Raise your hand if this feels like a Saturday

  Quick shoutout to all of the Moms and Dads that have no moms for their kids. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

My wife has begun her very first Mother’s day weekend with us. She woke up to her favorite donuts. I got up early to go get them fresh. She had texted me Where are you? because I sort of got caught in traffic. I meant to get home before she woke up but that didn’t happen. I came walking in with her at the coffeepot and she could smell it right away. She said Oooohhh donuts. Then she saw the bag and she said you went all the way out there to get these Oh my goodness! I got rewarded with a big hug and a coffee tasting kiss. It was worth it. She deserves it. She said you have to try a bite so I did. Not a big donut guy, well wait. I do like donuts but I like vegan donuts because I think they taste better. It’s a fresher tasting donut. The regular donuts you guys eat taste stall to me. We sat and visited for a few while she enjoyed her treat. Then she took another one and headed to the shower.

So far so good. I have no screwed up her special weekend. I’m going to throw it into high gear by tomorrow. I want to make sure she really understands how much I love she is the mama. I also sent a card with new photos to their birth mom. She is still a mom to them whether anyone else’s opinions matters or not (It doesn’t). I will always honor her and explain to my boys exactly who she is. A photo of their birth parents is now in their room and will remain there until they both want it removed. Which I hope is never. I won’t hide the adoption part of their life. I am already prepared on how to answer questions that come up. I have probably read over 20 books on how to explain things to them and have decided we will go sit with a therapist at around pre-teen so we can fully get into it. I want them to know it’s safe, okay, and really all about how much I wanted them in my life forever. I choose this. They didn’t and I hope they understand it really has been the #1 best decision in my entire life. I would never, ever, ever change it. I say that now before they steal my car and wreck it in some far off city I forbid them to go to as teenagers Lol But right now my perfect little boys are all I care for. My wife of course is reason #2 and she knows that’s the order. She is fine with my putting my kids first. This is why I go extra hard on trying to make her feel as special and wanted as I do them.

I can’t tell you guys everything I have planned. I can tell you the boys and all 3 nannies have helped me out. We had several group texts going all week to make sure “The Plan” goes off without a hitch. I do expect some things to not go perfectly because that’s not my life. My life is a huge amount of effort, some disappointments and me just laughing it all off and say Well I tried! God keeps me in check, believe me. My ego has taken a step back or two over the past few years and I reprioritized myself. I had to. No one likes someone who arrogant. Now, I’m still arrogant. I still am flashy but I keep most of that offline Lol I like my big boy toys. That’s for sure.

I do not forget for one day my wife picked me to spend the rest of her life with. I have some really great qualities but I also have a ton of baggage. No immediate family, a dog that is spoiled rotten, 2 boys under 1 years old at the time, 3 nannies that live in and around us at all times, 2 very, very overprotective best friends, and a job that demands my attention 7 days a week. Plus all of the perks though too. I have a lot of money, I can help her and her family get financially secure. I am respectful, kind, very loving, and I try hard at everything. I admit my mistakes and I DO NOT LIE. I have no reason to. My life is my life. This is it folks. The people from here that are on my Facebook page, you see how it is. I’m not posting posed photos of one big happy family. There’s photos of laundry stacked up to the doorknob, messy babies, messy kitchen, a muddy dog, all of it. That’s my life. The good, the grandeur, and the bad.

I pray my wife knows how much we all love her and that I am so happy I picked her. She is my boys’ mama. I know some day that will switch to mommy and I know that will melt her heart into a giant puddle of love.

I love you, sweetheart. I know you will read this some time today. Enjoy the flowers, chocolates, and lunch that I had sent to your office. You deserve more than that but I didn’t want to go overboard, yet. I thank God every day for you. You love my boys so much and you take good care of all of us. I can’t wait until our daughter is in our life and we can do all of the things we have dreamed about with her. Whoever she is, she will be so blessed to have you as her new mommy. You really are the best woman I know. That’s why I blurted out “Let’s get married” last summer. I couldn’t help myself. I knew you were mine. I just wanted you to be mine forever. I’m so happy you said “What, are you serious? Don’t mess with me, do you really mean that?” Lol I remember every word!

To all of my readers, fans, followers, and even the nasty mean trolls. Have a happy Mother’s day. A mother comes in all shapes and sizes but she is always the unconditional everything your whole life. Call your mom, send a card. If you aren’t speaking to your mom for whatever the reason, get over it and do the right thing. It matters to your soul, not to hers. Call her. And that goes out to someone I know will be mad that I pushed it but he needed to hear it. Call your mom, bro! She will talk to you. And you still owe me $10 Lol

Have a good….is this Friday? Holy cow. Okay I need to get going there. I’m already late. Love ya’ll!


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