Miami is nice so I’ll say it Thrice

Miami Beach, Florida, where should I start? We actually left on time for once. That was a miracle. We got to the airport. Sarah dropped us off and gave us deuces as she spend off into a quiet weekend alone. I loaded all of the bags (7 of them) into the plane got my boys situated and made sure my dog was in his crate all snug. Then it was time to fire up my Cessna and get the show on the road. My wife sat up front with me as we flew the friendly skies. It was a beautiful flight down. We talked about the clouds and a lot of things I didn’t know she knew about. She was getting a little frisky in the cockpit and I was squirming and telling her to stop! I take flying very seriously and I was carrying precious cargo.

We got into our family condo late Friday night. I set the nannies up in the 2 condos next door so they finally ended up in their own rooms. That was helpful. Plus it didn’t cost me a dime so go for it, ladies. Then we got the boys ready for bed and I took my beautiful, sexy wife out for a night on the town. We hit up 2 clubs and ended our night at a local bar. We danced, shared some strawberries and cantaloupe then made our way back to our place. The boys were still sleeping which was a huge plus. Then 5am came way too early and Heston decided he was ready to get up. I tried everything to get him to go back down but he wasn’t having it. Brandi came over to take her morning shift and was as grumpy as I was. I decided to get showered and get ready for the day instead of going back to bed. I sat on the bed to get my watch on and my wife pulled me back into bed Lol She said where do you think you are going mister. I just laughed and fell backwards so she could smother me in kisses and arms all over me. It was hilarious. My dog thought so too he jumped up on the bed and started slobbering all over us. He loves jumping in on anything.

I got up and got breakfast started. By then Alex was up and he was crabbbbbbbbbbbbyyyy. Wow. He was not happy. I wonder if it was the flight down or the ocean air. I don’t know. Either way it took him about an hour to get out of his pissy mood.

The rest of Saturday was all about beach things. Sitting on the beach reading, playing in the ocean with the boys. Coming in to shower, eating on our balcony looking over the beach. Everything beach. It was very chill. Just what I needed. My wife didn’t even look at her phone. She said she needed to unplug. She only used it to take photos or vids and even told me Uh uh when I tried to text someone. We really did have a lot of fun. That afternoon we did go see a movie. We took the boys to a show. That actually worked out great because they both fell asleep. I really thought the laughing would wake them up but it didn’t. As soon as the lights went out they both passed out. They didn’t even wake up until I put them in their car seats.

Sunday we all went to Church. After that we went back to the condo to change and headed back down to the beach. My wife was looking so damn sexy in her bikini. I kept going over to her and giving her a kiss or a hug. I kept telling her how good she looked. She would grin and do a little twirl or kick a foot up in the air. One time I fell into her while she was in the water and kept telling her naughty things Lol She said later! It was so much fun. We both just grinned the rest of the day.

We got home really late tonight. That’s the problem I always mean to get us home at a decent hour but it’s usually around 10 or 11 at night. I know, bad Sam but we had fun.

Now next weekend is my wife’s first mother’s day being a mama. My boys and I have been working really, really hard on her present. I asked if she wanted to go out-of-town and she said no. She wants to spend it at the lake house that way she can go see her mom later in the day. Her family is planning a big cook out at her parents’ new house near by us. We have a full weekend planned with gifts, spa treatments, massages, and other things for my wife. I want it to be very special. I know my boys won’t remember this one but at least they can enjoy the very first mother’s day gift they got for her later on. It’s a timeless gift. I hope she likes it. We all worked hard on it. And it wasn’t easy.

I hope everyone had a beachy weekend like we did. I will update more when I get time. I hope ya’ll get a good night’s sleep and will be ready for a bright, awesome Monday! I love ya’ll. God loves you too!

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