Cubs game tonight..again

Last night was Boy’s Night out for me and the few male friends I have here. My other guy friends are flying in this weekend so we can hit the Fri/Sat/Sun games together. We had a great time the guys ate, cheered, and joked around the whole time. I needed a night like that. I’m surrounded by women everywhere so it’s good for me to get around the boys. All of them are doing fine. Josh, Cam, and Johnny. My Chicago boys. I took 3 employees the night before and they all had a great time. They were still talking about it the next morning at work. I made sure to buy all of their kids stuff for them to take home so no one would be that mad. The ladies both really enjoyed it. The guy not so much. I didn’t realize he wasn’t into sports Lol I asked him then why did you want to come. He said because I can pick your brain on the projects you have me working on. I said Oh. And then he did.

We will be staying in the city all weekend. My condos will be full of people from Nebraska. I’m very happy to play host. My wife wanted us to go to the house so that everyone had their own bedroom and we would be more comfortable but I said no. With the commute it’s just easier to stay downtown. She agreed, after a few texts back and forth. I told her to plan her weekend because I’m taking my babies and my friends and heading out each morning. The nannies will watch the boys at night and she can do whatever she want. I also said you are more than welcome to come hang out with us but it was up to her. She said as long as I have the babies with me she knows I’m not going to get into trouble Lol My friends and I have a bad rep. We always manage to get into something. Drew especially.

What else?

Oh we are all in serious vacation mode. I’m taking a bunch of people to Ireland on July 1st. We are going to spend a week there. Then a week in Las Vegas just my wife and I. 2 whole weeks with no work. I can’t wait. My wife has planned it all out. She has made the arrangements, bought all of the things we need and is so excited to show off her native land. Her parents are over the moon they get to go back. They want to show me everything. I asked about vegan food there and her father said What’s wrong with you son, you don’t eat those weeds there” Lol I guess I’m going to figure that out myself. The good thing is the place we have rented has its own kitchen. I can go to the store or send one of our assistants.

All of my nannies are going and we are taking 2 security guys. I’ve learned some Irish words. I can ask where the bathroom and say This is my wife. That’s about it. Thankfully they speak Irish but I know some of my wives relatives will show off and start speaking it and I will just stand there and grin. That’s my go to move.

Alex has been a big crabby pants the last few days. I asked Sarah if she thinks he’s not feeling well and she said he’s going through a grow spurt. I said why isn’t Heston and she said he is but he handles it better. Great. He seems 100% and we all know one little sniffle and off to the doctor we go. Yes, I am THAT parent Lol I don’t know what I’m doing so I go get help. That’s just who I am. I will not wait things out so my kids sit and suffer just because I’m a moron and a 2nd time parent. This is still my first time raising my kids so I know nothing.

Heston has started saying Daaaadaaa really extended and loud. I crack up and say Heessttooonn back. He just laughs. My boys are always laughing. I have the happiest babies on Earth. I’m already at work and I just want to be home with them.

TGIF, right?

Have a great weekend everyone. I will update probably Monday morning. And Go Cubs!