8 weeks pregnant today

Today we are officially 8 weeks pregnant. I know this because my phone gave me a reminder. I have  pregnancy app for that. When we found out the due date, my wife figured out that the baby was conceived in New York City Lol How about that. Hotel sex FTW! I do remember having a lot of sex on that trip because I spent a lot of money spoiling her. It was one of the very rare and few times she let me go crazy and buy her expensive jewelry. She loves it but also wants me to spend money on more important things. Either way it worked and I’m happy it did. I’m going to be a dad again and that makes me over the moon in love with her.

My wife’s morning sickness is on track to drive her nuts. She is managing it and of course everyone in her family is offering her suggestions. She’s powering through as she keeps saying. I did talk to her bosses last night when I dropped off the food and told them IF the doctor tells her she needs bedrest or anything else at all AND she still works there at the time I’m coming to get her whether they like it or not and they said okay. She will be turning in her 2 weeks early or working something out. She wants to move in November. She found out before week 36 she can still fly and she said she wants to get over there at earlier than that so she can get set up with the doctor and hospital there to prepare. Right after Thanksgiving my wife will be moving to Paris. We already found a house. It’s in the little town I was born in. Yes I was born just outside of Paris, France because my grandparents sent my mom off with her bastard child (Me) and then made my dad marry her after I was born. A fact I never discovered until I was 12 and I figured out my parents anniversary was AFTER my birthday Lol I had never really paid attention until I thought it was weird I was older than the number of years they had been married by a few months. My mom just shushed me and told me to quit asking about it. It was my grandma that finally told me the real story after I was 18. I didn’t realize my dad didn’t want to marry my mom and it took her threatening to ruin and blackball his construction business if he didn’t step up. They had a rushed wedding ceremony at her mansion and that was that. A very weird beginning to my life. It also gave me dual citizenship which was never cool until I actually had to live in Paris in my 20s.

Our new home is getting fixed up and ready. We are handling this all through email. The designer flew over last week and gave us choices. If we wanted to live IN Paris we would have to get an apartment. That’s all they have. I don’t mind the small drive into Paris and honestly I feel a little safer. My wife approves of all of it and has worked out the details. The designer speaks English which helps since my wife does not speak fluent french yet. She’s working very hard on it. I told her most likely my very tall, very big baby will force her into bed rest and she can study all day long Lol She wasn’t thrilled with that idea at all. She did sort of freak out thinking about the possibility we have a huge baby. Duh honey. I’m 6’6″. It’s going to be like the scene from Alien Lol The first Alien not the 3rd.

Our plan is for her to move in November. I will take her over myself and make sure she has all she needs. Then I will bring the boys over in January with my dog and her cat. We found out my dog and her cat will not have to be quarantined which was a huge relief because I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t understand it at all. He has a microchip, his rabies vaccine that I can prove with documentation, tapeworm vaccine (Yes we had to provide that paperwork too), his health certificate and ALL vet information, as well as, and his Transit Declaration. All I have to do is take them to his vet the week before for an exam and make sure he they are healthy. If they have anything wrong at all they have to stay until it’s treated which means I will have to leave them with Sarah until I can move them. Let’s all pray they don’t get sick in January.

The French consulate has been great and provided me with a packet of information. We even watched a DVD on how to move to Paris from America. It was very helpful. My wife took notes and paused it so she could write down the things we didn’t know we had to do. I’m going to wing it, she’s going to plan out every single detail. I used to be like that until I had kids. Now I just count to make sure I have 2 babies and off we go Lol Anything we need I just buy it. It’s easier that way.

It’s going to be worth it, it’s just a total pain in the ass right now. None of my nannies are moving. We have already met our security team. They came over with the designer. They seem very nice and will be with my wife every time she leaves the house. She’s not a fan but I told her it’s not an option. They are on shoot to kill orders from me on anyone that tries to do us harm. I know nothing will happen but that’s just how it is.

I need to get ready for work. The supper picnic at my wife’s work last night was a huge hit. Everyone appreciated it. It was just sandwich, 3 sides, and chips. I even brought some sodas and teas down there. I had to have 2 people help me carry it all in. My wife gave me a big hug and a kiss then opened her chips and said “this whole bag is mine” Lol I did get a slap on the ass when I was leaving and she said she would reward me later. She did. See fellas, be nice to your ladies. They will do all kinds of fun stuff in the bedroom later on.

Everyone have a great Thursday! Love ya’ll!

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