Summer Vacation Dates set

After much negotiation with my wife’s work schedule and my work schedule we have finally nailed down our 2 week vacation this summer. One will be in Dublin, Ireland and the surrounding areas there. We are taking a lot of her family and a few of my friends with us. We are taking the boys and the nannies. It’s going to be a big family trip. Then we will go home and drop the boys off and head to Las Vegas for our second week. Lindsay has finally got a bunch of meetings set up that I really have to be at. So we turned it into a positive and will have a couple’s vacation without the boys for 1 week. I’m already nervous about that. I don’t know that I can go that long without them.

Let me look, the dates are Dublin July 2nd to the 9th and Las Vegas July 10th to the 16th. That will be fun. I already booked our hotel. My wife is going to be so spoiled on both trips. I’m really excited to go. By then I will be half brain fried from all of the things we have going on. I will need time off. I won’t get a big vacation like that again until November and December when I do my annual Dubai and Paris trip. We are trying to find a few houses to look at while we are there so maybe we can go ahead and buy the house then get it fixed up over the next year. That would be awesome. My wife is taking this move very serious and has already got some of the paperwork we need. There is much discussion on whether we want to renounce our American citizenship but I voted no. I want the option to move back if we want to. I don’t want to make it harder on us. I know we can work it all out. Who knows maybe she will hate it and she wants to move back after a few years? It is a long way away from her family and she’s very close to them. She’s like me she loves them but doesn’t want to hang out with them every spare moment.

A few quick announcements. We have had some family babies join the Cooper/Evans clan. Congrats to our 3 newest family members and welcome to life. The photos are a good reminder that our family is still growing strong and the next few generations will be awesome. I’m so proud of all of our college graduates this year. We are getting some of them set up with their trust funds because they are about to come into some significant money. My grandma was very generous with all of us. And one last thing, we are already talking about our Christmas Charity donations. It takes months to set all that stuff up. Each year I sign the directive to give more away than the year before. It helps so many people and we donate to charities that have a direct impact of the cash inflow. This year we are looking to help regular families. When that website gets put up all you have to do is send us a video and explain why you would like a Christmas donation. It should be fun. I’m also glad I don’t have to sit through all of that selection process because I would probably give everyone money Lol I’m a softy when it comes to helping folks. I can’t help it.

What else is going on? My boys are growing like weeds. They have changed so much even since last month. I just uploaded my photos from my phone to my Flickr account and I’m in shock. No wonder some of their clothes aren’t fitting for long. Having identical twins you think they would stay within a normal range on the growth chart but my 2 boys are a little behind. Their doctor said its normal and they will have a growth spurt soon. That’s just how it goes. We did do new haircuts on them and now you can really tell them apart Lol It was my wife’s idea. Heston got the high and tight and Alex has the regular boy cut. No one had a meltdown over getting their haircut this time so that was a plus. I think this was only the 4th time we’ve had it cut? Maybe 5th. It’s not like it’s growing fast at this point. I just like to keep it neat.

Tonight is date night so I’m taking my wife out for a special evening. It would be nice if the weather would cooperate but it looks like rain tonight so I have to take that into account. We will get the boys settled after work, change and head out on the town. She wants to eat at RL so I made a reservation yesterday for tonight. I love that place. It really is classic Chicago. We like to eat lunch there sometimes out on the patio. Then we are going dancing. She loves my sweet moves on the dance floor. I actually am a pretty good dancer being this tall. It’s only because I grew up during the boy band era and my buddies and I all watched MTV videos to learn how to do the moves. She’s a good dancer too. We always have a great time. She said she just needs to let off some steam tonight. I said then let’s hit the club and she said okay. I don’t know how much F-U-N we will find on a Wednesday night but I do know some of our friends will be there also. That’s kind of where I got the idea to take her there. From Facebook timelines.

Are you guys going anywhere fun for summer vacation? I hope so. You need to just get away sometimes. Explore the world a little even if it’s in your own town. I better get this wrapped up. It’s almost time to wake up my wife and get in the shower. I had a great workout this morning. I really have bulked up the last 6 months. Just in time for summer! Have a good one, guys! Love ya’ll.

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