9 weeks pregnant, lets stay here

This time next Friday we will be up and getting ready to go to the airport. We have planned a very fun week in Dublin. Okay I didn’t plan it, I just said yes when my wife told me she wanted to show me Ireland. I’m paying for all of it so that does count, right? We are taking some of her family with us. The total number of her friends, my friends, her family, my family, my boys, nannies is up to. I had to go find the paper, 30. It was 31 but 2 weeks ago someone could not get off work so she bailed.

My wife is more excited about this trip than being pregnant, I think. Maybe not. She is pretty excited though. She’s happy to be off of work for an entire week. Her law firm won the big case she’s worked 4 months on but they did not get all they wanted. She said that’s usually how it goes. You win some you lose some. As long as the client is happy they do their best. I’m just happy she works to defend people who wouldn’t normally have the best lawyers to help them out. She does such a great job too. All of her bosses really like her and it’s not just because I own half of their firm Lol It’s because she is smart and savvy. She thinks outside of the box. A very attractive quality to me.

My boys are going to their very first overseas trip. I had them into the doctor this week to make sure everyone is healthy and okay enough to fly. We have the green light on that. I had all of my nannies also go get a checkup to make sure we don’t have anything coming on. The allergies around here tend to mask a cold or whatever so I want to make sure we have all we need. Sarah said she has lost 10 pounds in 6 months. She’s already really thin I don’t know why she was trying to lose any weight but I guess it’s “Swimsuit season, dude”. Okay, okay. If I had a quarter for every smartass answer I get back from one of the ladies I would have twice the amount of money I have in my checking account.

The two that aren’t going are Sam jr and Tristan. The cat could care less because he doesn’t even like me that much. I do try to pet him but he lets me know that my hand is just a scratching post to him. My wife can pick him up, carry him around, and pet him at her leisure. He really is something else. My dog didn’t like him at first either but they seem to get along fine now. It’s taken time. My boys loved him immediately and chase him around saying Titty titty Lol We are trying to correct that but they are too small to know the wrong part.

Speaking of which. My boys are going to be big brothers in January. We are already talking to them about the baby. We are already trying to include them. I mean everyone else is offering up baby names, when I asked my boys what should we name the new baby Heston said Huh Lol I said that’s what you want to name the baby, Yeah Lol Ok. I do tend to say that word a lot around them. They probably think that’s my name.

I asked my wife what we were doing for this weekend. I said we did the lake house. Do you want to stay in the city? Every single time I ask her that she immediately grabs her phone and said “Hold on let me check the weather” I already look at the weather before I ask the question so I know what choice I’m getting ready to make.

This weekend we get to stay home, in the city. She decided she wants to go to some of the festivals. Here are some of the ones we have to choose from.

Chicago Ale Fest
June 23 – 24

Country LakeShake Music Festival
June 23 – 25

Chicago SummerDance
June 23 – September 10

Craft Beer Festival at The Morton Arboretum
June 24

Ravenswood on Tap
June 24 – 25

Randolph Street Market Festival
June 24 – 25

We are going to miss Irish Fest this year and so are some of her family. Well at least one of the days. They can get drunk and loud the Saturday we get back if they aren’t too tired. My wife’s family loves to drink. A lot. I brought a case of beer once to a bbq at her sister’s place and it was all gone within an hour. I was shocked and she just said I was a Rookie. I don’t drink so I have no idea how to gauge such a thing. She said next time bring 2 cases and I have. After the drinking starts, the loud gets louder and the number of arguments increases as the night goes on. It’s like a really bad B movie with student actors. The best part is when her dad gets hammered and all of a sudden forgets all of his childrens’ names. That part is very funny. He starts yelling at all of them and they just pick on him more. He’s a very sweet man but when he drinks he turns into one of those Tv characters that should be off the air.

Oh my wife just came in and kissed my neck the started reading what I just wrote about her family and smacked the back of my head Lol I told her I trash my family on here too. Which I do. I also trash the nannies which she just laughed at.

I need to go get the shower because I was told to. She wants to mess around. So bye Lol