Weekend Alone?

My weekend plans have been a 4 month discussion. In February at Valentine’s Day my wife and I had a conversation that I dismissed. She wanted us to have a weekend alone without the babies. (Mind blows up) She also wanted my boys and 1 nanny to spend the entire weekend with her parents (NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!) She says it’s healthy for the boys to be around other family members. Her parents really wanted time to bond and this is what normal grandparent relationships are. I told her she was crazy and I can’t do it.

My wife is a lawyer. A great lawyer. For 4 months she has kept after this idea and finally I agreed to pick a date which by then was 3 months away. I really thought in 3 months she would have forgotten all about it Lol I was very, very, very wrong. It’s this weekend. She said her parents will be here after work. The babies will be all packed up and that her parents are going to take them back to their house and have all of the family come over and hang out all weekend. She said it’s an important step for everyone. She said it’s okay that I don’t have my own children for 1 weekend. I told her I have taken a few trips for work and that was enough. Why would I purposefully NOT BE WITH MY KIDS. We went round and round on it. I told her okay. Let her parents steal my children from me and I plan to have a miserable weekend Lol I told her I will be calling Brandi every hour to check in and see what’s going on, that I won’t be focusing on her at all and basically had a very immature meltdown over the whole thing. This morning I woke up a little warmer to the idea. We will see if this actually happens. Keep in mind we are still negotiating the drop off time on Sunday. I said 8am and she said that was unreasonable. My kids, my rules! Not when you are married. I’m trying to figure a way out of this. My kids are healthy, no one in her family is sick or even starting to have a cold. Everyone has agreed to wash hands, change clothes, do anything to make sure there are no germs (I’m a germaphobe) and best of all they have a room set up in her parents new house just for them. I said Oh so this whole thing has already been planned without my permission! I’m worried. I’m also upset because I love being with my boys as much as I can. I don’t want to give them up even for a weekend. I argued back and said our marriage is fine we don’t need a weekend without them. She said it’s healthy to have a break and let the family bond with them. I can’t keep them all to myself. Well actually sweetheart, I have legal documents that say I can Lol And yes I did pull them out and have them in hand when I said that. That went over as well as you are thinking.

I know I know. I’m being crazy but this is the stage I’m in. Now when they are 14 and driving me nuts, GO TO GRANDMAS! Right now, they are at the fun age. And I really don’t know how to share them. The only thing that saved her on this is she promised her sister who is an RN will be there most of the weekend. I said if your parents can’t even watch them without a medical professional and that’s when she blew up at me Lol

Our very first fight was over her taking my kids and throwing them to her parents! As you can tell I’m still pissed off about this. I said yes but I want my boys back here by 5pm Sunday. That’s the final straw. If they are late, NEVER AGAIN so she told them to bring them back at 4 just to make sure they will be on time. I also told her I’m going to have a talk with them as soon as they get here. And I’m sending my big mouth nanny (She calls herself that, I’m not being mean) Brandi. My wife said let the 2 others have a weekend off. They all deserve it. Brandi volunteered to go and that was fine. She also said most of my friends who live in Nebraska or elsewhere can come hang out with us if I wanted since most of their kids are now out of school. That made me feel a little better. Since I knew about the boys I forgot to plan a weekend without them. Even before they were born I spent all of my weekends getting their room ready, reading baby books, shopping, and taking baby classes. I am certified in every type of baby CPR they have. I can buy myself some time until real help arrives. All parents should by the way, give ya’ll a little shout out on that one.

This part is a little later. I’m at work still stewing and my wife continues to hammer my text message about all of the fun things we can do all weekend alone. I don’t wanna Lol I told her how about we go hang out with her parents, I was kidding but it didn’t go over well. I know this is a good thing. I know this is normal and I know my boys will be watched over by her very large, very protective family. I guess my boys do need it. I told her NO ZOO. They can’t do that. She said okay there are plenty of other places to take them.

So of course I’m sitting here looking up fun things to do with kids this weekend and making a list of the top 5 choices they can go to Lol I already negotiated if they take my boys out of their house her brother the Cop will go with them. I called him myself and said when you have twins it’s like seeing the cutest puppy on earth and everyone crowds around them. I just needed a little reassurance that his older parents had some backup. He laughed at me and told me to Chill out bro but he said okay. When I asked to transport them in his cop car he hung up on me Lol Hey, my boys would LOVE THAT! The siren, the flashing light. That’s sensory stuff. Not my fault he doesn’t care about the development of my children.

Either way I’m going to be spending my weekend alone with my hot, gorgeous, sexually charged up wife. I guess it won’t be all bad. I tell you what though. All of the things she doesn’t let me do to her, I’m doing it Lol I don’t mean just in the bedroom. I mean she’s going with me to a book store. And she’s going to eat vegan lunch with me on one of those days. I’m giving up a lot. This is not how I wanted the weekend to go. I just hope my boys don’t think I abandoned them. If they start crying I might kick everyone out of my house and lock the door Lol

We shall see. #TGIF my friends. Have an awesome weekend.

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  1. C’mom Sam- I am surprised at this post! You of all ppl should know the importantance of time alone with your wife. I know it’s hard leaving the boys and trusting someone else. But this is so important to your relationship, and I promise that it will even make you a better dad- happy wife happy life!!

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