Greetings from Nebraska

I flew into Lincoln, Nebraska this morning. I have some really big meetings today and tomorrow for my construction companies. We have finished some really huge projects and are finally getting paid. We have been working on things for 3 years. It was a huge gamble to take this bid but I really believed we would make money. We did tenfold thanks you to the State of Nebraska and the Federal government. I’m $$$very$$$ happy to be here Lol I brought the boys and Sarah. She loves my cousins (I don’t know why) and she wanted to pick up a few things while we are here. I just dropped her and the boys off at Uncle Drew’s house. He will be getting off work early so we can all go to supper together tonight. My boys love it at Uncle Drew’s house. The rest of my family will be coming over later tonight and probably tomorrow. We aren’t going to leave until about 8pm tomorrow so my boys will sleep the whole plane ride. It just makes it easier on Sarah having to deal with just them all alone while I’m flying.

My wife had to work and couldn’t come with us. My family has already been baby shopping for us and will probably already have gifts ready for me to take back. My family is quite dysfunctional but the one good thing about them is they are all very, very generous. Especially when it comes to me and my family. It might be tied into that I run our family foundation and make all of the monetary decisions Lol Kind of like The Godfather but without any violence. It’s more bickering over who wants money from the Family Foundation and me telling them no, live off of your monthly stipend. They all get one and it’s plenty. But they are always trying to get more this time of year. For travel. I say no, go to Florida like you always do, live RENT FREE for months and have a great summer. They just don’t get it.

I’m excited to be visiting Nebraska. I can’t wait to bring my boys back here someday to show them where I grew up. I was away from Year 3 to Year 10. We moved to Texas for my dad’s construction jobs. We came back when he ran out of money and he hated it. Nebraska is a fine place to live but it’s not for me. I want my boys to experience more. I want them to travel around and see the great sites of the world. We are already starting them on English, Spanish, and French. They are little sponges. It’s awesome. My spanish lessons have paid off and I’m actually doing very well. I’m to the point I’m working on writing Spanish letters to my maid Lol She thinks it’s hilarious when I goof up a word or syntax. She always corrects it and hands it back like a teacher. She has been so helpful. It’s easy to learn once you understand a few rules. I’m working on it. I want to be fluent. I know it will take me about 2 more years to full say I’m fluent but at least I know several other languages. And already knowing Italian made it a lot easier to learn Spanish.

We are going to get Runza! It’s one of my all time favorites and one of the few times I don’t eat vegan during the year. I grew up on Runza. We preferred it to McDonald’s. And they have Frings Lol Google it to find out what those are if you like.

I’m almost to my meeting now. I hope everyone has a great work day. I will update more tomorrow. I have meetings until 4:30 because as Uncle Drew said, “Supper is at 5:30, dumbass don’t be late”, Lol

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