here. I read them and delete them. It’s rare I respond because almost all of you are already talking to me on email or elsewhere. I am getting about 25 blog comments per day now. It’s a lot of fun. This is why I keep this blog going. I like writing, I like your comments. With Lindsay’s help we have cleaned up all of my accounts. She sprayed Troll Repellant all over Lol They are gone, finally. If they continue their bs I never see it. Thanks to those defending me but you don’t have to. I don’t see anything they have to say. Block and ignore please. They eventually get bored and go attack a new target. The ones that have hung around for the past 2 years to harass me are sociopathic. They have nothing better to do than bully me online. That shows their character or lack their of. Just let them do their thing because I don’t see any of it. Twitter and Facebook have done a great job helping me get rid of the trash accounts that try to stalk, target, or harass me. Lindsay continues to get them suspended or locked up for 12 hours. She also forces them to delete certain tweets which I find hilarious. If you spend your day harassing a guy you have never met, don’t even know, you are twisted in the head. And I pray for you.

This weekend we have big plans. My wife is a traveler and loves to plan out our trips. I’m old and like to stay at home. But I know to keep her happy and to give my boys some adventure we will go as she leads. And I really do love the places she finds. We are seeing things I enjoy. She always makes sure I have food that we can eat. That is #1 for me and my boys on any trip. I will let you guys know Friday where we are going this weekend.

We are still in summer vacation planning mode. All of my nannies will be out of school in July when we go to Ireland and they all want to come. Passports are done, paperwork, shots are in process. We are going to have a great week in Dublin. I have rented a house there for our privacy. Also it’s easier for this huge group to stay in one spot. That way I have a lot of help with the boys when needed. My dog, Sam Jr will be staying at home. I don’t take him overseas. It’s too much for the little guy. When we move to Paris he will be going over and then he will stay in Paris when we come back. I have taught him French commands ever since I got him at 4 months old. So he’s well versed on the main things he can or can’t do in English and French.

My wife is taking a french course online. She wants to get the basics down then she’s going to sign up for a community class on French at night. She is very serious about this stuff, folks. She wants to be fluent by the time we move. It’s coming up in a year and a half now. We are going to sell off everything and leave. That way there’s no reason to return to Chicago and stay. We want to be gone. We can stay in hotels or with family the few times a year we come back. And we already talked to her family, any emergency, her and I come back immediately. The boys stay. It’s too hard on them. I promised them that and we will bind ourselves to that promise the best we can. The plan is to sell my lake house first. That’s just a part-time residence. The condos will sell very quickly. They are in a prime area I will more than make all of my money back on them and we will leave with 3 really huge checks.

We have so much going on at home it really is hard for me to sleep. I toss and turn right now. I tried sleeping on the couch once so I wouldn’t keep waking my wife up but she came out and said Uh uh. We don’t sleep apart. So get back in bed or I’m getting my pillow to come out here Lol And that was that. She didn’t care if I kept her up. She just wanted me next to her. She really is the best. We are a perfect match. I love her more than I have ever loved anyone. My blonde haired beauty. My soul mate.

The good news is that we are trying to get pregnant. We aren’t monitoring stuff anymore. We are just letting God’s will happen. The adoption is still forthcoming. I just have to let them know when I’m ready. I thought I was ready earlier this year when the little girl became available. But it didn’t feel like the right time. So I told them no and she was adopted within a few days. That was a load of guilt I carried for a week or two. I just want my boys to be a little older. I really thought the State of Illinois would take a lot longer to process my paperwork and give me a green light but if you think about it I have already been in the system with them almost 2 years now. If there were any red flags they would have found them by now. The only hold up we have has been the judge wanting to know why my wife would not be on the adoption order. She had to answer his questions about that, then I had to answer too. He was confused but once we explained it, he understood. They are my children. I won’t share custody to the point they are out of my home. Not even for my wife. I’m not worried about a divorce. I’m more worried about something happening to me and if that does happen we have everything in order. My trust fund set aside for all of my children goes into Lindsay’s name and possession and she raises them. My wife will get visitation if she wants which she has promised me she will. It’s a done deal. As soon as our other children come into our lives we will adjust the paperwork again. It’s to protect them. To make sure that my wife can move on with her life and date or marry again if she wants to. It would be very unfair for her to raise all 3 or whatever kids all alone. I want to take care of her too. Being a lawyer she did a lot of research and spent a long time thinking about all of this before she agreed to marry me. My pre-nup is air tight and she knows that. It covers all circumstances. She understands why I did it that way and supports the decisions. I need to know my children will be okay. With Lindsay she would literally give up her life for any of them. Drew would too. And Drew knows I would do the exact same for any of his children. That’s just how the 3 of us are. Best friends for life.

Everything is going so fast right now. I was hoping for a quiet weekend but maybe a little time in a different place will do me good. I just hope they have some watermelon. I’ve been craving that for a few days. I should get one tonight after work.

I hope everyone is having a great work week. Hang in there we are half way through. Let’s all pray for a fun and sunny weekend! I love ya’ll.  I will update later.

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  1. Hi Sam! I tried messaging you on Twitter, but as you say, it likely got lost in the hundreds of messages you get! I can’t believe how busy you are trying to get through them all. I have been trying to defend you on Twitter quite a bit–the trolls keep DMing me and harassing me even though I’ve blocked close to 20 now 🙁 I really just don’t get it…they are so insane. I poked a ton of holes into their “private investigator’s” report, pointed out some glaring errors with it, and since then they have been ruthless. They likely feel threatened when that’s their only shred of “evidence” and it’s complete garbage to say the least. Anyway, I really love your blog, and I’ve just adored learning about you. I’ve been really eager to chat with you further–I’m being a fan girl which is really unlike my nature, so please forgive me for coming on too strong! If I’m bothering you, just tell me to leave you alone, please. I really would like to get to know you better, but if you don’t want to I completely understand! I’d love to talk to you about moving to France. I went through that process last year where I sold everything, sold one of my houses, sold my cars except for one, and even brought my pets over. I’d be more than happy to be vetted by Lindsay so you know I’m 100% not a troll and I’m completely genuine (She sounds so hilarious and awesome lol). Please feel free to e-mail me if you’d like! Have a great day, Sam! Get some sleep honey, you are working like crazy 🙁

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