Thank you Twitter & Crowdfire, 65k Followers!

After only doing this for 1 year I am now at 65,000 followers. I have had my @Crowdfire app going since May 11th of 2016. When I started I don’t remember how many followers I had but it wasn’t much. I average about 7,000 new followers every month and I’m very happy with the diverse selection of people they add to my account. I set up the keywords for the accounts I want, they do all the rest. It’s such a great app. It’s free. I recommend it to anyone wanting to build a big following.

I appreciate all of the support and I welcome all new followers. Unless you are a troll, then stay away from me. I block and ignore ya’ll Lol

I survived work today on no sleep.  I didn’t take a nap. I yawned my way through the last hour and then I safely drove myself home. I am very happy to say my wife agreed we are going to bed early tonight. I hope early means 8pm because I’m sure I will be passed out on the couch by then anyway.

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