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  After a few weeks of debating our international move and finally deciding, it is 100%, no. It is 1,000,000% final. We are moving to Paris in January of 2018. Decision made. What’s Next?

This is now complicated by my wife going to give birth at the end of January. It also means at some point she is going to have to leave me behind and move before the baby is born. The debate was more with her own family than actually with me. Her mother and sisters don’t understand why she doesn’t want to have the baby here. I can list about 100 reasons why Lol It’s not my business though to deal with her family. That’s the rule. I just smile a big happy Son-In-Law grin and let her handle it. She has decided she wants our baby born in Paris. I’m very happy to hear it. We are talking about when to move her. First we kind of need a house. We have been looking online and I’m getting ready to send my personal assistant over there later this month to check things out. That’s the beauty of employing someone who does all your errands and such for you. This is going to be an ongoing discussion for several months on here. Just warning you guys.

I have the pleasure of having a meeting with the IRS this morning. Yay! Not really. They aren’t auditing me. They just need to talk to me. I paid my taxes. I also have paid my quarterly business taxes so whatever they want with me is unknown. Maybe I’m getting a huge refund! Like my accountant told me, well if they were coming to arrest you they wouldn’t make an appointment. Thanks a lot, Chad Lol We follow all of the rules. I take my charitable deductions like I’m allowed to do, I have filed all of my necessary paperwork to do business in all of the states we are in. It is curious to me however I didn’t lose any sleep over it. My wife is keeping me up at night talking about the baby. I told her see, this is exactly how I felt when I said yes to adopting the boys. I was so excited I couldn’t hardly sleep. Everyday I woke up excited, happy, and blessed. Children are a blessing. I also just happen to have the 2 most perfect children on the face of this Earth so that helps Lol My boys really are not a problem at all. Alex torques off every once in a while but he’s calming down a lot. Heston, well, he’s always been my chill baby boy. He only gets made if you take his food or toys. Other than that, he’s just happy being Heston. In fact it’s remarkable how comfortable he is with himself. I’ve had a lot of comments about that. I keep taking all of the credit with providing him with a very safe, happy, stable life. I don’t think it’s all me though. I think he is just one of those very rare people who doesn’t get rattled, ever. His brother will be bawling his eyes out at the top of his lungs and he just goes about his own thing. Lindsay swears he was a Buddhist monk in his past life. She said souls come back into a higher form they were previous so she’s convinced he’s going to be some kind of spiritual leader some day. I don’t know about that. I kind of hope he defines his own life in college and goes after whatever that goal will be. I really don’t care I just want them both to be happy. No pressure.

Let me see, we went to a parade, then to a big park party thing. Then we went to watch a wreath being laid to honor the veterans. We hosted a big picnic for a bunch of awesome veterans. Then we spent the rest of the day cleaning up and just watching Netflix. My boys were exhausted. They took 3 naps yesterday. Normally they are good for 2 half hour naps. I guess all of that fresh air at the parade did them in.

This week I will be out-of-town almost everyday. Our family meeting went in circles, again. I honestly think they drive me nuts on purpose. It’s 4 against 1. Well 1 and a half because my dog Sam jr thinks he needs to attend these things. He sticks up for me by barking if they start yelling at me. It’s almost like living with 3 of my cousins and a wife. I swear the 3 nannies act just like them. All brats, all selfish in their own ways and no one listens to me at all.

Oh in other good news as of June 1st I’m finally out of my contract with my publisher. They are terminating it early which makes me Lol big time. I did all of their required meet and greets, book signings, and party events that I was supposed to. I told them I’m not doing a damn thing else. That was it and they are getting rid of me. Believe me on June 1st I will probably wake up at 12:01am to tell you guys how horrible they are Lol I’ve been pissed at them since the beginning. When we met in Los Angeles over a year ago I really thought it would be a great match up. I was completely wrong. Now that I have connected with other writers (Real ones, I’m not a real writer) they have told me how horrible my publishers really are. I had no idea. I just thought I had to do everything they listed in the contract. And I’m pretty sure they ripped me off. My book made them a ton of money. The other book, not so much but I expected that. That second book needs a redo. I’m working on that. I’ve been so unhappy working with all of them. There is not one legit business minded person in their entire company and I couldn’t wait to tell them to go suck eggs. I thought it would be a few more months. I guess they feel exactly about me how I feel about them. It’s not going to be a contentious breakup. I’m going to just block all of them and take control over all of my book accounts/social media accounts finally. I’ve had enough. They have done nothing to help me promote myself. NOTHING! I could have paid $300 for Google ads and gotten a bigger response. If it weren’t for all of the tabloids keeping my story alive I wouldn’t have made much money at all. The good news is I updated the book with a lot of new info and more photos. And no one knows it Lol So all of the folks that bought version 1 have no idea they are missing out. Not really my problem. I’m also getting the rest of my paperbacks sent to me. The publisher has about 1,000 of them. I demanded I get them or I was going to send Vinnie to go get them. I don’t really have a Vinnie, but I could go get me a Vinnie. And my Vinnie would go over there and kick in doors, grab boxes, and curse at them on the way out Lol They took me for serious and within 2 days told me it’s over. We terminate your contract effective June 1st. Thank goodness! See yaaaaaaaa Lol

Now I can finally publish my other book, without them. I have another book but it has nothing to do with my affair. It’s a really good book. I’ve made time to finish it up. I like it and I like the message it has. It’s universally nice and kind. My kind of book.

Oh crap it’s time to get my wife up. I have to go fix my breakfast than shower. Have a great, it’s Tuesday? Have a good work week guys! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!

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