Repeal & Replace it with What?

Reading through this article this morning I’m still confused as to what our awesome Government is doing now.

The House passed the repeal and replace bill. They want to start from scratch which makes zero sense to me. I am fortunate enough to provide private insurance for my family. We are with Blue Cross Blue Shield. We have been for decades. We have full coverage for everyone to make sure we are all have access to healthcare. All of my employees are also covered under the same policy. What is good for me is good for them. The more employees and family members we add to it the cheaper all of the co-pays are for it. It’s very affordable and our employees comment on how great it works for them. We stayed private insured even though we were all entitled to switch. I paid the penalties and we haven’t had an issue at all.

The Senate is the only ones that can get rid of this ridiculous bill that offers nothing but removing millions from affordable healthcare. All they had to do was fix the parts that weren’t working. They have a great start to make something from the existing bill. In all Trump’s wisdom (He’s a dumbass) he thinks he can come up with something better. What is it? Has anyone seen or heard of something?

Didn’t this whole thing blow up in Paul Ryan’s face a month or so ago? After he bragged and said it would pass easily. He even blew a half raspberry when a reported had the audacity to ask if he thought it would pass. Of course it willlll………wait it didn’t Lol Oh my bad. Right?

It makes no sense to me they play with all of our healthcare like it’s a big poker game. The health insurance companies are doing the best they can with no direction at all. I understand trying to make healthcare universal. I agree with it. I think the better plan is to go attack the drug companies that have a monopoly on drug prices. A checkup is a standard fee. It’s about the same all over. What costs us the most? Prescriptions and hospitalization. Why not start there and do something about all prescriptions being a flat fee per year? Like a pill tax. You each pay into a fund that covers all of your prescriptions for an entire year and that way you can budget for your life a lot better. I know some seniors that have to pick pills or food. It’s a damn shame.

Whatever happens, we are all going to get screwed. Donald Trump is a bad President. He has accomplished a lot of talking and very little actual action. I would like to say what I really think but I don’t want to end up in jail. The guy is not qualified. He is a liar and holds zero ethical fortitude. I just want his 4 years to end. Hopefully in a shorter time than that. An impeachment would be better.

At this point I’d rather Vote for Pedro Lol


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